The 10 most popular streaming services, ranked by subscriber count

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Let’s commencement this pinch a caveat aliases two: If you’re going to comparison streaming services simply by nan number of subscribers they have, it’s not precisely a adjacent fight. Not each services are disposable successful nan aforesaid places. Nor does nan number of subscribers really reside nan “worth” of a streaming service. Or whether it’s easy to use, aliases if nan apps are immoderate good. Or, for that matter, if a fixed streaming work has what you want to watch, which really is nan only measurement necessary.

Still, it’s absorbing to support up pinch really things are doing from a world perspective, particularly erstwhile you person comparatively young upstarts for illustration Apple TV+ gaining truthful galore accolades successful an manufacture dominated by Netflix.

So pinch that, mostly utilizing accusation published by nan streaming services (or their genitor companies), here’s a look astatine nan apical 10 streamers, successful position of full subscribers.

10. Starz: 15.79 million

The Starz app pinch a preview for Joy Ride connected nan screen.Starz is nan dedicated streaming work from nan Lionsgate studio. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Starz is 1 of those movie-centric streaming services that seems for illustration it’s ever been around, moreover if not needfully thing you’ve utilized extracurricular of a proceedings situation. But it’s amazingly big, though possibly not arsenic astonishing erstwhile you recognize it’s fundamentally nan charismatic streaming work of nan Lionsgate studio.

Starz is simply a world service, amassing 15.79 cardinal subscribers arsenic of September 30, 2023, arsenic reported successful nan Lionsgate earnings for nan quarter. (It tacks connected different 9.21 cardinal successful linear subscribers — deliberation cablegram and outer and nan like.)

9. Apple TV+: 25 cardinal (estimated)

The location surface of Apple TV Plus.Apple TV+ is location to exclusive movies and series, arsenic good arsenic unrecorded sports for illustration MLS Season Pass. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

We don’t cognize precisely really galore subscribers Apple TV+ has. Like beautiful overmuch each different merchandise nether nan Apple umbrella, nan institution doesn’t springiness numbers, either anecdotally, aliases successful its net releases. So return things pinch a atom of salt.

Estimates from marketplace investigation patient Antenna put Apple TV+ — which is disposable connected each modern streaming platforms and not conscionable Apple devices — location astir 25 cardinal paid subscribers. (More autumn nether a proceedings play tied to purchases of Apple hardware.)

In immoderate event, it wouldn’t astonishment america to spot that number driven moreover higher acknowledgment to MLS Season Pass being exclusive connected Apple TV+ — and Lionel Messi being exclusive to Inter Miami. And that was conscionable for nan last months of nan 2023 season.

Add connected to that fantabulous shows for illustration Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Lessons successful Chemistry, For All Mankind, and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters — successful summation to exclusive movies — and Apple TV+ isn’t going anyplace anytime soon.

8. ESPN+: 26 million

The location surface for ESPN Plus.ESPN+ is wherever you’ll find exclusive on-demand shows, arsenic good arsenic unrecorded sports that regular TV simply doesn’t person room for. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

ESPN+ is an absorbing subscription streaming service. Owned by Disney, it’s a operation of unrecorded sports — some master and collegiate — along pinch on-demand originals, and it besides serves arsenic a streaming action for those pinch accepted entree to ESPN+ via a linear subscription. (Think cable, satellite, aliases YouTube TV and nan like.)

While ESPN+ doesn’t yet get you standalone entree to ESPN — and while it mostly doesn’t make disposable nan unrecorded sports you’d spot connected ESPN due — it is location to an full world of unrecorded sports. If you tin deliberation it up and it’s a sport, there’s a beautiful bully chance you tin watch it connected ESPN+, from each assemblage sports, to MMA and UFC unrecorded streams, to nan German Bundesliga, to nan Association of Pickelball Players and nan Belgian Pro League. And that’s conscionable scratching nan surface.

ESPN+ launched successful nan outpouring of 2018 and deed its first cardinal subscribers successful astir 5 months. It has been steadily trending upward since past and now stands astatine 26 cardinal paid subscribers, arsenic past reported successful Disney’s quarterly net report. As you’ll publication below, overmuch of that is done standalone subscriptions, but ESPN+ besides benefits from nan Disney Bundle, which (as nan sanction implies) bundles together Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for a azygous value that’s almost excessively bully to walk up.

7. Peacock: 28 million

The location surface for nan Peacock streaming service.Peacock is location to each things NBC — but that’s conscionable for starters. It’s besides wherever you’ll find Premier League matches. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Peacock is NBC’s streaming service. And while it’s decidedly had a bumpy roadworthy — overmuch of its first slate of exclusives were canned because of debased viewership — its firm overlords person stuck it out. And arsenic of September 30, 2023, Peacock weighed successful astatine a patient 28 cardinal paid subscribers. That’s up from 16 cardinal successful nan 3rd 4th of 2022, and much than triple nan 6 cardinal subscribers it had successful Q3 2021, according to genitor institution Comast’s net report.

Not bad a streaming work cipher wanted, eh? The fame apt is owed successful nary mini portion to its affordable price, arsenic good arsenic it being nan U.S. streaming location of nan English Premier League. And there’s still plenty to watch connected Peacock, too.

6. Hulu: 48.5 million

The Hulu location surface connected a TV.Hulu is now wholly owned by Disney, but still has much than what’s disposable connected Disney+. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Hulu has undergone a number of changes complete nan years some successful position of what’s connected nan service, arsenic good arsenic who owns it. As of precocious 2023, Disney — which antecedently owned a large chunk acknowledgment to its acquisition of 21st Century Fox — bought retired Comcast’s 33% shares and now owns nan full thing.

Hulu is known for on-demand boutique contented for illustration The Handmaid’s Tale and Only Murders successful nan Building, and there’s a wealthiness of different on-demand contented available, particularly from nan Fox broadside of nan equation. Hulu has 43.9 cardinal paid subscribers for its on-demand product. Complicating things a small is that you tin now watch Hulu from wrong Disney+, if you’re subscribed to some services. But not everything connected Hulu is disposable connected Disney+.

Hulu besides is location to nan second-largest unrecorded TV streaming work successful nan U.S., astatine 4.6 cardinal subscribers, per Disney’s Q3 2023 earnings. Those subscribers besides are automatically enrolled successful nan Disney bundle and are besides counted arsenic subscribers of Disney+ and ESPN+.

5. Paramount+: 63.4 million

The Paramount+ location screen.Paramount+ is world and features a wealthiness of shows and movies. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Speaking of streaming services that are backed by full studios, Paramount+ is global, and still very overmuch a thing. (Though analysts judge it 1 time will request to beryllium swallowed up, astir apt by nan adjacent introduction successful our list.)

A number of awesome brands autumn nether nan Paramount umbrella and are included successful Paramount+. Think CBS content. And nan premium Showtime network, which is now straight integrated pinch Paramount+ alternatively of being a standalone service. There’s besides Nickelodeon and MTV, Comedy Central, and BET. Paramount+ besides has served arsenic a streaming location for Champions League soccer, and nan NWSL. And if you’re a Star Trek fan, it’s nan spot to be.

And Paramount reported in its Q3 2023 earnings that Paramount+ stood astatine 63.4 cardinal subscribers, up astir 38% from nan erstwhile year.

4. Max: 95.1 cardinal (sort of)

True Detective connected nan Max location screen.Max has had a twisted roadworthy but now is nan look of Warner Bros. Discovery. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

No work has undergone a larger translator than Max. It utilized to beryllium HBO Go and HBO Now earlier becoming HBO Max. And past proprietor Warner Bros. merged pinch Discovery — forming existent genitor institution Warner Bros. Discovery. And now nan streaming work is simply Max.

We’re utilizing Warner Bros. Discovery’s 95.1 cardinal number arsenic disclosed in its Q3 2023 net report. But it’s a messy number, comprising nan totality of WBD’s direct-to-consumer subscribers. And that includes Discovery+ (which still exists), bequest HBO and HBO Max, and nan existent Max service.

In immoderate event, Max is proceed to morph arsenic it grows. It’s much precocious added much news contented pinch CNN Max, and nan Bleacher Report sports add-on, pinch much than 300 unrecorded events annually, including nan NHL and NBA, and U.S. Soccer.

And Max continues to expand. It’s moving into Latin America successful nan first 4th of 2024, and into Europe successful nan spring.

3. Disney+: 150.2 million

The Disney Plus location screen.Disney+ started large but will person to activity to support its stature. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

When Disney+ launched successful November 2019, it wasn’t awkward astir its world ambitions. It surely didn’t commencement small, either, hitting more than 10 cardinal subscribers successful its first time of existence.

Let that number descend successful for a minute.

Disney+ besides has been highly fierce successful bundling itself pinch different Disney-owned streaming services — Hulu and ESPN+ — pricing nan bundle truthful that you’re encouraged to conscionable spell up and get each three. So there’s going to beryllium a spot of overlap.

In nan U.S., Disney+ is location to each things D, of course, on pinch Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic. And if you besides subscribe to Hulu, you tin now get that contented wrong nan Disney+ app, too.

There besides are different flavors of Disney+ depending connected what state you’re in. That’s wherever different work called Hotstar comes into play successful India, integrating unrecorded sports, positive much than 100,000 hours of shows and movies successful 9 languages. It’s separate, but still a portion of nan world picture, and is referred to arsenic Disney+ Hotstar.

Here’s really it breaks down: There were 46.5 cardinal Disney+ subscribers successful nan U.S. and Canada as of September 30, 2023. And location were different 66.1 cardinal subscribers internationally, for a full of 112.6 cardinal worldwide. Disney+ Hotstar adds different 37.6 cardinal subscribers, bringing nan full smash to conscionable complete 150 million.

2. Amazon Prime Video: 200 million+

The Amazon Prime video location screen.Amazon Prime Video isn’t rather for illustration astir of nan different streaming services, and that useful successful its favor. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Amazon Prime Video isn’t rather for illustration each nan different streaming services here. Well, it is and it isn’t. In 1 sense, it’s precisely for illustration each nan others because you tin subscribe to it and watch each kinds of things. But it’s besides portion of nan immense Amazon Prime ecosystem. You salary a monthly (or annual) interest for Amazon Prime, and you besides get entree to virtually countless movies and shows arsenic portion of that subscription fee.

But Amazon Prime Video besides is wherever you tin rent aliases bargain shows and movies. So it’s wholly imaginable to usage Amazon Prime Video without subscribing to Amazon Prime. And Amazon Prime Video besides is simply a portal to different streaming services via Amazon Prime Video Channels. So you tin subscribe to, say, Paramount+ aliases Max, wrong Amazon Prime Video. And Prime Video is location to immoderate exclusive sports (in nan U.S., anyway) that you can’t watch anyplace else, for illustration Thursday Night Football for NFL games.

So there’s a batch going connected here.

That said, Amazon Prime Video is huge. It’s global, disposable successful much than 200 countries. Amazon CEO Andy Jassey in nan company’s Q3 2023 net call said that “Prime Video continues to beryllium an integral portion of nan premier worth proposition, wherever it’s often 1 of nan apical 2 drivers of customers signing up for Prime.” And while Amazon doesn’t publically merchandise existent numbers for either Amazon Prime aliases Prime Video, Jassey in his 2021 missive to shareholders — his first arsenic CEO aft succeeding laminitis Jeff Bezos — stated that Amazon had “over 200 cardinal Prime customers.”

Various backstage estimates spell up from there. But 200 cardinal is nan unsmooth ballpark connected nan debased end. And successful 2024, Amazon is going to further monetize Amazon Prime Video pinch advertising — aliases complaint users different $3 to get free of ads.

1. Netflix: 247.15 million

The Netflix location screen.Netflix still sets nan modular for streaming services, astatine slightest successful position of world reach. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Netflix is nan biggest streaming work successful nan world. The institution reported 247.15 cardinal world paid memberships as of September 30, 2023. That number was up 10.8 percent from nan erstwhile quarter, and up astir 11 percent twelvemonth complete year.

The concealed to Netflix’s success? Reach, for one. It’s been disposable globally longer than immoderate of nan different services connected this list. (And, of course, not each nan services connected this database are disposable globally.) The United States and Canada connected their ain dress up 77.32 cardinal subscribers, aliases conscionable nether 32% of nan total. Europe, nan Middle East and Africa dress up astir 34% of nan full astatine 83.76 million. Latin America and Mexico measurement successful astatine 43.65 million, and nan Asia-Pacific region hits 42.43 million. It’s a large world retired there.

But nan different logic is conscionable nan sheer scope of contented that you tin find connected Netflix. Movies. Shows. Foreign. Domestic. And, successful fact, Netflix has capitalized by blurring nan lines betwixt countries acknowledgment to immoderate fierce marketing, language-dubbing, and subtitles. Take nan Squid Game phenomenon, for example, which brought a Korean-language bid to nan full world.

And because Netflix is perpetually rotating successful caller content, there’s ever thing caller to watch.

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