Software update looks to make the Vizio experience even faster

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The caller Vizio location screen.Vizio

Vizio coming announced an update to its smart TVs that will make an already speedy acquisition that overmuch faster pinch a “reimagined” Vizio Home, which saw a rebrand from nan aged SmartCast successful mid-2023 that was mostly hailed arsenic a bully commencement toward Vizio reclaiming immoderate of its stature.

Promising a power-up acquisition that’s doubly arsenic fast, arsenic good arsenic improvements erstwhile you’re switching betwixt apps, Vizio says nan velocity summation is owed successful nary mini portion to advances successful its cloud-based architecture.

“Vizio is synonymous pinch innovation,” Steve Yum, vice president of merchandise guidance astatine Vizio, said successful a property release. “We are leveraging much than 20 years of TV acquisition to supply users pinch value, beyond nan first constituent of purchase, creating an ever-evolving location intermezo experience. Our committedness to delivering nan latest and top exertion remains unwavering arsenic we present nan caller Vizio Home to users, and we look guardant to them experiencing a faster and much responsive level successful nan comforts of their homes.”

The caller Vizio hunt screen.Vizio

Here’s what users person to look guardant to:

  • Instant loading, “without interruption aliases prolonged loading of applications.” And powering connected your Vizio TV should beryllium doubly arsenic fast.
  • Quicker navigation — Vizio calls it “seamless” — pinch a caller level connected nan left-hand broadside of nan screen.
  • Faster contented discovery, pinch recommendations successful matter and sound formats.
  • Improved multitasking speeds arsenic you flip from 1 exertion to nan next.

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As you’ve astir apt deduced by now, nan accustomed web caveats will apply. That includes your location web and bandwidth, arsenic good arsenic your wide disposable net speed. (Vizio besides adds that capacity whitethorn alteration depending connected your TV exemplary and which firmware you’re updating to.)

Updates are coming to TVs from Vizio’s 2021 lineup and newer, arsenic good arsenic prime TVs from nan 2020 line.

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The caller models boast a wide scope of nan astir precocious technologies for illustration aggregate HDR formats, Dolby Atmos, and HDMI 2.1, however, nary of them support NextGen TV (a.k.a. ASTC 3.0). This intends you'll request an outer ATSC 3.0 tuner if you determine you want to effort retired nan latest free over-the-air broadcast modular pinch 1 of these Vizio models. These are nan TVs that support NextGen TV.

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