Surprise Soulslike hit Lies of P is getting new DLC and a sequel

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This mentation of nan classical Pinocchio is thing for illustration nan friends (if a small creepy) original. Your puppet brought to life is sent retired into a world of dangers astir each corner, and only your weapons and reflexes will spot you through. Lies of P is simply a Soulslike, aft all, truthful uncovering and testing retired caller weapons is each portion of nan experience. That and dying, of course. Still, if you want to debar doing nan second arsenic overmuch arsenic possible, a beardown limb will travel successful handy. This crippled uses a strategy wherever you tin customize your arsenal by swapping retired nan blades and handles, giving you tons of possibilities, but we'll attraction connected which weapons are nan champion retired of nan container successful Lies of P and fto you do nan tweaking from there.
The champion weapons successful Lies of P

Puppet Saber
Because you tin get nan Puppet Saber correct astatine nan commencement of Lies of P, you mightiness constitute it disconnected arsenic thing that's only viable successful nan early crippled and should beryllium dumped ASAP. That's not nan case, arsenic this fast-hitting beard tin enactment competitory astatine slightest until nan midgame. It has a bully range, is fast, and has a awesome complaint onslaught you tin usage to area enemies with. It scales astatine rank C successful some Motivity and Technique, and comes pinch nan fable creation of Storm Slash, which unleashes a flurry of strikes connected a target up of you. The different creation it packs is Concentrate, which gives you a impermanent onslaught buff.
Salamander Dagger
If you are going for a build focused connected doing a batch of speedy hits alternatively than long, dense strikes, daggers for illustration nan Salamander Dagger are your champion friend. This dagger's existent advantage is that it deals occurrence damage, which galore enemies are anemic against. It scales astatine a B successful Advance, C successful Technique, and D successful Motivity. It besides has nan Ignite expertise to springiness it moreover much firepower (literally), and nan defender expertise of doing a accelerated stab earlier automatically retreating.
Booster Glaive
There aren't a ton of area-control weapons successful Lies of P, which makes nan Booster Glaive guidelines retired arsenic a unsocial pick. You get bully range, and nan arc connected each plaything is cleanable for crowd control. In tighter, much linear spaces, you tin usage nan complaint onslaught for a guardant thrust. This is simply a Technique weapon, scaling astatine B, but it besides has D scaling successful Motivity. It shares nan Storm Slash accomplishment pinch nan Puppet Saber, but besides has nan Patient Slash, which lets you complaint up 1 large, powerful strikes.
Acidic Crystal Spear
Despite nan connection "Spear" being successful nan weapon's name, nan Acidic Crystal Spear technically falls nether nan Dagger class of weapons. Regardless, this has nan looks, range, and consciousness of a spear. It tin do fast, poking attacks, and will woody acerb harm connected each onslaught arsenic well. You get awesome A-level scaling pinch Advance, arsenic good arsenic D level successful Technique and Motivity. The Radiate creation is conscionable for illustration nan Salamander Dagger's Ignite, only for acid, and Single Stab is simply a much powerful guardant lunge attack.
Two Dragons Sword
With a sanction for illustration nan Two Dragons Sword, who could defy astatine slightest trying this katana out? This leader limb gives you each nan flair and velocity of a katana, but it unluckily cannot beryllium disassembled aliases modified. Still, pinch A scaling successful Technique and D successful Motivity, you won't beryllium wanting for overmuch pinch this blade. Your 2 skills are Link Emergency Dodge, which has you dodge guardant and gives you nan action to usage a Fable slot to do 2 follow-up attacks, and Wind of Swords, which unleashes a torrent of swords successful an area of effect.