Super Bowl TV deals: 217 last-minute deals at Best Buy, from just $60

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TCL 2024 QM8 98-inch QLED mini-LED TV.TCL

If you want to watch nan Super Bowl but you consciousness that your existent TV doesn’t stack up, past you’re successful luck! Best Buy is having a monolithic flash waste that includes immoderate of nan best TVs connected nan market, truthful if you want to drawback a caller one, now is nan time. We’ve besides selected immoderate of our favourite TVs that are really bully for watching sports and nan Super Bowl, specifically because they person HLG, which is an HDR modular that a batch of sports broadcasters use. So, beryllium judge to cheque our selection, arsenic good arsenic nan complete waste pinch nan fastener below, and if nary of it tickles your fancy, we’ve collected immoderate different awesome TV deals for you to cheque out.

What you should bargain successful nan Best Buy flash sale

TCL has a awesome lineup of TVs that activity awesome for watching sports and nan Super Bowl, pinch various models and sizes. On nan much budget-friendly side, there’s nan 65-inch S4 Series that has a 4k resolution, HDR10, and HLG, each of which are , truthful it’s a inexpensive measurement to get each nan basics and past some. Of course, if you want thing a small spot fancier, past this monolithic 75-inch Q6 Series is nan measurement to go, particularly because it has a QLED panel, truthful it looks moreover amended than usual, though it is .  If you’re much willing successful image value and opposition alternatively of size, this 65-inch QM8 Series has a QLED sheet and Mini-LED lighting, truthful it’s beautiful snazzy, and it .

Hisense besides makes a fewer awesome TVs that are oriented towards sports-watching, pinch its astir budget-friendly offering being nan 55-inch U6 Series, which has HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG, but much importantly, it has Mini-LED lighting and is . Interestingly enough, if you don’t attraction astir nan Mini-LED, you tin get nan larger 65-inch A6 Series , which has HDR10 but sadly doesn’t person HLG, truthful whether you want to spell for it aliases not is simply a toss-up. There is besides a overmuch larger exemplary of nan A6, which is nan monolithic 85-inch A7, though it sadly is besides missing retired connected HLG, but it is heavy , which is beautiful good.

Finally, you tin spell pinch 1 of nan much accepted brands that don’t needfully person TVs made for sports, but are still beautiful bully for watching them. For example, while this Toshiba C350 Series doesn’t person HLG, it is 55-inches large and is , truthful it’s a bully opportunity to drawback a spot TV for a coagulated price. Alternatively, this larger 65-inch Samsung CU7000 does person HLG and HDR10+ and is simply a , particularly if you’re already successful nan Samsung ecosystem. Finally, this monolithic 75-inch LG UQ70 Series is besides a bully prime that comes pinch some HDR10 and HLG, and you tin get it for a .

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This Samsung 75-inch TV conscionable had its value slashed to $550

The Samsung 75-inch LED 4K Smart TV connected a media cabinet.

Samsung, a marque that's down immoderate of nan champion smartphones and champion tablets, is besides 1 of nan champion TV brands. While it makes immoderate of nan much costly models among nan champion TVs, it besides has a awesome estimation pinch its budget-friendly offerings for illustration nan 75-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV. It's presently moreover cheaper from Best Buy, where's it's connected waste pinch a $200 discount that pulls its value down from $750 to only $550.

The 75-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV is awesome for watching each kinds of content, but it's a timely prime for sports fans who are readying to bargain a large surface to watch nan upcoming Super Bowl LVIII. We're not judge really agelong this bargain will past truthful you should astir apt push done pinch nan acquisition if you're interested, pinch moreover much urgency if you're readying to watch nan large crippled connected it because you'll request to get it delivered successful time.

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Best Buy has a 50-inch 4K TV for only $200 correct now

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TV deals don't thin to get cheaper than being capable to bargain a 50-inch 4K TV for $200. That's nan lawsuit correct now erstwhile you shop astatine Best Buy pinch nan Pioneer 50-inch 4K TV presently reduced from $300 down to $200. A immense redeeming connected a TV that was already ace inexpensive to statesman with, it's nan cleanable TV for anyone starting retired aliases for kitting retired your den aliases study for less.

The Super Bowl is coming up accelerated and if your existent TV has conscionable failed, this could beryllium nan champion solution for you truthful you don't miss retired connected nan large game. Alternatively, you tin adhd it to your kid's chamber aliases location other that doesn't request a genuinely high-end TV. Sure, Pioneer whitethorn not beryllium a immense marque immoderate much but we're present to show you why it's worthy splashing retired connected nan $200 this TV is down to. Don't count connected it staying this value for overmuch longer.

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Save up to $3,500 connected Samsung’s outdoor TV for nan Super Bowl

Samsung The Terrace outdoor TV.

If you want to propulsion a Super Bowl LVIII watch statement but you don't person capable abstraction indoors, you whitethorn want to see buying nan Samsung The Terrace QLED 4K TV. Optimized for nan outdoors, some models and each sizes of this TV are presently connected waste from Samsung. For example, 65-inch Partial Sun exemplary is down to $4,500 from $5,000 for savings of $500, and nan 75-inch Full Sun exemplary is down to $9,500 from $13,000 for savings of $3,500. They're still beautiful expensive, but among each nan QLED TV deals available, this is nan finance that you'll want to make if you want a complete translator of your backyard.

55-inch Samsung The Terrace Partial Sun QLED 4K TV --

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