Take Windows 11... please. Leaks confirm low numbers for Microsoft's latest OS

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Windows 11 is consistently failing to seizure hearts and devices, if caller figures are to beryllium believed.

First reported successful WindowsCentral, progressive instrumentality usage of nan operating strategy has apparently inched past nan 400 cardinal mark, according to an soul Microsoft archive that leaked. This is acold down that of Windows 10 astatine nan aforesaid constituent successful nan operating system's lifecycle.

While Microsoft has yet to formally remark connected nan number – this hack is presently astatine nan company's London Envision event, which is swarming pinch staffers, nary of whom want to talk astir nan success, aliases otherwise, of Windows 11 – it follows nan aforesaid inclination seen successful different usage statistics.

Earlier this month, Statcounter figures put Windows 11 usage still immoderate measurement down Windows 10. As a reminder, Windows 10 took astir 2 years to overtake nan erstwhile ascendant player, Windows 7. Windows 11 (launched October 2021)… not truthful much.

Apologists for nan operating system's capacity would constituent to nan very different conditions nether which nan package was launched. Windows 10 came connected nan backmost of nan disastrous Windows 8 and 8.1 editions – arsenic Windows 7 followed nan self-inflicted catastrophe of Vista – and benefited from each mode of personification encouragement from Microsoft. Occasionally, this included nan OS slithering, unwanted, onto personification devices.

Other than occasional nags, Windows 11 has not been forced down nan throats of users of Windows 10 successful rather nan aforesaid way.

Windows 11 isn't a peculiarly bad type of Windows by immoderate agelong of nan imagination. Some elements of nan personification interface mightiness grate a little, and location will ever beryllium users for whom 1 creation prime aliases different will beryllium loudly rejected – location were those, aft all, who raged astatine nan imposition of nan Start Menu complete nan Program Manager of old. But nan operating strategy itself is... fine.

Which, successful a nutshell, is nan problem. Windows 11 is simply OK. There's thing peculiarly incorrect pinch it isolated from for its hardware requirements.

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Indeed, pinch a vague assurance that things would beryllium much secure, Windows 11 astatine motorboat required updated hardware – including caller CPUs – that necessitated galore users to acquisition caller kit. When faced pinch choosing betwixt nan perfectly acceptable Windows 10 aliases splashing nan rate connected caller hardware for Windows 11, users shrugged, and truthful Windows 11 has languished.

It has been immoderate clip since Microsoft released charismatic figures astir Windows usage, but nan latest leak has confirmed nan operating strategy continues to way its predecessor. Windows 10 has conscionable nether 2 years near of updates earlier Microsoft intends to propulsion nan plug, meaning Windows 11 has sizeable crushed to drawback up successful a constrained hardware market.

Unless nan institution blinks and keeps Windows 10 support going for conscionable a small longer. ®