The 10 most popular movies on Netflix right now

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Netflix is 1 of nan astir celebrated streaming services successful nan world, pinch astir 240 cardinal subscribers. And conscionable what do those group thin to watch? In particular, what is nan astir celebrated movie connected Netflix?

Each week, nan streaming work releases a database of its 10 most-watched movies complete nan preceding 7 days. Below, we’ve listed nan apical 10 movies successful nan U.S. from October 16 to October 22, on pinch wide accusation astir each film, specified arsenic genre, rating, cast, and synopsis.

Two men beryllium down adjacent to each different successful chairs successful Old Dads.Michael Moriatis / Netflix

Looking for thing else? We’ve besides rounded up nan best shows connected Netflix, nan best movies connected Netflix, nan best movies connected Amazon Prime, and nan best movies connected Disney+. For Netflix fans, cheque retired the 10 astir celebrated shows connected Netflix correct now.

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The champion kids movies connected Disney+ correct now

The main formed of Haunted Mansion pinch ghosts looming down them.

Streaming has made movies much accessible, and Disney+ is easy nan champion spot to watch kids movies. Thanks to a patient dose of original contented and bequest additions to nan Disney vault, nan streamer caters highly good to nan family audience. To thief parse done this dense catalog for you, we've curated a guideline connected nan champion kids movies disposable to watercourse connected Disney+ correct now, consistently updated each month.

On apical of family-friendly movies, see nan Disney Bundle if you're not already a subscriber. With it, customers get entree to Disney+, nan ad-supported Hulu plan, and ESPN+ successful a convenient packaged deal. With really galore awesome streaming services are retired location vying for audiences' subscriptions, this is simply a respectable worth for your dollar, covering each nan bases that a family could want successful their entertainment.

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The champion classical movies connected Netflix correct now

The Shark successful Jaws.

Given nan incredibly ample number of movies connected Netflix, it whitethorn astonishment you to study that nan streamer doesn't person a batch of classical movies. Only a fistful of Netflix's cinematic lineup played successful theaters during nan '70s, and only 3 of Netflix's existent films travel from nan '60s. Netflix does a amended occupation pinch its action of '80s movies, but moreover those titles don't person galore options.

Regardless, we judge that it's agelong overdue to put nan spotlight connected nan champion classical movies connected Netflix from nan '70s and '80s. As you tin successful nan database below, respective of these titles person already cemented their spot successful nan history of Hollywood. The films person besides held up highly good contempt nan transition of decades betwixt their theatrical merchandise and their reemergence during nan streaming era.
Jaws (1975)

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The 10 champion Netflix play shows correct now (October 2023)

Jesse and Walt from Breaking Bad successful hazmat suits drinking beers.

To support its position arsenic nan apical streaming work successful nan world, Netflix has produced an ungodly magnitude of original bid successful conscionable a short period. And while Netflix has heavy invested successful melodramatic TV shows, galore of nan champion Netflix play shows travel from extracurricular of Netflix. It besides has to beryllium said that Netflix's postulation of dramas connected indebtedness from different studios looks beautiful ray compared to what it utilized to have.

Regardless, Netflix remains a premier destination for play shows because it is nan streaming location for immoderate of nan astir celebrated shows connected web and cablegram television. Combined pinch Netflix's already awesome room of original series, that gives it nan separator complete each of its rivals. But if you're looking to drawback up connected immoderate of nan apical options available, we tin make things easier for you. All you person to do is publication our database of nan champion Netflix play shows correct now.
Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

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