The 6 biggest announcements we expect at Apple’s iPhone 15 event

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Invite for Apple's September 2023 event.Apple

Apple’s autumn arena will beryllium taking spot connected September 12, 2023. It’s 1 of nan astir anticipated tech events of nan year, and we’re expecting to spot nan unveiling of nan iPhone 15 lineup, positive caller Apple Watches to spell on pinch nan phones.

But what exactly are we expecting? Well, we’re going to break it each down for you correct here.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

 Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink.TheAppleHub /

The main prima of nan arena will beryllium nan iPhone 15, of course, arsenic good arsenic its larger sibling, nan iPhone 15 Plus. For those who are hoping for nan return of a mini iPhone, you’re retired of luck this year.

The regular iPhone 15 will person a 6.1-inch OLED display, while nan Plus type will beryllium 6.7-inches. But don’t expect a 120Hz ProMotion display, arsenic nan refresh complaint connected nan modular iPhone 15 models looks to stay astatine 60Hz — conscionable for illustration it is for nan iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

A render of nan iPhone 15 from 9to5Mac showing disconnected nan move island, bigger display.iPhone 15 render 9to5Mac

On nan inside, nan iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will person nan A16 Bionic spot that was primitively launched pinch nan iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple will beryllium switching complete to USB-C from Lightning for charging, and nan Dynamic Island, antecedently exclusive to nan iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, will beryllium coming to nan full iPhone 15 lineup — including nan guidelines models. This mightiness unfastened up much possibilities of being utilized by third-party apps.

In position of aesthetics, nan iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will look very akin to their predecessors. The colour lineup looks to see black, green, blue, yellow, and pink. This could beryllium nan first clip that Apple does not merchandise a basal achromatic color, and nan colors look to beryllium a much muted, pastel shade. It besides appears that nan modular iPhone 15 models won’t beryllium getting nan rumored Action fastener (that’s apt a Pro exclusive), truthful they will still person a shut up toggle.

Pricing should stay astir nan same, pinch nan iPhone 15 starting astatine $799 and nan iPhone 15 Plus starting astatine $899.

iPhone 15 Pro

Renders of iPhone 15 Pro successful Space Black, Silver, Titan Gray, and Dark Blue colors.iPhone 15 Pro renders TheAppleHub /

The iPhone 15 Pro will beryllium nan exemplary that most group will want, arsenic it will person amended hardware and features than nan modular iPhone 15 models. Here’s nan lowdown.

The iPhone 15 Pro will characteristic a 6.1-inch OLED show pinch a move 120Hz ProMotion display. The bezels whitethorn beryllium thinner than before, truthful while nan show size is nan aforesaid arsenic its predecessors, nan beingness size of nan telephone whitethorn beryllium a smidge smaller — as indicated by an iPhone 15 Pro lawsuit we received from Totallee.

Design-wise, nan iPhone 15 Pro looks very overmuch for illustration nan iPhone 14 Pro earlier it, but pinch a fewer differences. The framework could beryllium titanium alternatively of stainless steel, which would make nan telephone a spot much lightweight, but much durable. However, nan titanium decorativeness intends nan color lineup is simply a spot drab, arsenic it looks for illustration we’ll beryllium getting Space Black, Silver, Titan Gray, and Dark Blue. Gold has been eliminated from nan colour lineup owed to nan titanium material, to nan dismay of galore fans.

iPhone 15 Pro render showing USB-C9to5Mac

Again, nan iPhone 15 Pro should besides switch nan Lightning larboard pinch USB-C, which will beryllium modular crossed nan full lineup. The iPhone 15 Pro will besides get free of nan classical shut up move and put an Action fastener successful its place, which would activity likewise to nan Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple will battalion successful an A17 Bionic spot wrong nan iPhone 15 Pro, and location whitethorn besides beryllium an summation successful RAM, going from 6GB to 8GB. For camera hardware, while nan iPhone 15 Pro camera will surely person improvements, nan large upgrades whitethorn only show up successful nan larger iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra pinch nan rumored periscope lens.

The value for nan iPhone 15 Pro whitethorn beryllium a small higher this year, perchance starting astatine $1,100 aliases $1,200 for nan guidelines model. If nan value does spell up, it’s reported that nan guidelines retention magnitude will besides summation from 128GB to 256GB.

iPhone 15 Ultra

Mockup of Titan Gray iPhone 15 Pro by 9to5Mac.9to5Mac

Apple could beryllium making a alteration to nan iPhone 15 Pro Max this twelvemonth by renaming it nan iPhone 15 Ultra.

Like nan regular iPhone 15 Pro, nan iPhone 15 Ultra would person a titanium frame, pinch nan imaginable colors of Space Black, Silver, Titan Gray, and Dark Blue. It will besides destruct Lightning for USB-C, for illustration nan remainder of nan lineup. We should besides person an Action fastener successful spot of a shut up move connected nan iPhone 15 Ultra, conscionable for illustration pinch nan iPhone 15 Pro.

With nan iPhone 15 Ultra, we’ll person a 6.7-inch OLED ProMotion show pinch a 120Hz refresh rate. Rumors person suggested that this will person nan thinnest bezels yet, providing overmuch much surface than immoderate erstwhile model.

Titan Gray iPhone 15 Pro render.iPhone 15 Pro render 9to5Mac

The biggest quality betwixt nan iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra will beryllium pinch nan camera. It’s been talked astir for months, but Apple will beryllium adding a periscope lens camera to nan iPhone 15 Pro — but only pinch nan Pro Max/Ultra version. This would let for an optical zoom of astir 6x, aliases moreover 10x.

Unfortunately, nan iPhone 15 Ultra whitethorn good beryllium connected its measurement to being nan most costly iPhone ever. With a imaginable value summation for nan Pro model, that intends nan iPhone 15 Ultra could commencement astatine astir $1,300. For a max retention exemplary (at slightest 1TB), that could mean almost $2,000! In nan smartphone market, that benignant of money is mostly reserved for foldables (like nan Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5), truthful it would beryllium a bold move by Apple to person specified an costly iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 9

An Apple Watch Series 8 pinch nan surface on.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Along pinch caller iPhones, we tin surely expect a caller Apple Watch. This year, that intends nan Apple Watch Series 9. Based connected everything we’ve seen truthful far, nan Apple Watch Series 9 looks to beryllium a beautiful iterative upgrade this year.

The biggest alteration would beryllium nan spot inside, which would beryllium a caller S9 spot that is based connected nan A15 Bionic from nan iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. This caller spot would bring importantly improved capacity and efficiency. Basically, nan caller spot would supply amended app motorboat speeds and perchance amended artillery life.

We could spot a caller pinkish colour alongside nan existent lineup of Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Product Red aluminum finishes. For stainless steel, it will stay nan accustomed Gold, Silver, and Graphite colors.

As acold arsenic value is concerned, nan Apple Watch Series 9 should beryllium connected par pinch nan existent Apple Watch Series 8, which starts astatine $399.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Mockup of nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 pinch a acheronian titanium finish.ShrimpApplePro / Twitter

In a astonishing twist, location whitethorn really beryllium an Apple Watch Ultra 2, moreover though immoderate of america deliberation that it’s specified a bully merchandise that it doesn’t request an yearly upgrade.

With an Apple Watch Ultra 2, we tin expect a processor upgrade to nan aforesaid S9 spot arsenic nan Series 9. This would besides springiness nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 a important boost successful capacity and artillery life, though it was already beautiful astonishing successful some departments.

The different large point we’re expecting pinch nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 is simply a caller colour option: achromatic titanium. This would beryllium alongside nan earthy titanium decorativeness that it primitively launched pinch past year.

We don’t expect a value summation for nan Apple Watch Ultra 2, truthful it should beryllium $799 again, for illustration nan first generation. However, it could beryllium imaginable that Apple makes nan acheronian titanium action somewhat more.

AirPods Pro pinch USB-C

Apple AirPods Pro 2 adjacent to first-gen AirPods Pro.First-gen Apple AirPods Pro (left) and second-gen AirPods Pro Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Though this rumor seems to only person popped up successful caller weeks, Apple whitethorn beryllium releasing a somewhat updated type of nan AirPods Pro pinch a USB-C charging case.

This would make consciousness since nan remainder of nan iPhone lineup is making nan large move to USB-C this year. However, it’s not definite if nan regular AirPods are besides getting this alteration aliases if it’s conscionable nan Pros.

But don’t expect awesome caller hardware changes pinch nan AirPods Pro themselves. According to a study from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, it looks for illustration nan only alteration is really conscionable pinch nan charging lawsuit switching complete to USB-C from Lightning.

Software-wise, location will beryllium immoderate changes coming to AirPods successful iOS 17, which will beryllium disposable erstwhile nan iPhone 15 lineup is out. One specified alteration is simply a caller proceeding trial feature, which tin thief observe if location are immoderate imaginable proceeding issues pinch nan user.

AirPods Pro pinch USB-C charging should stay nan aforesaid value arsenic nan existent version, which is $249. Those who already person nan AirPods Pro 2 mightiness beryllium capable to acquisition 1 separately if Apple decides to waste conscionable nan USB-C charging case.

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