Smartwatch sale: Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit and more

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Apple Watch SE 2 pinch protective lawsuit and generic Alpine Loop-style strap.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

If you don’t ain a smartwatch yet, aliases you’ve sewage your sights group connected an upgrade, you should return advantage of Best Buy’s ongoing smartwatch sale. Whether you’re a instrumentality of nan Apple Watch, nan Samsung Galaxy Watch, a Fitbit wearable device, aliases immoderate of nan different celebrated brands for nan wearable devices, there’s thing for you successful nan dozens of smartwatch deals that are available. We’ve highlighted our apical picks below, but consciousness free to return a look astatine what other is included successful nan waste — you request to hurry though, arsenic nan discounts whitethorn vanish astatine immoderate moment.

What to bargain successful Best Buy’s smartwatch sale

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 laying connected nan ground, showing nan Modular Ultra watch face.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

If you’re aft Apple Watch deals, nan cheapest options successful Best Buy’s smartwatch waste are nan GPS, 40mm exemplary of nan Apple Watch SE 2, which is disposable for alternatively of $249, and its GPS, 44mm exemplary that’s from $279. The latest versions of nan Apple Watch are besides discounted, pinch nan GPS, 41mm exemplary of nan Apple Watch Series 9 disposable from $399 and its GPS, 45mm exemplary from $429, while nan GPS + Cellular, 49mm exemplary of nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 is from $800, but only for Verizon.

For those who for illustration nan Samsung Galaxy Watch, you tin spell for nan 40mm, Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, which is from $300, aliases its 44mm, Bluetooth model, which is from $330. You tin besides get nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic pinch a discount, pinch nan 43mm, Bluetooth type alternatively of $400, and nan 47mm, Bluetooth type alternatively of $430.

If you want a fitness-focused smartwatch, we highly urge going for Fitbit deals. Best Buy is presently trading nan Fitbit Versa 4 astatine only $150 from $200, and nan Fitbit Sense 2 astatine only $200 from $250. Both versions of nan Google Pixel Watch are besides available, pinch nan first-generation Google Pixel Watch astatine $200 alternatively of $280 and nan Google Pixel Watch 2 astatine $300 alternatively of $350. Other smartwatches that you whitethorn want to bargain successful this waste see nan Citizen CZ Smart, which is down to $263 from $350, and nan Garmin Instinct Solar, which is down to $267 from $350.

Whether you want a caller Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit device, aliases immoderate different marque of smartwatch, make judge to cheque Best Buy’s ongoing smartwatch waste for immoderate discounts that whitethorn entreaty to you. There are dozens of offers to take from for your adjacent purchase, but you request to hurry pinch your determination because there’s nary telling erstwhile nan discounts will end, particularly for nan much celebrated models of smartwatches. If you return excessively agelong to deliberation astir it, you whitethorn miss retired connected nan savings.

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This is hands-down nan champion Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order deal

The multitasking surface connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy play is almost here. The S24 statement is connected its way, and you tin pre-order nan S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra correct now. You're almost retired of clip to get pre-orders, arsenic nan telephone drops connected January 31. Nearly each retailer and bearer has a discount connected nan caller line, truthful it tin beryllium difficult to prime nan champion offer. We dug into each nan deals and chose nan absolute best. Check it retired below, past spot what each individual bearer is offering.
The champion unlocked Galaxy S24 pre-order deal
Go nonstop to nan root pinch nan Samsung Galaxy S24 and Samsung has a awesome pre-order deal. Pre-order now and you tin use from up to $550 disconnected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 erstwhile you waste and acquisition successful an eligible phone. Additionally, there’s a free retention upgrade pinch nan telephone coming pinch 256GB of abstraction alternatively of 128GB, while there’s $25 Samsung in installments connected nan modular phone. Upgrade to nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and you summation $75 Samsung in installments and up to $650 done nan enhanced trade-in scheme. In some cases, travel nan nexus beneath and you summation an other $50 Samsung in installments which you can’t get done nan site. The Samsung Galaxy S24 offers a 6.2-inch afloat HD+ surface while nan S24 Plus is bigger pinch a 6.7-inch quad HD+ display. Both connection speedy performance, awesome cameras, caller AI-powered features, and up to 2,600 nits of highest brightness arsenic good arsenic adaptable 120Hz refresh rates.

The champion Galaxy S24 pre-order deals astatine T-Mobile
Score 1 of nan champion Android phones connected T-Mobile and nan discounts are a small different. Here, you tin get up to $800 disconnected nan telephone via an eligible trade-in. The magnitude is paid backmost via 24 monthly measure credits and requires you to motion up to a Go5G Plus aliases Go5G Next plan. For nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, nan magnitude increases to up to $1,000. Alternatively, motion up for a ONE, Magenta, aliases Go5G scheme and you tin summation up to $500 backmost depending connected which telephone you waste and acquisition in.

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Don’t pre-order nan Samsung Galaxy S24 astatine Amazon

A personification holding nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra utilizing nan Circle to Search feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 statement of smartphones has been announced, and clip is moving retired to get a pre-order. The telephone is officially disposable January 30, truthful these telephone deals are only disposable for different day. One of nan much tantalizing and evident offers is astatine Amazon, wherever you tin get a $50, $150 aliases $200 Amazon gift paper erstwhile you bargain nan S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, respectively. Sounds for illustration free money, right? Maybe, but there's a amended woody connected Samsung's site. Let's break it down.

Why you should pre-order nan Samsung Galaxy S24 astatine Samsung
Buy thing from nan Samsung Galaxy S24 scope and you’re scoring 1 of nan champion phones retired there. That’s going to beryllium bully astatine immoderate value but why not prevention moreover much by buying done Samsung?

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Best Buy has a amazingly awesome Galaxy S24 pre-order deal

Samsung postulation S24 Ultra display.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 statement of smartphones person been unveiled, and you tin preorder them until January 30. They look awesome truthful far, but they surely aren't cheap. In fact, nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is Samsung's astir costly non-folding smartphone. Thankfully location are a batch of telephone deals retired location that will prevention you a batch of rate connected your upgrade. All nan awesome carriers person trade-in deals. But what if you want an unlocked phone? Best Buy has your back. Right now Best Buy is offering up to $870 trade-in erstwhile you bargain nan S24 series. They'll besides double your retention and springiness you a Best Buy gift paper of up to $150.

Why you should bargain nan Samsung Galaxy S24 astatine Best Buy
The S24s are nan newest merchandise successful Samsung's Galaxy line, but location are much reasons to upgrade than conscionable having nan newest model. The S24 and S24 Plus are somewhat bigger than their S23 counterparts; some are a spot taller. The Ultra has stayed nan aforesaid size. There are immoderate modular upgrades, for illustration a higher maximum brightness and a somewhat different personification interface.

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