Some Pixel 8 Pro owners are reporting a display color issue

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Google Pixel 8 Pro successful a lawsuit showing disconnected a civilization AI generated wallpaper.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Google’s caller Pixel phones started shipping past week but location are already concerns complete an evident rumor pinch nan show connected nan Pro type of nan caller device.

According to various reports, immoderate owners of nan Pixel 8 Pro are seeing a yellowish aliases pinkish tint connected parts of nan surface — usually adjacent nan apical aliases sides — which apparently only shows up only erstwhile nan device’s Always On Display is activated.

Specifically, it seems that matter that should show arsenic achromatic is appearing arsenic yellowish earlier turning a reddish-pink aft respective seconds.

Some comments successful forums discussing nan rumor person suggested it could beryllium linked to nan Pixel 8 Pro’s adaptable refresh complaint of betwixt 1Hz and 120Hz arsenic nan off-white matter only seems to look erstwhile nan show is moving astatine 1Hz.

The much affordable Pixel 8’s refresh complaint runs betwixt 60Hz and 120Hz and doesn’t look to beryllium experiencing nan issue.

That said, it’s not altogether clear if it’s a hardware aliases package problem, and Google has yet to publically admit it. However, a number of Pixel 8 Pro owners are claiming to person been offered a replacement Pixel 8 Pro by Google aft they sewage successful touch astir nan issue.

As complaints mount, you’d for illustration to deliberation that Google engineers are already investigating nan evident responsibility and will beryllium successful a position to connection a solution soon.

There are worse problems for a telephone to have, but if you’d alternatively not spot nan off-white matter connected your Pixel 8 Pro’s display, effort switching disconnected nan Always On Display and besides nan adaptable refresh rate. After that, beryllium tight and dream for a fix. Or get successful touch pinch Google.

By astir accounts, nan Pixel Pro 8 is simply a awesome device, notable for its superb design, vibrant display, outstanding cameras, and semipermanent support, among different positives. In Digital Trends’ hands-on review, nan telephone only fell short connected 3 counts: artillery life, charging speed, and nan puzzling inclusion of a somesthesia sensor.

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