Sproutt Life Insurance Review: Is it Legit?

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The immense mostly of Americans request life insurance. Sproutt is trying to help, by putting a unsocial rotation connected nan security exertion process. In minutes, you tin complete a little exertion and get a quote from 1 of their participating life security companies. But is dealing Sproutt arsenic easy arsenic they make it sound? Find retired successful this Sproutt Life Insurance Review.

The immense mostly of Americans request life insurance. But pinch truthful galore different security policies and providers, really tin you find nan correct life security policy for you and your family?

Sproutt Insurance is trying to thief by putting a unsocial rotation connected nan security exertion process.

Sproutt doesn’t waste its ain security policies – they’re an online marketplace that uses exertion to lucifer you pinch nan correct security provider. In minutes, you tin complete a little exertion and get a quote from 1 of their participating life security companies.

But is dealing pinch Sproutt arsenic easy arsenic they make it sound? And is location a use to dealing pinch a marketplace for illustration Sproutt versus going done an individual provider?

I’ll screen this and much successful this Sproutt Life Insurance Review.

What Is Sproutt?

Sproutt Homepage Screenshot

Sproutt is an security fintech launched successful 2018 nether nan name, Aktibo. They person their office successful Hartford, Connecticut, pinch offices successful New York City and Tel Aviv.

Sproutt Life isn’t a nonstop supplier of life security but a agent providing an AI-powered online life security marketplace.

They connection policies from astir a twelve security companies, a database that includes immoderate of nan best-known brands successful nan industry. Sproutt is disposable to customers successful each 50 states and nan District of Columbia.

How Sproutt Works

Sproutt differs from accepted life insurers by utilizing an AI-powered Quality of Life Index (QLI) to measure an individual’s patient manner behaviors alternatively than focusing connected antagonistic elements.

According to Sproutt, location are “huge inefficiencies” successful nan manufacture erstwhile utilizing accepted information postulation for meticulous pricing and merchandise offerings.

Sproutt says their self-serve integer process usually requires nary aesculapian exam, telephone calls, aliases appointments to get life security coverage.

Sproutt is free to use, and nan institution provides unrecorded customer support. They person an A+ rating pinch nan Better Business Bureau.

Key Features

  • AI-powered online life security marketplace.
  • Work pinch almost a twelve security companies crossed each 50 states.
  • Quality of Life Index (QLI)takes into relationship your wide health.
  • The QLI matches you pinch an security supplier and argumentation that will beryllium nan champion wide fit.
  • Complete an exertion wrong 15 minutes.
  • Customer support is disposable during business hours.

Sproutt Life Insurance Quality of Life Index

Sproutt Quality of Life Index

The QLI scale is astatine nan bosom of Sproutt Life Insurance and nan cardinal to utilizing their website.

The scale uses an algorithm to measure your manner and past provides a personalized group of suggestions, recommendations, and references based connected nan latest wellness accusation available.

The algorithm is called nan Guided Artificial Intelligence Assessment (GAIA). To use from nan index, you’ll request to complete a 15-minute assessment, a process I will screen successful much item further down.

The Index measures 5 areas of your life – referred to arsenic pillars – to bespeak your wide authorities of wellness and well-being:

  • Movement. In a nutshell, this class assesses nan magnitude of workout you get.
  • Sleep. Used to measurement if you are getting an capable magnitude of sleep.
  • Emotional health. There’s increasing grounds of a relationship betwixt beardown relationships and longevity.
  • Nutrition. This class is each astir nutrient and diet.
  • Balance. It incorporates nan different 4 pillars and besides adds an information of your consciousness of intent successful your life.

Once you’ve completed nan QLI Assessment, Sproutt will lucifer you pinch nan champion security institution to fresh your profile. This is expected to maximize nan likelihood of approval, on pinch nan astir favorable premium rate.

Who Is Sproutt Life Insurance Best Suited For?

Sproutt Life Insurance is an fantabulous prime for applicants who are:

  • Under 50 successful bully aliases fantabulous wellness (they spell to property 60).
  • In bully aliases fantabulous health.
  • Actively focused connected maintaining their health, arsenic wished by nan Quality of Life Index Assessment.
  • Looking for word life security versus full life.
  • Need a life security argumentation quickly.
  • Prefer a life security argumentation without nan request for a aesculapian exam.
  • Prefer nan velocity and convenience of an all-online exertion process.

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Types of Insurance Offered by Sproutt Life Insurance

According to their website, Sproutt offers no-exam life insurance, guaranteed rumor life insurance, full life insurance, captious unwellness insurance, and cosmopolitan life security – each successful summation to term life insurance.

Sproutt’s word life security offerings scope from 10 years to 3 years. The minimum argumentation magnitude is $50,000 but tin spell arsenic precocious arsenic $3 million. All different specifications of nan word policies offered are based connected nan guidelines of nan individual security companies providing nan policies.

As an online life security “fintech,” Sproutt undoubtedly targets younger applicants (at slightest nether 60) and successful bully aliases fantabulous health. Though they do connection policies for those who are successful less-than-perfect health, it is imaginable that your exertion will beryllium denied.

Is Sproutt Life Insurance Legit?

As mentioned, Sproutt has a Better Business Bureau standing of A+ (on a standard of A+ to F). though it is not BBB-accredited.

Though we typically get nan financial spot standing of security companies from A.M. Best, this standing is not disposable for Sproutt. The institution is an online security agent and not a nonstop provider. A.M. Best does not supply financial spot ratings for security brokers.  

How Do Customers Rate Sproutt?

Sproutt Life Trustpilot Ratings

Sproutt scores 4.7 retired of 5 stars pinch Trustpilot. The people is based connected 423 reviews, pinch 89% ranking nan institution arsenic “excellent” and 8% arsenic “great.”

While nan antagonistic reviews were minimal (only 2% 1-star), I did reappraisal nan comments to spot if I could place recurring themes. Most of nan antagonistic reviews were owed to a deficiency of responsiveness and reps not getting backmost to nan clients promptly.

One point to note, nan Sproutt squad had responded connected Trustpilot to almost each of nan antagonistic comments pinch a committedness to travel up.

We could not get personification ratings from Google Play aliases The App Store since Sproutt does not person a mobile app.

Sproutt Life Alternatives

When purchasing life insurance, ever get quotes from aggregate companies earlier making your choice. Even though nan products are mostly very similar, premiums betwixt different providers tin alteration considerably.

For a speedy comparison to Sproutt Life, I’ve included 3 companies – Fabric Life, Bestow, Haven Life, and Ladder Life – successful a side-by-side comparison.

Company / FeatureSproutt Fabric by Gerber LifeBestowHaven LifeLadder Life
Available PoliciesTerm Life Insurance, 10 – 30 Years; Limited Whole Life availabilityTerm Life Insurance, 10 – 30 Years; Accidental Death InsuranceTerm Life Insurance, 10 – 30 YearsTerm Life Insurance, 10 – 30 YearsTerm Life Insurance, 10-30 Years
Coverage Amounts$50,000 to $3 million$100,000 to $5 million$50,000 to $1.5 million$100,000 to $3 million$100,000 to $8 cardinal
Medical Exam RequiredVaries by ProviderNot AlwaysYesNot AlwaysNo exam for sum up to $3 million
Age Range to ApplyVaries by provider21 – 6018 – 60Up to Age 6420-60
Money Back GuaranteeVaries by supplier up to property 60YesYesNoYes – 30 days

As you tin spot from nan table, nan products offered by each of nan 4 companies intimately lucifer 1 another. One advantage Sproutt Life has is that it is an online life security marketplace.

With a azygous application, you tin get quotes from aggregate providers – including immoderate of nan biggest successful nan industry.

How to Use Sproutt to Shop for Life Insurance

The exertion process for Sproutt starts pinch completing nan Quality of Life assessment. It will return astir 15 minutes to complete nan appraisal online.

That process tin beryllium accessed from nan Quality of Life page, wherever you tin click nan greenish bubble that says “Check your QL Index.”

You’ll beryllium asked to supply nan following: your sanction (you’ll only request to supply your first name), property bracket, gender, and marital status.

Once you supply that information, you’ll beryllium asked nan pursuing questions:

  • When it comes to taking attraction of your life, what describes you best? The answers are multiple-choice and will look arsenic follows:
Sproutt  Life Insurance Questionnaire
  • Please prime your prime of a patient breakfast.
  • For a healthier meal, you should…
  • Which of nan pursuing is existent regarding a capable intake of protein:
Sproutt Life Insurance Questionnaire Screenshot 2
  • Should I eat whole grains?
  • To support a patient weight, should I trim my caloric intake?
  • How galore hours of beingness activity do you do during a normal week?
Sproutt Life Insurance Questionnaire Screenshot 3
  • What type of activities do you do? (Aga n, you’ll beryllium supplied pinch a database to take from.)
  • Do you track your beingness activities?
  • Over nan past week, on average, really galore steps per time did you take? (determined by a device, for illustration a Fitbit.)
  • Do you cognize really many hours an big should slumber astatine night?
  • How galore hours do you slumber connected average?
  • Do you use a sleep-tracking device?
  • Do you know successful which slumber phases nan mostly of dreams occur?
  • Do you know what a circadian hit is?
  • Do you person trouble falling asleep?
  • Do you consume alcoholic beverages to thief you autumn asleep?
  • Do you own a pet?
  • Do you sometimes feel that your relationships are not meaningful?
  • How galore group successful your life can you confide in?
  • Do you feel hopeless, stressed, aliases depressed?
  • Have you tried stress-reducing techniques specified arsenic breathing, meditation, etc.?
  • As I get older, things are… much better, somewhat better, same, worse, overmuch worse.
  • Do you believe you’ll unrecorded past… 60, 70, 80, 90, 120.

Once you’ve completed nan questions, nan pursuing surface will appear, requiring you to participate your email and taxable (the results are blurred, pending receipt of nan emailed version):

Sproutt Life Insurance Submit Screenshot

The adjacent surface will supply your QL Index. I was classified arsenic a “Master,” 1 of 5 categories.

Sproutt Life Insurance Personal Report

Once you click “Check your eligibility,” you’ll beryllium brought to nan exertion process, pinch your QL Index being portion of nan recommendations you’ll beryllium provided.

Unfortunately, erstwhile I completed nan QL Index assessment, Sproutt’s strategy was undergoing a problem, truthful I sewage nary contiguous life security quotes.

But nan important takeaway is that up to this point, I only completed nan appraisal – which is simply a requirement.

For nan application, further questions will beryllium asked. Those see wide questions, for illustration family status, beneficiaries, address, day of birth, a wellness self-assessment, and different wide questions.

Once you complete that information, Sproutt will make a argumentation proposal based connected nan answers to your questions.

Sproutt Life Insurance Policy Recommendation

Once again, Sproutt Life does not supply nan existent policies (it’s an online life security marketplace). The participating life security companies will connection nan policies connected nan platform.

Once you prime nan scheme you like, nan nonstop supplier will apt person further questions, and you’ll request to complete nan exertion process done that company.

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How to Save Money connected Life Insurance

No matter wherever you use for life insurance, location are 7 strategies you tin usage to prevention money successful nan process:

  • Buy term life security vs. full life. Whole life security is acold much costly than nan balanced word coverage. Go pinch word security and get a larger argumentation astatine a little premium.
  • Apply erstwhile you’re successful bully health. No azygous facet will person a greater effect connected your premium – aliases moreover if you’ll beryllium approved – than nan information of your health. That’s why it’s important to use erstwhile your wellness is good.
  • Maintain bully wellness habits. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, and spot your expert regularly.
  • Maintain cleanable in installments and bully driving history. Insurance companies besides cheque in installments histories and driving records. The cleaner they are, nan amended your chance astatine a debased premium.
  • Choose a shorter term. If you’re going pinch word insurance, nan premiums are little connected shorter terms. For example, a ten-year argumentation will beryllium little costly than a 20-year policy.
  • Shop around. Never return a argumentation from nan first supplier that gives you a quote. Get 3 aliases four, past make your choice.
  • Don’t wait! Many group put disconnected buying life security until “later.” But because age is simply a awesome facet successful determining premiums – and you’ll ne'er beryllium younger than you are correct now – now is nan clip to use for coverage.

Age is simply a awesome facet successful determining life security premiums. You’ll ne'er beryllium younger than you are correct now – now is nan clip to use for coverage.

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Sproutt Life Insurance Review: Final Thoughts

Sproutt is an fantabulous prime if you’re opening your hunt for life insurance. Because it’s an online life marketplace, you tin get quotes from respective awesome security companies pinch a azygous application.

Live customer support is simply a worth add, fixed that Sproutt is an all-online platform. And if you’re proactive astir your health, Sproutt captures that pinch their Quality of Life Index. It tin thief you way your advancement and make improvements wherever needed.

But it’s besides important to recognize that, arsenic an online life security source, Sproutt does attraction its business connected younger, healthier applicants.

If you’re older aliases person a important wellness condition, you whitethorn still beryllium capable to get a argumentation done Sproutt, but you whitethorn beryllium amended served by moving pinch an independent life security broker.

Otherwise, see Sproutt if you’re looking to bargain life insurance.

How We Review Insurance Companies: 

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Our extremity is to coming a balanced and broad position to imaginable policyholders. Editorial transparency remains a cornerstone of our approach.

We actively cod accusation from security companies and spot important weight connected customer feedback. By integrating this feedback pinch our research, we tin connection a well-rounded evaluation.

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Sprout Life Insurance Review

Product Name: Sprout Life Insurance

Product Description: Sprout Life Insurance is simply a life security argumentation that provides financial sum to individuals successful nan arena of their death. It tin screen ceremonial costs, aesculapian bills, and different costs associated pinch end-of-life expenses. It besides provides beneficiaries pinch a lump sum costs that tin thief them screen surviving expenses successful nan aftermath of their loved one's passing.

  • [ Learn More Here ]

Summary of Sprout Life Insurance

Sprout Life Insurance is simply a life security institution that provides sum options for individuals and families. The institution offers some word and imperishable life security policies, allowing customers to take nan sum that champion fits their needs and budget. In summation to life insurance, Sprout besides offers a wellness programme that provides discounts connected gym memberships and patient surviving products, further emphasizing their committedness to nan wellness and well-being of their customers.

  • Cost and Fees
  • Customer Service
  • User Experience
  • Product Offerings


  •  Personalized attention: Sprout Life Insurance whitethorn connection much personalized attraction and customer service, arsenic they are a smaller institution and whitethorn person less customers to serve.
  • Innovative offerings: Sprout Life Insurance whitethorn connection innovative life security options and added benefits, specified arsenic their wellness program, that larger security companies whitethorn not offer.
  • Flexibility: As a smaller company, Sprout Life Insurance whitethorn beryllium much elastic and responsive to customer needs, compared to larger security companies pinch much bureaucratic processes.


  • Limited sum options: Sprout Life Insurance whitethorn person constricted sum options compared to larger security companies, which whitethorn person a wider scope of offerings.
  • Less financial stability: Sprout Life Insurance whitethorn person little financial stableness compared to larger security companies, which whitethorn person much resources and a longer way record.
  • Less marque recognition: Sprout Life Insurance whitethorn person little marque nickname compared to larger security companies, which whitethorn person a longer history and much established reputation.