Spider-Man vs. Harry Potter: Which one is the best?

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Tobey Maguire arsenic Spider-Man and Daniel Radcliffe arsenic Harry Potter.Sony Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures

Although nan magical Hogwarts adventures of Harry Potter and nan ace villaininfested New York City of Spider-Man are worlds apart, nan 2 franchises person a communal history successful this century. The first Potter movie, Harry Potter and nan Sorcerer’s Stone, arrived successful theaters successful November 2001. Six months later, Spider-Man marked his big-screen debut successful May 2002. Both movie bid went connected to beryllium among nan highest-grossing franchises ever.

There isn’t a existent rivalry betwixt Spider-Man and Harry Potter fans successful nan measurement that fans would pit comic book heroes against each other. Comic book crossovers really beryllium that person put Spider-Man successful stories other Superman and Batman, nan only superheroes who are connected his level aliases beyond. A Spider-Man and Harry Potter crossover is improbable to ever hap extracurricular nan realm of instrumentality fiction, but their akin history makes it an intriguing matchup. So we’ve decided to comparison them successful 5 cardinal categories successful bid to find who would beryllium nan victor successful a Spider-Man versus Harry Potter battle.

Powers and personality

Spider-Man swings into action.Marvel

When Peter Parker was a teen successful nan comics, he could person easy passed arsenic a Harry Potter lookalike. Like Harry, Peter wore glasses, he was nerdy, and benignant of gangly. Getting bitten by a radioactive spider changed each that, and Peter quickly sewage nan superhero assemblage type to spell on pinch his caller powers. Between superhuman strength, speed, and agility, a “spider-sense” to pass him astir danger, and nan expertise to instrumentality to almost immoderate wall aliases surface, Peter deed nan jackpot successful nan superpower lottery.

Harry’s gift is that he has a earthy aptitude for magic, and an almost innate knowing of really to formed spells. Harry whitethorn not person gone done each 7 years of training astatine Hogwarts, but he established himself arsenic 1 of nan apical wizards successful nan world. While that wouldn’t make Harry nan beingness adjacent of Peter, it would decidedly springiness him a existent chance to prevail successful immoderate hypothetical one-on-one battle.

In position of personality, Harry and Peter besides stock definite traits, including altruism and compassion, moreover for their enemies. They person some been reluctant heroes astatine definite points successful their lives, but they person besides risen to nan juncture clip and clip again. Because of his inherent powers, Peter gets nan separator here. But it was a person telephone than expected.

Winner: Spider-Man


Young Harry Potter flies connected a broom successful Harry Potter and nan Sorcerer's Stone.Scholastic

Spider-Man was 1 Marvel’s first caller heroes during nan Silver Age of comics successful 1962, and he became nan flagship characteristic for nan company. Since then, location person been thousands of Spider-Man comics crossed nan decades, arsenic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s signature creation won fans astir nan world.

J.K. Rowling’s first novel, which was called Harry Potter and nan Philosopher’s Stone successful nan U.K, was primitively published successful 1997 earlier it sparked a worldwide fandom and six sequels. The occurrence of these books can’t beryllium overstated, arsenic each consequent merchandise was treated for illustration nan premiere of a blockbuster movie, pinch midnight merchandise parties and different events. The arena continued for 10 years, done nan merchandise of nan seventh and last novel, Harry Potter and nan Deathly Hallows, successful 2007. There person been immoderate consequent Potter-related books and spinoffs, including nan book of nan play Harry Potter and nan Cursed Child. But nary of nan follow-ups person matched nan aggravated fame of nan first Pottermania.

There person besides been Spider-Man novels, arsenic Marvel licensed nan characteristic retired to book publishers successful an effort to grow nan audience. But nary of them person travel anyplace adjacent to nan occurrence of nan Harry Potter novels. The 1 point that Spider-Man has complete Harry Potter is that nan comics are an ongoing communicative that whitethorn ne'er end. But this besides intends that Spider-Man’s adventures are chronicled by aggregate writers, and that decidedly hurts nan quality. The existent tally of Amazing Spider-Man comics is peculiarly hated by fans, and a achromatic people connected nan title character’s agelong history. Harry Potter doesn’t person to interest astir that. Since Harry’s communicative is finished, his bequest is secure.

Winner: Harry Potter


Neville, Hermione, Ron, and Harry wrong a acheronian passageway successful HP and nan Deathly Hallows Part 2.Warner Bros. Pictures

At nan moment, location are 8 live-action Spider-Man movies and 8 Harry Potter films, not counting spinoffs. There were besides theatrical releases for a fewer of The Amazing Spider-Man TV episodes from nan ’70s, but those don’t really count either. It seems fitting that nan 2 franchises person nan nonstop number of films to compare, though this will surely alteration whenever Marvel and Sony statement up their plans for nan adjacent Spider-Man escapade connected nan large screen. Whether different Harry Potter movie ever materializes remains to beryllium seen.

Unlike nan Potter films, nan Spider-Man movies person undergone 2 complete reboots successful nan past 2 decades. In 2012, Andrew Garfield succeeded Tobey Maguire successful nan lead domiciled successful The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel. When The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was rejected by audiences, that paved nan measurement for Spidey to participate nan MCU successful 2016 pinch Tom Holland debuting successful nan domiciled successful Captain America: Civil War earlier starring successful his ain successful Spider-Man trilogy.

Harry Potter has nan separator successful this class because nary of nan 8 films flopped and nan original formed was mostly capable to enactment together. It didn’t request a mid-series reboot. The spinoffs are different matter entirely, since nan Fantastic Beasts franchise is dormant successful nan water. But that nonaccomplishment can’t beryllium placed astatine Harry’s feet.

Winner: Harry Potter


The charismatic poster for Spider-Man.Sony Pictures

The early Harry Potter movies had nan use of landing 1 of nan top surviving movie composers: John Williams, who lent his unmatched talents to nan franchise and created an iconic taxable that has go a recurring portion of nan full Wizarding World. Spider-Man’s first composer, Danny Elfman, is nary slouch himself, and a beardown statement tin beryllium made that he is besides 1 of nan all-time greats successful nan realm of movie music. For Spider-Man, Elfman gave nan Wallcrawler a terrific taxable of his ain that carried done nan Sam Raimi-directed trilogy, though composer Christopher Young tagged successful to people Spider-Man 3.

After nan first trilogies, nan philharmonic matchup becomes easier to decide. Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper, and Alexandre Desplat scored nan 5 remaining Harry Potter films. The 2 Amazing Spider-Man movies were scored by James Horner and Hans Zimmer, some of whom are besides among nan apical composers. More recently, Michael Giacchino gave nan MCU Spider-Man movies their ain philharmonic personality earlier masterfully blending themes from each of nan erstwhile movies successful Spider-Man: No Way Home. With that benignant of philharmonic firepower, there’s nary topping Spidey.

Winner: Spider-Man


Peter Parker and Miles Morales successful Spider-Man 2.Sony

Since Spider-Man video games spell backmost 40 years to nan Atari 2600, nan sheer number of titles successful nan ensuing decades intends that nan Harry Potter games will apt ne'er drawback up to that total. So to beryllium fair, we’ll limit our comparison betwixt nan 2 to nan astir caller video games successful each franchise: Hogwarts Legacy and Spider-Man 2.

Hogwarts Legacy has been well-received by Harry Potter fans, and nan crippled cleverly sidesteps nan events of nan books and films by mounting its communicative almost 100 years prior. That allows gamers to get nan Hogwarts acquisition without nan expectations of dealing pinch nan antecedently established story. Critics person mostly fixed nan crippled bully reviews, while besides pointing retired that it isn’t a peculiarly innovative title.

By contrast, Spider-Man 2 has already been hailed arsenic 1 of nan champion superhero games ever made and was a beardown contender for Game of nan Year. The crippled lets players power either Peter Parker aliases Miles Morales arsenic they find their relationship sorely tested erstwhile Peter is bonded pinch nan Venom symbiote. It’s simply a awesome crippled connected each level that surpasses each erstwhile Spidey titles, moreover nan erstwhile Spider-Man video crippled that was released successful 2018. So successful this head-to-head category, there’s a clear winner.

Winner: Spider-Man

With a people of 3-2, we state that Spider-Man is nan victor successful nan head-to-head matchup pinch Harry Potter.

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