The 30 Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

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If you are seeking jobs for enactment astatine location moms, it is wholly imaginable to find nan correct fit. As a mom, you are already juggling a wide scope of responsibilities, and nan past point that you want to do is commute to a occupation connected apical of everything other that’s causing you stress. That’s wherever uncovering nan correct occupation arsenic a enactment astatine location mom tin help. Keep reading!

Jobs for enactment astatine location moms

The champion portion astir moving from location arsenic a mom is that location are dozens of jobs to take from. With immoderate determination, you tin find a occupation that will suit your schedule and your income needs. That intends  you tin enactment location pinch your kids while earning an income and minimize immoderate mom struggles with your finances. 

In this article, I’ll beryllium going immoderate of nan champion jobs for moms. You mightiness beryllium amazed astatine nan assortment of options available! 

Jobs for enactment astatine location moms: 30 Best ideas 

If you are looking for a enactment astatine location mom occupation to gain other money, look nary further. We person curated a database of jobs that mightiness beryllium a bully fresh for you. 

As you peruse this database of nan champion jobs for enactment astatine location moms, consider the income potential and nan clip commitments involved. If you spot thing that grabs your interest, past do immoderate much investigation to find retired much astir nan opportunity. 

Here is simply a database of our favourite enactment astatine location mom jobs! (p.s. These jobs are applicable to each stay-at-home parents) 

1. Freelance writer 

Average pay:  $65,000 per year 

As a freelance writer, you person the ability to gain an astonishing income.  Personally, I make much than nan mean income each twelvemonth arsenic a writer. And I cognize galore writers that wholly rustle that number retired of nan water.

Another use of this occupation is having power complete your time, pinch nan expertise to activity from anywhere. You get to make your ain schedule, which is 1 of my favourite things astir this job! 

Freelance writer occupation details 

A freelance writer tin constitute astir various subjects for galore different people. You tin return connected overseas jobs that you find on sites for illustration UpWork, aliases you tin take to nonstop your resume to hiring managers and question and reply arsenic you usually would for a job. 

The champion portion astir this action is that location are minimal start-up costs. If you person an net relationship and bully typing skills, you tin commencement freelance penning today. 

If you are willing in becoming a freelance writer, past cheque retired our step-by-step guide. 

2. Virtual assistant 

Average pay: $75,000 per year 

If you person basal machine skills, you could be a successful virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you’ll beryllium capable to group your ain hours and take your hourly rate. As you summation much experience, you tin activity your measurement up to bid a higher hourly rate. 

Virtual adjunct occupation details 

As a virtual assistant, you tin reply emails, make telephone calls, enactment arsenic a recreation consultant, create schedules, and much for your clients. 

Virtual adjunct jobs are awesome for moms who are highly organized and emotion to transverse things disconnected their to-do lists. To find your first job, activity retired opportunities on sites for illustration FlexJobs. 

3. Online ESL tutoring 

Average pay: $10-$20 per hour (depending connected experience) 

If you person a emotion for school children, past school English online could beryllium a bully fit. Each institution has its ain group of rules for its teachers.

For example, immoderate companies will require that you person a assemblage grade but others do not. 

ESL tutor occupation details 

For this job, you’ll thatch your students really to pass successful nan English language. Check retired companies like VIPKid and Teach Away to get started. 

P.S. We besides person a database of great broadside hustles for teachers. 

4. Proofreader 

Median pay: $28 per hour

If you person a awesome oculus for grammar, past you mightiness beryllium a cleanable online proofreader. Since proofreading is different occupation that you tin do connected your ain time, it’s thing I’d urge arsenic a bully fresh for enactment astatine location moms.

Sometimes, you whitethorn person to discuss your hourly complaint pinch clients and springiness examples of erstwhile projects you person worked on.  

Proofreader occupation details 

A proofreader checks written activity for errors, for illustration grammar and spelling. Typically, this is nan past shape of editing. 

If you want to effort this out, I highly urge checking out Proofread Anywhere. It is simply a awesome assets for becoming a freelance proofreader. 

5. Start a blog 

Average pay: $45,000 per year 

Building a successful blog is not an easy task. Although it tin beryllium demanding, it tin besides beryllium very profitable, and you tin prime a niche you emotion penning about. 

The income imaginable of a blogger is fundamentally unlimited. But you’ll request to beryllium consenting to put successful hours of difficult activity earlier seeing nan fruits of your labor.

There are a batch of variables erstwhile it comes to earning money arsenic a blogger. You tin make overmuch much by utilizing connection trading links, trading your ain products, aliases moving ads. 

Blogging occupation details 

If you aren’t judge wherever to get started, past cheque out our step-by-step guideline connected really to go a blogger. You could get your ain tract up and moving coming and commencement penning your blog posts! 

The awesome point is you tin make this a part-time aliases full-time occupation depending connected really large you want your blog to become. It’s different 1 of nan champion jobs for enactment astatine location moms. 

Average pay: $70,000 yearly 

Almost each business coming has societal media accounts that request maintenance. That’s wherever you tin measurement in. You will create societal media posts, prosecute pinch nan audience, and more. 

If you have nan skills to negociate a societal media beingness effectively, galore business owners are consenting to salary you. 

As you get started, you mightiness want to familiarize yourself pinch various societal media platforms.

For instance, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

Hootsuite advises that you get acquisition and web to get jobs. 

Make judge you are comfortable earlier you commencement trading your skills arsenic a service. It’s 1 of nan champion enactment astatine location mom jobs for those who bask societal media. 

7. Data introduction clerk 

Average pay: $15 per hour 

Data introduction is reasonably straightforward. You adhd information and accusation to nan correct integer location. But galore are consenting to salary personification other to tackle this often tedious task. 

You tin commencement earning money quickly without needing to get a batch of further training, making it a apical occupation for enactment astatine location moms.  

Data introduction occupation details 

If you are detail-oriented and consenting to woody pinch data, you tin find galore opportunities arsenic a information introduction specialist.

However, you’ll request to beryllium observant to debar nan monolithic magnitude of scams. 

But location are besides a number of places to find morganatic work if you are patient. It tin beryllium 1 of nan astir elastic jobs, which is simply a immense bonus. 

8. Resume writer 

Average pay: $82,000 per year 

Being a resume writer tin beryllium 1 of nan champion jobs for work-life balance, arsenic nan hours are flexible. People at all stages of life need thief pinch their resumes. 

Fresh graduates and those looking for amended opportunities and profession success will jump astatine nan chance to polish their resumes. You tin thief them trade a resume that will guidelines retired from nan crowd. 

Earning money arsenic a resume writer tin beryllium reasonably lucrative because you tin return connected arsenic galore resumes arsenic you want to write. 

Resume writer occupation details 

Start by building a portfolio of resumes by helping family and friends. Once you person a fewer occurrence stories nether your belt, you tin bid a higher rate. 

9. Graphic designer 

Average pay: $60,000 annually  

If you person a imaginative spark and machine skills, past schematic creation is simply a cleanable job. With nan correct accomplishment set, galore business owners would beryllium fresh and consenting to prosecute you. 

Graphic creation is 1 of nan astir lucrative and imaginative jobs, but you’ll request to build a portfolio earlier you tin bask specified a precocious rate.  

Graphic creation occupation details 

If you want thief getting started, cheque retired the Graphic Design Bootcamp. You could waste your designs connected sites like  Zazzle. 

10. Sell crafts 

Average pay: adaptable  

If you emotion crafting, why not make a business retired of it? You tin waste your crafts connected Etsy and different platforms for a profit. It whitethorn astonishment you what group will salary for a handcrafted item. 

Although you whitethorn find that crafting comes easily, not everyone is truthful lucky. You tin thief group create typical gifts and memories while doing what you love. 

It’s really beautiful difficult to opportunity what nan emblematic salary is for this occupation because location is nary emblematic pay! The amounts you can make connected Etsy, for example, are rather varied. While location will beryllium immoderate startup costs, you will person unlimited income potential. 

Crafting occupation details 

Selling crafts is 1 of nan champion jobs, successful my opinion! You’ll request crafting skills, obviously, a imaginative idea, and a spot to waste your items. Many people opt for Etsy, but you could besides effort others like Handmade Amazon aliases Cratejoy. 

Check retired our database of top money-making crafts you tin do astatine home! 

11. Website designer 

Average pay: $53,000 a year 

In today’s world, astir businesses request a website.

However, not each business owners are prepared to build their own. With your help, they tin create a beautiful website. Teaching web creation and creating a people to waste tin gain you much than nan mean salary.  

Website designer occupation details 

Of course, you’ll request to study much astir nan setup of a website earlier getting started. But this tin beryllium a very lucrative job. 

When you’ve acquired each nan skills you’ll need, Skillcrush advises that you create a striking portfolio of work and past use to jobs. 

12. Sell photos 

Average pay: $37,000 per year 

If you emotion taking pictures, past see trading your photography. You could waste prints, behaviour photograph sessions, aliases photograph events. 

Photographers tin easy make thousands of dollars for a azygous event.

For example, many wedding photographers are capable to complaint respective 1000 dollars for a azygous evening. 

Photographer occupation details 

To statesman pinch this career, you may want to take courses and past walk clip building your portfolio and website before looking for jobs. 

With nan correct skills and an finance successful coagulated equipment, you could gain a awesome surviving arsenic a photographer.

However, you’ll request to determine whether aliases not this would fresh into your schedule. But it tin beryllium 1 of nan highest-paying stay-at-home mom jobs you tin do! 

13. Childcare 

Average pay: $32,000 yearly  

As a mom, you person plentifulness of acquisition pinch childcare. Why not supply childcare services to others? You would fundamentally go a babysitter for hire. 

Childcare occupation details 

Before you get started, make judge to reappraisal government childcare regulations and licensing. You tin cheque retired a site for illustration to find childcare opportunities. 

You could besides require that you babysit each children astatine your location pinch your kids. Since you are already caring for your ain children, adding a fewer much could beryllium a profitable summation to your day. 

14. Remote customer representative 

Average pay: $19 per hour  

There is an abundance of online customer work typical jobs retired there.

To excel successful this job, you’ll request to beryllium capable to woody pinch customers successful a friends way. You tin get started pinch this type of occupation reasonably quickly, making it a awesome profession action to consider.  

Customer work typical occupation details 

Not everyone who calls successful will beryllium bully to you, but you request to beryllium capable to grip their petition pinch ease. If you don’t mind this type of work, it tin beryllium a awesome opportunity! 

You tin find jobs disposable connected FlexJobs or Monster. Be judge to cheque out our in-depth database of nan champion distant jobs that salary good and companies to activity for. 

15. Bookkeeper 

Average pay: $44,000 per annum 

Bookkeepers thief business owners manage their day-to-day finances. You mightiness beryllium managing invoices aliases search income. You’ll request to beryllium very detail-oriented and fresh to tackle nan numbers of a business. 

Ultimately, you tin gain a decent net for a occupation that allows you to activity from home! 

Bookkeeper occupation details 

To become a bookkeeper, you’ll request to understand accounting software, taxation returns, and more, and you should get immoderate bookkeeping acquisition and past get certified. Bookkeeping is 1 of nan champion online jobs for moms who are bully pinch numbers! 

16. Transcription 

Average pay: $21 per hour 

You tin make money transcribing audio files into text. I’ve personally tried this 1 out, but it wasn’t my favourite measurement to earn a paycheck. You’ll request to person a knack for knowing sometimes jumbled words and penning them down neatly. 

Typically, you will beryllium paid based connected nan magnitude of nan audio clip. Although location is simply a steep learning curve, you could gain a decent magnitude of money pinch transcription jobs if you person a bully oculus for this.  

Transcription occupation details 

You must beryllium very diligent for this job. At first, it mightiness return you an highly agelong clip to make a cleanable transcript, but you’ll get amended complete time. 

If you’re looking for transcription work, a site for illustration Rev is a bully spot to start. 

17. Search motor evaluator 

Average pay: $65,000 yearly  

Have you ever wondered really a hunt motor tin propulsion up precisely what you were looking for? Part of nan reply is done nan thief of hunt motor evaluators. 

The biggest rumor you’ll tally into is uncovering activity erstwhile you request it. If this is simply a profession you take to pursue, you’ll request to put immoderate effort into uncovering nan gigs. 

Search motor evaluator occupation details 

A hunt motor evaluator looks complete nan results you get erstwhile utilizing a hunt engine, past determines really meticulous aliases bully nan results are. A bully measurement to find this benignant of occupation is to check retired occupation sites online. 

18. Tutor 

Average pay: $24 per hour  

If you excel astatine a peculiar subject, past becoming a tutor tin beryllium a awesome action erstwhile it comes to jobs for enactment astatine location moms.

However, you’ll request to beryllium a awesome teacher. If you person nan skills, though, nan salary is beautiful good, truthful this could beryllium a awesome opportunity for you. 

Tutor occupation details 

The bully news is that school is typically easier successful a one-on-one setting. With that, you should beryllium capable to study really to beryllium a awesome tutor. 

To find a tutoring gig, you could find online tutor opportunities done sites like Or you could activity retired students successful your section area. 

19. Try dropshipping 

Average pay: $40,000 per year  

Building an online shop tin beryllium 1 of nan nosy and worthwhile enactment astatine location mom jobs. Although it is astir decidedly a batch of work, it opens up nan doorway to unlimited income possibilities. 

Whilst nan mean salary is conscionable complete $40k per year, you tin gain overmuch much than this by regularly introducing caller products and trading to nan section market.  

Dropshipping occupation details 

When you take to drop vessel for your online store, you’ll fto a third-party seller grip nan shipping logistics. There is simply a process for starting this, and Forbes explains that you’ll request to choose suppliers and build your store. 

This action tin person a steep learning curve, but it offers nan opportunity to build a comparatively hands-off root of passive income. 

20. Flip flea marketplace finds 

Average pay: $100-$5000 per month  

If you, for illustration me, emotion bargain shopping, why not move that into a job? With an oculus for high-quality items and a knack for repairs, I tin flip galore flea marketplace finds and commencement flipping furniture into a patient profit, and truthful tin you! 

There are galore variables successful really overmuch you earn, truthful an nonstop estimate depends connected you and nan items you flip. A fewer of nan most profitable items to flip are powerfulness tools, furniture, and vintage clothing.  

Flipping items occupation details 

You tin cheque retired thrift stores and flea markets to find items you tin repair and sell. Then put them up for waste on sites for illustration Ebay. 

When you commencement this strategy, see starting with a group budget. That way, you tin get your feet bedewed without committing too overmuch money. 

However, if you are searching for 1 of nan astir nosy jobs online for moms, past you whitethorn want to springiness it a try! 

21. Become an interior designer 

Average pay: $70,000 yearly  

A crisp oculus for creation tin thief you build an interior creation business. You tin besides thief others to commencement loving their homes and maximize form and functionality. 

You whitethorn request to do location visits for this job, but you could besides see conducting video consultations. You’ll get a chance to beryllium imaginative and thief others pinch their homes while getting paid!  

Interior creation occupation details 

You whitethorn request to get a degree for this job, arsenic good arsenic create a portfolio and summation activity experience.

However, it is imaginable to have this profession without a degree if you person nan correct skills. It’s 1 of nan champion jobs for enactment astatine location moms if you bask designing and decorating. 

22. Editor 

Average pay: $60,000 per year  

One of nan champion elastic jobs for nan at-home genitor is simply a occupation successful editing. I deliberation this type of occupation is ideal, and I recovered that I request fantabulous grammar skills and a bully knowing of SEO and keywords erstwhile moving for an online publication. 

It’s imaginable to gain much than nan mean net pinch expertise and difficult work! 

Editor occupation details 

There are many types of editors, arsenic well. So you’ll request to determine what benignant of editor you want to beryllium and guarantee you person nan correct skills for nan job. 

One of nan simplest ways to get started successful editing is by freelancing. You tin usage this list of places to hunt for online editing work. 

23. Become a coach 

Average pay: $60k+ per annum, depending connected specialism  

There are galore types of coaching, from wellness and fittingness to life coaching. A coaching business is 1 of nan champion work-from-home jobs because you tin take your hours. 

It’s important that you prime thing that you’re skilled astatine earlier coaching others and get each basal certifications and education. 

The mean salary will dangle a batch connected nan type of coach you determine to be.

For example, an diversion coach will make $64,000 per annum, while a life coach usually makes $68,000 per year, and a business coach earns an impressive $70,000 per year connected average. 

Coaching occupation details 

A coach will typically thief their clients to execute their goals. They thief motivate them and guideline them. It’s a awesome occupation for group pinch a affirmative outlook and a batch of patience to thief others. 

In addition, you tin do this from location by moving online. You tin create your ain coaching business and activity from wherever you want. 

24. Translator 

Average pay: $49,000 annually  

If you speak aggregate languages fluently, you tin get a occupation arsenic a translator. It’s 1 of nan champion jobs because you tin thief group and make a awesome income simultaneously. 

Translator occupation details 

A translator changes nan matter from 1 connection to another. You tin do this occupation online. You tin cheque out sites for illustration Unbabel to find jobs. 

25. Event aliases wedding planner 

Average pay: $58,000 per year  

One of nan really nosy stay-at-home jobs is readying events specified arsenic parties and weddings. If you’ve planned either of these earlier and person a knack for organization, this could beryllium nan gig for you. It’s a really awesome occupation that allows you to usage organizational, communication, and imaginative skills. 

Event planner occupation details 

While you will request to be nan events you scheme to guarantee everything is organized, you tin apt do astir of nan planning, telephone calls, and meetings online aliases connected nan phone. 

To get started pinch this career, you’ll request to build a portfolio and network. 

26. Professional organizer 

Average pay: $45,000 per annum  

Another of nan champion jobs for moms is to go a master organizer. You whitethorn already consciousness for illustration you do this each nan clip successful your home, truthful why not get paid for it? It’s not a bad salary, and it’s a nosy job! 

Professional organizer occupation details 

You will astir apt request to sojourn clients’ homes to shape them, but nan hours are flexible. 

To statesman with, you tin get a certification aliases usage your organizing experience. Then, find clients by reaching retired to group you know. 

27. Start a YouTube channel 

Average pay: $49,000 a year 

A YouTube transmission tin beryllium started anytime from anywhere, making it nan cleanable occupation for enactment astatine location moms. And you tin prime what subjects and contented you talk astir connected your channel, truthful you tin usage nan knowledge you already have. 

Whilst nan mean net are astir $50k, location is unlimited imaginable successful this career. Some YouTubers make millions of dollars, truthful if you go really awesome astatine this job, you could make a batch of money! 

YouTube occupation details 

You tin create contented and past monetize your channel. While this isn’t nan easiest occupation to get started with, it tin beryllium done, and it includes a elastic schedule and nan chance to beryllium your ain boss. 

28. Try recreation consulting 

Average pay: $57,000 yearly 

If you are passionate astir walking and bask chatting pinch people, moving remotely arsenic a recreation advisor could beryllium nan cleanable occupation for you. You won’t request immoderate erstwhile acquisition to get started; you conscionable request to excel astatine statement and connection skills.  

One of nan astir breathtaking things astir being a virtual recreation advisor is that your net aren’t capped, meaning you tin make arsenic overmuch arsenic you want! 

Travel advisor occupation specifications  

Your time will beryllium spent readying recreation services and booking holidays, transport, and excursions for customers via email, phone, aliases video conference.  

Keen to get started? There are 2 paths to this career. You tin either use for distant positions pinch a recreation institution aliases commencement your ain recreation agency business.  

29. Become a marque ambassador  

Average pay: $39,000 annually 

Does getting paid to walk your clip connected societal media trading products sound for illustration your dream job? Well, it’s a morganatic measurement to make money, and it tin beryllium very rewarding! The domiciled would suit group pinch a inheritance successful retail, sales, aliases marketing, but anyone tin do it.  

You whitethorn gain much aliases little than nan mean pay, but nan much effort you put into selling, nan bigger your financial rewards will be. Remember that your salary will up and down month-to-month arsenic you will beryllium paid a committee connected your sales. 

A large perk of nan occupation is receiving free worldly (often related to your promotion) and typical discounts.  

Brand ambassador occupation specifications   

Your main occupation arsenic a marque ambassador is to beforehand a brand, product, aliases service. You whitethorn beryllium asked to interact pinch customers online aliases devise caller trading strategies.  

You tin find marque ambassador jobs connected occupation platforms straight connected a company’s website. Demand tends to summation during vacation periods, truthful support your eyes peeled during nan summertime and festive seasons.  

30. Create and waste training courses  

Average pay: adaptable ($100-$1m+) 

Do you person skills that are successful demand? If so, you could make money from them by creating a course! Online training is continually connected nan rise, pinch nary signs of slowing down.  

It isn’t a make-money-quick job, though. Creators typically will commencement making a fewer 100 dollars but nan imaginable is huge. The nonstop magnitude you tin expect to make per people will dangle connected nan value you waste your people for and its intended audience.  

Creating and trading training people specifications  

If you want to springiness this measurement to make money a try, nan first point you request to do is find a taxable that will sell. If you’re stuck for ideas, see what you are bully at. You’ll past request to create nan contented and determine connected a price.  

You tin waste your people connected marketplaces specified arsenic Udemy or learning guidance systems specified arsenic Thinkific. These will connection different benefits, specified arsenic marketing, and thief pinch people creation, truthful it’s important to investigation which avenue is champion for you.  

Expert tip: Plan your work/life schedule successful item to create balance

When it comes to moving various jobs for enactment astatine location moms, it’s important that you scheme your activity and life schedule to guarantee you person clip for yourself and your kids. 
When I first started moving from location arsenic a freelance writer, I recovered it difficult to abstracted activity and caring for my 12 period aged daughter. I would often effort to do some astatine nan aforesaid time, which ne'er worked well! Then I tried only moving while she was asleep, which near small to nary clip for myself.

I knew that I needed to shape my clip amended earlier I suffered from burnout.  So I started creating a regular daily schedule and it made a immense quality to my activity and intelligence health. I would group my siren for 5.30am to return clip for myself earlier my family woke up. Some days I would do immoderate Pilates aliases yoga and different days I would beryllium pinch a basking cup of java and a book and bask nan quiet. I’d past scheme nan remainder of my time astir my daughter’s regular and regular chores, scheduling penning clip successful during her naps.  

Creating this regular helped maine beryllium nan champion type of myself and debar immoderate feelings of mom guilt. My champion portion of proposal for creating a schedule that useful is to make it elastic and revise it from clip to clip to guarantee it remains effective. Also, I had abstracted daily, play and monthly schedules which allowed maine to scheme my workload and different commitments successful nan short and long-term.  

 What is nan champion occupation for a stay-at-home mom? 

The champion occupation for a enactment astatine location mom is yet 1 that suits you and your lifestyle. It should beryllium flexible, thing you tin do from home, and require nary acquisition to get started.  

The champion point is that location are truthful galore to take from, truthful you tin get paid to do a occupation that matches your interests and skills. Whether you person a measurement pinch words, bask talking to people, aliases are bully pinch technology, location is thing for everyone! 

A celebrated broadside occupation for a enactment astatine location mom is copywriting, but location are galore more! Becoming a virtual assistant, online tutor, aliases YouTuber are different awesome occupation ideas to consider.  

How tin a enactment astatine location mom get a job? 

Start by determining what benignant of occupation you’d beryllium willing in. Then, it’s clip to particulate disconnected your resume and update your skills and experience, and commencement applying to companies. Practice interviewing and if basal beryllium prepared to explain immoderate occupation gaps connected your resume. 

If you for illustration to activity for yourself, you must laic retired a business scheme and group up an online marque and presence. Leveraging societal media is simply a awesome measurement to marketplace and beforehand your business. 

How tin a enactment astatine location mom make money realistically? 

To make money realistically arsenic a enactment astatine location mom, determine connected what skills you tin leverage to get a occupation aliases commencement a broadside hustle. For example, tutoring, becoming a virtual assistant, doing schematic design, etc. 

Next, it’s important to person a clear knowing of your income and expenses and create a fund that helps you way both. The cardinal is to widen nan spread betwixt your income and expenses, truthful you person other money to put speech toward your financial goals. 

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There are plentifulness of awesome enactment astatine location mom jobs for you to try! 

There are galore disposable jobs for enactment astatine location moms. Regardless of if you are a azygous mom, looking for further income, aliases getting backmost into nan workforce. Hopefully, you’ve recovered thing connected this database that has piqued your interest. 

If so, return nan clip to prosecute that opportunity. If not, brainstorm immoderate ideas that would activity for you. 

It is wholly imaginable to gain an income arsenic a enactment astatine location mom. Take advantage of opportunities whenever you can. And beryllium judge to have savings goals and a solid financial plan for nan money you make.