The Amazon app on your phone just got a cool AI feature

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Rufus AI chatbot successful Amazon app.Amazon

Last year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said that each azygous business section astatine nan institution was experimenting pinch AI. Today, Amazon has announced its astir eager AI merchandise yet: a chatbot named Rufus to assistance pinch your online shopping.

Imagine ChatGPT, but 1 that knows each azygous item astir each nan products successful Amazon’s immense catalog. Plus, it is besides connected to nan web, which intends it tin propulsion accusation from nan net to reply your questions. For example, if you scheme to bargain a microSD card, Rufus tin show you which velocity people is nan champion for your photography needs.

Amazon says you tin type each your questions successful nan hunt box, and Rufus will grip nan rest. The generative AI chatbot is trained connected “product catalog, customer reviews, organization Q&As, and accusation from crossed nan web.”

In a nutshell, Amazon wants to decouple nan hassle of looking up articles connected nan web earlier you dress up your mind and past get connected Amazon to put an point successful your cart. Another use of Rufus is that alternatively of reference done a merchandise page for a definite mini detail, you tin inquire nan mobility straight and get nan due responses.

An AI nudge to informed shopping

Amazon app’s Rufus AI.Amazon

Amazon says Rufus is tin of answering generic queries specified arsenic “What to look for earlier buying a brace of moving shoes” aliases simply telling it, “I request to platform up my workstation,” and it will automatically urge nan applicable products. In a nutshell, it’s a web-crawling proposal instrumentality that will besides reply your questions, product-specific aliases otherwise.

“Customers tin grow nan chat dialog container to spot answers to their questions, pat connected suggested questions, and inquire follow-up questions successful nan chat dialog box,” says nan company’s charismatic blog post.

For queries specified arsenic “Is this telephone lawsuit reliable,” nan AI bot will summarize an reply based connected merchandise reviews, Q&As, and accusation mentioned connected nan merchandise page. At nan extremity of nan day, it’s each astir making informed purchasing decisions pinch immoderate thief from an AI chatbot.

Rufus AI answering Amazon merchandise questions.Amazon

Rufus is presently constricted to s mini action of Amazon mobile app users successful nan U.S. arsenic portion of a beta test. However, this is an early type of nan product, and Amazon besides warns that Rufus “won’t ever get it precisely right.” In nan coming weeks, nan AI chatbot will beryllium made disposable to a broader group of users successful its location market.

Rufus seems to beryllium 1 of nan much thoughtful and applicable implementations of generative AI I’ve seen recently, and acold distant from nan hype machinery built astir nan tech pinch hidden caveats. Plus, it seems to beryllium free, without immoderate Prime mandates.

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