Should you set big or small goals in your journey to financial freedom?

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As Singapore investors, we are each committed to succeeding successful our financial journey.

This intends earning, redeeming and investing our money towards reaching our financial goals. 

As we embark connected this journey, should we group large aliases mini goals?

How should we maximize goal-setting to nutrient nan champion results? Read on!

This article was written by a Financial Horse Contributor.

1. Benefits of large goals 

Have you heard of nan saying?

Shoot for nan moon, if you miss, astatine slightest you’ll deed nan stars. 

This holds existent for goal-setting. 

A batch of america deliberation excessively small.

We purpose excessively low, aliases we conscionable brushwood distant our goals and discuss instead. 

For instance, if you want to beryllium a millionaire by 35, conscionable spell for it. 

Set your volition and you’ll beryllium amazed astatine really intolerable things tin really beryllium possible. 

Sometimes we talk ourselves retired of large goals, because it brings up feelings of fear, aliases scarcity.

When this happens, we whitethorn want to springiness up, and purpose lower.

But deliberation astir it this way, why not purpose bigger? 

What’s nan worst point that could happen? You execute your original small(er) goals…. 

To succeed, we request to fto spell of antagonistic thoughts holding america back. 

The applicable consequence of aiming big, is that we usually get overmuch further than we think.

Because we dream big, we will past besides beryllium motivated to return bigger and and much effective steps towards this goal. 

If you purpose to beryllium a millionaire by 35, you would request to subordinate up astatine work, put strategically and find amended ways to turn your money. These things travel automatically erstwhile you group a large extremity for yourself. 

If you purpose small(er), you whitethorn conscionable determine to seashore astatine work, aliases put-off investing arsenic location is nary inducement to push harder. 

Don’t clasp yourself backmost by reasoning small. Big goals unit america to do better, and execute faster. 

So don’t beryllium afraid, show yourself that you tin do it, and scope for nan moon. 

2. Benefits of mini goals

On nan flip side, mini goals are besides very useful. 

The progress principle intends that mounting goals will promote progress. 

Small goals are easier to execute connected a regular basis, which intends you tin support going. 

There is simply a typical powerfulness successful mounting and consistently hitting mini goals. 

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Little steps support america going forward.

The mini wins motivate america to support going.

3. Best of some worlds?

Consider having nan champion of some worlds. 

Set mini goals connected your measurement to your large financial goal. 

Keep it elemental truthful you enactment connected track. 

As Steve Jobs said, commencement mini and deliberation big.

So group mini goals to execute your BIG goal. 

4. Goal-setting hacks

Dream big, group goals and return action! 

One awesome rumor is really to support yourself accountable. 

Tell group astir your goal, aliases put it front-and-center successful your location truthful you spot it each day.

Set circumstantial goals truthful nan extremity consequence is trackable.

You request to way your progress, truthful you are held accountable and this besides motivates you to support moving harder. 

Make judge your finances are tracked and updated (e.g. return advantage of SGFinDex which consolidates each your finances).

Check retired this database of best free devices to thief your finances!

The travel to financial state is not ever easy, but, you conscionable request to bent connected and don’t springiness up!

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