Snapdragon X Elite is a showstopper chip arriving at the worst possible time

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake October 30, 2023 7:38AM

While Apple has been making immense strides pinch its ain Mac chips successful caller years, we haven’t really seen thing successful nan Windows world that tin lucifer it for some capacity and ratio astatine nan aforesaid time. Now, Qualcomm is claiming its upcoming Arm-based Snapdragon X chips tin yet do conscionable that — but there’s a superior drawback involved.

According to PC World, Qualcomm demoed nan Snapdragon X astatine its Snapdragon Technology Summit, wherever nan chipmaker claimed that its latest efforts would trounce everything that came earlier it, successful peculiar Intel’s 13th-generation processors.

Two Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

In that demo, reporters were shown a group of pre-performed benchmarks that put Qualcomm’s chips correct astatine nan apical of nan heap crossed a assortment of tests. For example, successful Cinebench 2024, nan Snapdragon X Elite spot scored 1,227 successful nan single-threaded trial and 136 successful nan multi-threaded test. The closest non-Qualcomm competitor was nan Intel Core i7-13800H, which scored 996 and 115, respectively.

Elsewhere, Qualcomm has antecedently claimed that its latest Snapdragon X chips could spell toe-to-toe pinch nan Intel Core i9-13980HK. However, nary of nan benchmarks provided by PC World really show that spot competing against nan Snapdragon X, truthful we can’t beryllium judge that those claims clasp water.

Launching astatine a bad time

Qualcomm CEO introducing caller Snapdragon X Elite chipset.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

As awesome arsenic these results are, they raise a fewer questions. For 1 thing, some Apple and Intel are owed to motorboat caller chips — successful Apple’s case, later today — that could rustle nan Snapdragon X retired of nan water. Apple’s M3 bid chips are expected to beryllium a awesome measurement up complete nan M2 (which Qualcomm claimed its Snapdragon X trounced), while Intel’s Meteor Lake chips person likewise precocious expectations.

Plus, it’s not for illustration Qualcomm tin opportunity consumers tin get their hands connected nan Snapdragon X correct now, arsenic it’s not owed retired for months. By that time, its evident capacity prowess could look beautiful outdated, providing its rivals’ offerings are arsenic beardown arsenic they’re rumored to be.

That said, it’s encouraging to spot much title successful nan PC abstraction to situation nan power of Intel and AMD. Because nan Snapdragon X is built connected Arm architecture, it should beryllium capable to harvester top-level capacity pinch coagulated efficiency, enabling it to equilibrium debased temperatures and precocious output.

That’s thing PC chips person struggled pinch for years — Intel and AMD execute well, but often ramp up nan power and powerfulness tie successful ways Apple silicon ne'er does. If Qualcomm tin yet connection an Apple-like spot to Windows users, that’ll beryllium a step guardant for nan PC world, sloppy of whether Meteor Lake and nan M3 outperform it successful nan agelong run.

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