The 7 best Roald Dahl movie adaptations, ranked

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Timothée Chalamet successful Wonka.Warner Bros. Pictures

For nan first clip successful astir 2 decades, a caller incarnation of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka is connected nan large screen. However, Wonka is not straight based connected Dahl’s classical children’s novel, Charlie and nan Chocolate Factory. Instead, it’s an original communicative pinch Timothée Chalamet arsenic a young Willy Wonka who is still chasing his dreams of opening a cocoa shop and changing nan world.

To observe nan presence of Wonka in theaters connected December 15, we’re looking backmost astatine nan 7 champion Roald Dahl movie adaptations. Dahl had a gift for penning acheronian stories for children, which is why his novels play truthful good connected nan large screen. However, not each Dahl adjustment was created equally, and nan writer himself had disdain for moreover immoderate of his astir celebrated films.

7. Charlie and nan Chocolate Factory (2005)

The formed of Charlie and nan Chocolate Factory.Warner Bros. Pictures

Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and nan Chocolate Factory narrowly makes nan trim because Steven Spielberg’s The BFG was a toothless and dull adjustment of Dahl’s story, and nan 2020 remake of The Witches lacks each charm. So, instead, we person to spell pinch this batch of Burton-esque weirdness.

Before he went connected to prima successful Bates Motel and The Good Doctor, Freddie Highmore portrayed Charlie Bucket, an impoverished young boy who is 1 of 5 children who discovers a Golden Ticket that lets him return a circuit of nan cocoa mill tally by Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp). Charlie and his Grandpa Joe (David Kelly) return nan circuit alongside each nan different winners, arsenic Wonka lets each kid beryllium their worthy while knowing that astir of nan kids will springiness into enticement and salary nan value for their greed.

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6. James and nan Giant Peach (1996)

James finds immoderate peril successful Disney's James and nan Giant Peach.Walt Disney Pictures

Burton besides produced Disney’s adjustment of Dahl’s James and nan Giant Peach, which was directed by The Nightmare Before Christmas helmer Henry Selick. This movie features a substance of live-action and animation arsenic an orphan named James Henry Trotter (Paul Terry) suffers nether his abusive aunts, Sponge (Miriam Margolyes) and Spiker (Joanna Lumley).

After inadvertently creating a elephantine peach, James meets a chaotic assortment of anthropomorphic insects who unrecorded wrong it, including Mr. Grasshopper (Simon Callow), Mr. Centipede (Richard Dreyfuss), Mrs. Ladybug (Jane Leeves), Miss Spider (Susan Sarandon), Mr. Earthworm (David Thewlis), and Mrs. Glowworm (Margolyes). The insects return James successful and usage nan elephantine peach to springiness him nan escapade that he ever dreamed about.

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5. Matilda (1996)

Mara Wilson successful Matilda.Sony Pictures

Matilda is 1 of Dahl’s astir celebrated stories because nan title character, Matilda Wormwood (Mara Wilson), is specified a awesome heroine. Unfortunately, Matilda’s parents, Harry (Danny DeVito) and Zinnia Wormwood (Rhea Perlman), scoff astatine her evident genius-level intellect and time off her successful a schoolhouse wherever she and nan different students are abused by nan sadistic principal, Agatha Trunchbull (Pam Ferris).

Matilda’s lone defender is her teacher, Miss Honey (Embeth Davidtz), who is besides mistreated by Trunchbull. But Matilda has a large concealed that tin alteration some of their lives for nan amended and springiness Trunchbull everything that’s coming to her.

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4. The Witches (1990)

Anjelica Huston successful The Witches.Warner Bros. Pictures

The Witches was nan past movie that Jim Henson worked connected earlier his death, and Dahl reportedly fought pinch The Muppets creator and head Nicolas Roeg complete nan movie’s much upbeat conclusion. Regardless, this is 1 of nan champion Dahl adaptations, mostly acknowledgment to Anjelica Huston’s capacity arsenic Eva Ernst, aka nan Grand High Witch.

After losing his parents to a car accident, Luke Eveshim (Jasen Fisher) moves to England pinch his grandmother, Helga Eveshim (Mai Zetterling). While astatine a hotel, Luke stumbles upon Eva and a normal of witches arsenic they stock their plans to move children into mice. Luke is besides 1 of nan first victims of this plan, but Helga has immoderate acquisition erstwhile dealing pinch witches. And together pinch Luke’s friend, Bruno Jenkins (Charlie Potter), they’re going to usage nan witches’ plans against them.

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3. Matilda nan Musical (2022)

Alisha Weir successful Matilda nan Musical.Netflix

The astir caller adjustment of Matilda was based connected some Dahl’s original communicative and nan Matilda shape philharmonic that opened successful 2011. Matilda nan Musical covers astir of nan aforesaid crushed arsenic nan erstwhile film, pinch an expanded backstory for Miss Honey (Lashana Lynch) astir nan quality of her narration pinch her aunt, Agatha Trunchbull (Emma Thompson).

Matilda Wormwood (Alisha Weir) is considerably fiercer successful this type of nan communicative arsenic she stands up to Trunchbull and her parents, Mr. Wormwood (Stephen Graham) and Mrs. Wormwood (Andrea Riseborough). The euphony and nan songs besides elevate this movie into becoming 1 of nan champion Dahl adaptations to date.

Watch Matilda nan Musical on Netflix.

2. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Ash, Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox, and Kristopherson successful Fantastic Mr. Fox.20th Century Studios

Wes Anderson directed and co-wrote nan adjustment of Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, which erstwhile again demonstrates that these stories construe really good to nan mean of stop-motion animation. George Clooney lends his sound to Mr. Fox, a talented thief who promises his wife, Felicity Fox (Meryl Streep), that he will alteration his ways for nan liking of his family. Years later, Mr. Fox and Felicity person a boy named Ash (Jason Schwartzman), and they besides return successful their nephew, Kristofferson Silverfox (Eric Chase Anderson).

When Mr. Fox gives into enticement and returns to his life of crime, he earns nan wrath of nan section farmers: Frank Bean (Michael Gambon), Walt Boggis (Robin Hurlstone), and Nate Bunce (Hugo Guinness). With his life and nan well-being of his family connected nan line, Mr. Fox rallies nan different animals to return connected nan farmers and reclaim nan resources that should person been theirs.

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1. Willy Wonka & nan Chocolate Factory (1971)

Willy Wonka & nan Chocolate FactoryWarner Bros. Pictures

The truth that Dahl hated Willy Wonka and nan Chocolate Factory and publically disowned nan movie gives a batch of credence to nan thought that authors aren’t ever nan champion judges of their ain work. Director Mel Stuart and screenwriter David Seltzer did make changes that Dahl didn’t o.k. of, but audiences person embraced this movie for decades, and nary different adjustment of Dahl’s stories is much beloved than this one.

Gene Wilder deserves a batch of nan in installments for that, acknowledgment to his superb capacity arsenic Willy Wonka, nan eccentric proprietor of nan titular cocoa factory. Golden summons victor Charlie Bucket (Peter Ostrum) and his Grandpa Joe (Jack Albertson) return a circuit of nan mill alongside nan different winners successful nan dream of winning nan expansive prize: A life proviso of chocolate. But Wonka has different ideas, arsenic good arsenic malicious ways to woody pinch greedy children who effort to return advantage of his generosity. The euphony successful this movie is besides delightful, and you whitethorn ne'er get nan Oompa-Loompas’ songs retired of your head.

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