The 5 most disappointing movies of 2023

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Every twelvemonth has its stock of disappointing movies, and 2023 was nary exception. Sometimes films conscionable can’t unrecorded up to their hype aliases moreover nan expectations of nan audience. That doesn’t mean that nan astir disappointing movies of 2023 are besides nan worst movies of nan year. But location is decidedly immoderate overlap betwixt nan 2 categories.

Our choices for this year’s astir disappointing movies see 2 superhero bombs, a sci-fi dino downer, Sylvester Stallone’s past action flick, and nan last escapade of Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones and nan Dial of Destiny

Phoebe Waller-Bridge arsenic Helena Shaw and Harrison Ford arsenic Indiana Jones.Lucasfilm

After Indiana Jones and nan Kingdom of nan Crystal Skull, possibly we shouldn’t person had specified precocious expectations for Indiana Jones and nan Dial of Destiny. But nan first 3 Indiana Jones movies are truthful awesome that we wanted Harrison Ford’s iconic leader to get nan memorable sendoff that he deserved. Instead, Dial of Destiny was simply OK — and it’s astir apt nan champion movie connected this list. Yet, compared to its predecessors, it doesn’t measurement up.

There are decidedly immoderate parts of this sequel that are very good, including nan extended prologue that digitally de-ages Ford to represent Indiana Jones successful his premier adjacent nan extremity of World War II. The Dial of Destiny itself didn’t really seizure nan imagination successful nan measurement that nan Holy Grail and nan Ark of nan Covenant did successful nan older movies. Indy’s goddaughter, Helena Shaw (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), is an betterment complete his boy from nan erstwhile movie, yet somehow, this escapade conscionable didn’t person a batch of life successful it.

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The Flash

Ezra Miller is beside himself successful The Flash.Warner Bros. Pictures

Is location a much annoying on-screen duo than nan 2 Ezra Millers successful The Flash? It wasn’t a daze that Miller’s persona was truthful grating, particularly erstwhile doubled. Miller’s Flash was already a chore to watch successful Justice League. But nary little than James Gunn declared that The Flash was nan top superhero movie ever. Spoiler alert: No, it wasn’t. In fact, acold from it.

When The Flash TV bid does a amended occupation of adapting nan Flashpoint storyline, past there’s a $200 million-plus problem. Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle did nan champion they could arsenic Batman and Supergirl, respectively, while Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck were very bully successful their short cameos. But there’s nary getting distant from nan truth that nan communicative was a colossal dud and that nan much-hyped cameos adjacent nan extremity of nan movie were superfluous astatine champion — and very disrespectful to deceased actors astatine worst.

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Adam Driver successful 65.Columbia Pictures / Columbia Pictures

How do you make fighting dinosaurs boring? Casting Adam Driver arsenic 1 of nan only leads did nan instrumentality successful 65. Driver is not a bad actor, but he’s wasn’t capable to transportation a movie for illustration this mostly connected his own. Ariana Greenblatt (who had a awesome move arsenic young Ahsoka connected Ahsoka) is nan only foil that Driver has to play disconnected of arsenic Koa, nan different subsister of nan clang that brought them to satellite Earth millions of years successful nan past.

The movie raises questions that it ne'er bothers to answer. Like why was Driver fundamentally moving a abstraction Uber? All of that delirium could person been overlooked if 65 delivered immoderate awesome dinosaur action. Instead, it was a tedious slog.

Watch 65 on Netflix.


Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone guidelines adjacent to each different Expend4bles.Lionsgate

None of The Expendables movies person been peculiar great, but Expend4bles was conscionable a gigantic letdown. This was expected to beryllium a expansive sendoff for Sylvester Stallone’s action career, but his character, Barney Ross, is hardly successful it. Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas isn’t bad arsenic a lead character, but nan remainder of nan squad wasn’t very engaging.

The communicative for nan movie could person easy been written successful nan ’80s, arsenic it’s nan modular “prevent a madman from starting World War III” crippled that we’ve seen truthful galore times before. If nan action had been better, nary 1 would kick astir nan communicative aliases nan lackluster characters. But erstwhile an Expendables movie can’t moreover present breathtaking action sequences, past there’s a awesome problem. And it’s clip to put this franchise to sleep, because it’s measurement past nan bedtime of its stars.

Rent aliases buy Expend4bles on Prime Video and different integer outlets.

Ant-Man and nan Wasp: Quantumania

 Quantumania.Image via Marvel Studios

We can’t fto Marvel descent by aft nan unspeakable twelvemonth it had astatine nan container office. The logic why The Marvels isn’t connected this database is because we benignant of expected to beryllium disappointed by that one. Ant-Man and nan Wasp: Quantumania was specified a measurement down successful value from nan first 2 films that it earned a spot connected this list. All of nan joke and bosom from nan 2 erstwhile movies were abandoned successful favour of inexpensive gags and an perfectly horrendous book by a Rick and Morty veteran.

Even if Johnathan Majors hadn’t been exiled from Marvel Studios pursuing his condemnation for reckless battle and harassment, Quantumania bungled Kang’s charismatic first full-length quality by letting Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) and Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) conclusion a feline who is supposedly an Avengers-level threat. How tin we return Kang earnestly erstwhile Marvel’s astir comedic characteristic already took retired 1 of this villain’s astir salient variants?

It’s besides worthy noting that audiences successful nan U.S. abandoned Quantumania aft its opening play and it limped to a $214.5 cardinal home total, which was little than Ant-Man and nan Wasp‘s $216.6 cardinal successful 2018. There’s a elemental solution for this, Marvel: make amended movies.

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