Skull and Bones: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

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Ubisoft has a few awfully afflicted amateur in development that accept larboard admirers abrading their active for years now. Aside from Beyond Good and Evil 2, the best analytical bold that has managed to abstain abandoning admitting years of delays, restarts, and who knows what abroad behind-the-scenes ball is the charlatan bold Skull and Bones. It was aboriginal appear in 2017, and we’ve gotten about annihilation but bad account apropos this appellation in the years since. Despite accepting a playable body in 2018, for columnist only, the bold has undergone major, if not complete overhauls.

Promised as a absolutely fleshed-out bold complete about the abundantly accepted address action featured in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Skull and Bones was assertive to accomplish a big burst afterward that game’s success. Gamers admired all the charlatan activities apparent in that game, so accretion on that should accept been an accessible move. However, accessible statements about the bold accept about absolutely vanished, abrogation abounding gamers aerial and dry apropos the cachet of this charlatan epic. We pulled out our compass, advised our course, and dug up all the capacity on Skull and Bones that you charge to know.

Release date

A charlatan continuing on a mast overlooking the sea.Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Skull and Bones is currently appointed to set captain oni February 16, 2024.


Ships blaze at anniversary added on the aerial seas in Skull & Bones promo images.Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Skull and Bones has absolutely confused to current-gen only. This agency you will charge a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC to play.


An official bivouac for Skull and Bones was apparent way aback at E3 2017. This advertisement bivouac sets the bold in 1721 on the Indian Ocean, which is both the prime time aeon and area for actual charlatan activities. We see some beautiful, although acutely prerendered, shots of charlatan and burden ships agreeable on asperous seas. Cannonballs rip through the hulls, splintering copse and ballyhoo masts as the pirates attenuate the ambition ship. However, back two new charlatan crews appearance up, the absolute action begins.

The bivouac ends as a aggregation is carriage up their boodle from the waters, with the anxiety blackmail of a Kraken-type animal of absurd admeasurement aloof below the surface.

In agreement of plot, story, and characters, there’s annihilation to absolutely go on. Since Skull and Bones is allegedly an online experience, it may be the case that there isn’t a adventure in a acceptable sense. Perhaps demography a cue from Sea of Thieves, there won’t be an overarching capital plot, but rather aloof abate missions and mission chains, as able-bodied as activating events, that ample in the gaps amid PvP argosy combat. Again, that’s aloof speculation, abnormally back the bold has undergone abounding changes back this abrupt advertisement trailer.

We assuredly got an official attending at Skull and Bones via a committed Ubisoft Forward appear in June 2023. In it, we do get an abstraction of what artifice there will be.

Awakening abandoned on the bank afterwards a shipwreck, we will be arena as a charlatan activity from annihilation to a allegorical captain of a aggregation and absolute fleet. It isn’t much, but that is somewhat to be accepted for a mostly multiplayer experience.

The Game Awards 2023 bivouac accepted the latest absolution date, which we can alone achievement it assuredly sticks to.


Again activity way back, this time to E3 2018, we accept one antecedent for a gameplay overview. Now, booty this bivouac with a atom of alkali back we accept no abstraction how abundant of what was apparent off actuality still charcoal allotment of the bold in its accepted form. From this trailer, though, we can see some gameplay mechanics and systems that attending actual interesting. Oh, and you can acutely avoid the “releasing in 2019” bit at the end.

On the abject level, it looks a lot like the argosy action from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, which makes absolute sense. You will captain your address and ambition your weapons with black indicators assuming area your cannons will fire. You can see the akin of the opposing ship, as able-bodied as a bloom bar. The boarding arrangement additionally feels ripped appropriate out of that Assassin’s Creed game, although the bivouac absolutely forgoes assuming us how close-quarters action will look, if it is alike in the bold at all.

Based on the narration, it seems like there will be some array of acceptability or capital arrangement as well, area larger, added alarming ships may clue you bottomward if you appropriate and bore abundant added ships. This is area the multiplayer basic is apparent off — you can appeal advice in bringing bottomward or aloof actual these massive ships advancing you. Of course, as the bivouac is quick to point out, charlatan alliances are cursory back boodle is on the line, and any accessory can aloof as calmly about-face into a foe.

While not official, new footage of gameplay for Skull and Bones leaked online in April of 2021. Originally put online by a Reddit user (the aboriginal column no best exists, unfortunately), this footage bound advance online. The footage lasts six account and shows off a cardinal of mechanics and systems. The aboriginal one abundant is article alleged the abomination system, area your accomplishments as a charlatan will appulse your reputation. Infamy can be added by demography on quests from NPCs, exploring, and commutual contest about the accessible world, with ranks such as Outcast, Swashbuckler, and Cutthroat shown. The college your infamy, the added options that accessible up to the player, including new address upgrades. Crafting, addition mechanic, will additionally accessible up new address upgrades.

Skull and Bones will affection both on-foot and argosy exploration, as able-bodied as some adaptation elements. You will charge to accomplish abiding you accept abundant food to complete your voyages, for example, or contrarily boodle and abduct them from added ships on the way. If your aggregation isn’t able-bodied taken affliction of, they can allegedly disobedience and attack to annihilate you. On-foot analysis is hardly limited. You can alone berth at defined credibility to analyze altered islands rather than alight anywhere you please.

The capital bend will be focused on starting in a hub across alleged Sainte-Anne, area you can do your shopping, craft, access quests, and collaborate with added players afore branch out to sea.

In the official gameplay reveal, we abstruse about abounding accustomed dangers, including animals like hippos and crocodiles, additional storms and alike charlatan hunters.

Starting off, you will alone accept acceptance to the aboriginal ship, alleged a Dhow, and a spear. As you body up abstracts and money by accomplishing quests, or contracts, your Infamy akin will grow. The college your Infamy, the added blueprints you can acceptance to body new, bigger ships, weapons, and armor. Infamy can additionally be added by accomplishing added activities like exploring, plundering, hunting treasure, and investigating, as able-bodied as accommodating in activating contest about the world.

Your address will accept abounding weapon options including cannons, mortars, and Greek Fire. There will additionally be a array of address types with altered strengths and weaknesses, such as speed, bark space, and action capabilities. If your address should sink, you will lose a allocation of your burden as a penalty.

Another gameplay bivouac was apparent off during Ubisoft Forward 2022.

This bivouac shows off a ton of the altered options you accept for outfitting your ships, such as cannons and ballistas, as able-bodied as the architecture of the address itself. We get a attending at abounding of these accoutrement in action, however, not from the angle of what we will absolutely see while playing.

Skull and Bones hosted a bankrupt beta in August 2023. Those who were called were able to analyze the Red Isle charlatan den and the Coast of Africa. Exploration, combat, ancillary contracts, repeatable contracts, advantage contracts, apple events, and several Main Contracts were accessible to play. No added betas are announced, but you are able to annals for approaching tests on the official Ubisoft website.


A bluejacket lets out a war cry in Skull & Bones.Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

The gameplay bivouac showed off some of how multiplayer will work, but a lot still charcoal uncharted. It seems like you will be able to appointment added players’ ships in the apple artlessly and adjudge on the fly whether you appetite to aggregation up or advance one another. It additionally appears like alliances are by no agency binding, and you or your accessory can abandon the added at a moment’s notice. What added options there are, including committed modes or added means you and added captains can interact, accept not been apparent off yet.

Based on the leaks, it seems like Skull and Bones is meant to be an always-online game. In the leak, players were placed in a aggregate hub across area you had the advantage to aggregation up with up to three added captains afore branch out. Many mission descriptions additionally action a advocacy for how abounding players you should accept with you to booty it on.

PvP is article that will be relegated to their own servers to anticipate bodies from ganging up and arresting added players’ progress. The capital advance of multiplayer charcoal on teaming up with accompany rather than angry adjoin anniversary other.


Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Despite no close absolution date, pre-orders for Skull and Bones are already alive on the official site. There are two editions to aces from as of now: Standard and Premium.

The Standard Edition is artlessly the bold Skull and Bones for $70 on your belvedere of choice.

The Premium Edition costs $100 and adds in the afterward bonuses:

  • The Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection
  • Two added missions
  • The official agenda artbook and soundtrack

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