Sonos One SL wireless smart speaker just got a rare discount

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The Sonos One connected a bedside table.Sonos

Sonos is simply a celebrated marque erstwhile it comes to audio, arsenic it places respective products amongst nan best wireless speakers. And coming it’s a celebrated marque for immoderate savings, arsenic amongst nan best Sonos deals is nan Sonos One SL wireless smart speaker. You tin onshore it for conscionable $159 astatine Best Buy correct now, which is simply a $41 savings from its regular value of $200. This is simply a smart speaker that doesn’t often spot a discount, and it moreover comes pinch 4 free months of Apple Music to break it in.

Why you should bargain nan Sonos One SL wireless smart speaker

A wireless smart speaker tin beryllium put to bully usage almost anywhere, and nan Sonos One has been a celebrated action complete nan years. The Sonos One SL is nan speaker’s newer and astir caller model. It’s a wireless speaker that has multi-room compatibility, which intends you tin brace it pinch respective different Sonos One SLs passim your location for home-filling audio. The speakers tin besides activity arsenic a 2-way speaker strategy successful this benignant of setup. You tin besides brace it pinch different Sonos One aliases Sonos One SL and support them some successful nan aforesaid room for stereo audio and much elaborate sound.

The Sonos One SL is specified a celebrated wireless smart speaker successful portion because it offers truthful overmuch versatility. It easy pairs pinch location theatre setups, and tin beryllium utilized arsenic portion of a situation sound system. They link complete your home’s wi-fi web and connection rich, powerful sound whether you’re watching movies aliases listening to music. With nan free Sonos Controller app you tin power nan Sonos One SL successful a number of different ways from a number of different devices. It besides has Apple AirPlay 2, which owners of Apple devices should love, arsenic it allows you to watercourse sound straight from your Apple devices to nan Sonos One SL.

While nan Sonos One SL wireless smart speaker regularly costs $200, correct now astatine Best Buy you tin adhd it to your home’s audio setup for conscionable $159. It’s disposable successful achromatic aliases achromatic and comes pinch free shipping and 4 free months of entree to Apple Music.

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