The 10 most popular TV shows on Netflix right now

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Exploring nan thousands of titles connected Netflix tin beryllium some breathtaking and overwhelming. Content of each types abounds, from dramas and comedies to reality shows and documentaries. There’s moreover a apical 10 database to thief constrictive down your determination by letting you spot nan astir celebrated Netflix shows.

Every week, Netflix releases a database of nan 10 most-watched TV shows complete a caller seven-day period. Below, we’ve listed nan apical 10 shows successful nan U.S. from October 16 to October 22, on pinch wide accusation astir each show, including genre, rating, cast, and synopsis.

A man bends down to look astatine a dormant assemblage successful Bodies.Netflix

Note: There will beryllium a explanation of crippled points from each of nan series, truthful see this a spoiler warning if you haven’t watched them yet. We’ve besides rounded up nan best shows connected Netflix, nan best movies connected Hulu, nan best movies connected Amazon Prime, and nan best movies connected Disney+. For Netflix fans, besides cheque retired the 10 astir celebrated movies connected Netflix correct now.

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The 50 champion shows connected Netflix successful October 2023

The formed of Bodies.

The awesome point astir Netflix is that nan streamer ne'er seems to suffer momentum. Even aft past week's large debut of The Fall of nan House of Usher, Netflix isn't taking a breather. This week sees nan premiere of 2 caller scripted original series: a sci-fi crime thriller called Bodies and nan music-based drama Neon.

Naturally, this is acold from everything caller connected Netflix. There are much caller shows coming later this period and passim nan remainder of nan year. We whitethorn not moreover spot a strike-related slowdown from Netflix until 2024. At that point, we mightiness moreover admit nan break. But until that happens, support coming backmost each week for our updated roundup of nan champion shows connected Netflix correct now.

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The champion caller shows to watercourse connected Netflix, Hulu, Max (HBO), and more

The formed of Upload play 3.

Compared to nan earlier weeks of October, this week has been comparatively quiet among nan streamers. But nan bully news is that moreover successful a quiet week, location are still caller shows to stream. Upload play 3 is nan large summation connected Prime Video, but support your eyes connected Netflix's Bodies. It's a sci-fi bid that revolves astir an irresistible enigma crossed aggregate clip periods. Finally, Hulu and Disney+ some person a caller incarnation of Goosebumps for younger scary fans.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Max, Apple TV+, Disney+, Paramount+, and Peacock thin to support america swimming successful much caller shows than immoderate azygous personification tin watch successful a week. Even if you only subscribe to a fewer of those streamers, nan precocious announced value increases are making a beardown statement for going with the ad-supported tiers. But if you take to salary afloat value for each of nan streamers, our play roundup of nan champion caller shows to watercourse is nan champion measurement to enactment connected apical of your viewing options.
When you're done here, cheque retired nan champion caller movies to watercourse this week, arsenic good arsenic nan champion shows connected Netflix, champion shows connected Hulu, champion shows connected Amazon Prime Video, and champion shows connected Disney+.

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The 50 champion movies connected Netflix correct now (October 2023)

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron successful Long Shot.

Love is successful nan aerial astatine Netflix. It whitethorn beryllium nan Halloween season, but nan Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron romanticist drama Long Shot is connected apical of nan astir celebrated movies connected Netflix. Additionally, nan wildly celebrated Silver Linings Playbook, featuring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, is besides backmost connected Netflix this week aft spending clip pinch different streamers.

Do you want to enactment connected apical of everything caller connected Netflix? Every week, we support a adjacent oculus connected nan latest additions to nan lineup arsenic we update our database of nan champion movies connected Netflix correct now. Stick pinch us, and you'll ever spot your champion options for movie nighttime here.

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