The Best Checking Accounts for Your Business

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Unravel nan realm of nan champion checking accounts tailored for your business needs. How tin nan correct checking relationship substance your business’s financial maturation and streamline transactions?

A business checking relationship helps mini business owners support their business costs abstracted from individual funds.

No matter nan type of business you’re in, you request a checking relationship successful bid to enactment connected apical of bills and invoices. You besides request an relationship successful bid to judge and deposit payments from customers aliases clients, and you astir apt request a debit paper that lets you salary for business-related expenses directly.

Get started pinch our apical pick: Chase Business Checking

The champion business checking accounts make it easy to create a “home base” for your business finances — 1 wherever you tin judge payments, enactment connected apical of payroll, and entree important banking benefits. Some of nan champion business checking accounts moreover connection first rate bonuses you tin gain if you motion up and group up qualifying nonstop deposits aliases meet minimum equilibrium requirements. Most importantly, galore of nan apical business checking accounts disposable coming usability mostly online, meaning you tin unfastened an relationship virtually and without ever leaving your home.

Best Business Checking Accounts of 2024

As a business owner, you person a batch of issues to interest about. Your business checking relationship shouldn’t beryllium 1 of them. We compared each nan apical business checking accounts disposable coming to find nan ones pinch nan champion features and benefits pinch nan lowest fees (or moreover nary fees).

If you request a caller checking relationship for your business, you should commencement your hunt here:

  • – $300 rate prize disposable erstwhile opening an relationship pinch qualifying activities
  • – Monthly adaptable interest waived pinch a minimum qualifying equilibrium aliases qualifying activities
  • – Access 16,000 ATMs and astir 4,900 branches
  • – Unlimited physics deposits

  • -No relationship fees aliases hidden fees
  • -Earn 1.0% APY connected up to $100,000 successful your account
  • -FDIC-insured for astatine slightest $250,000
  • -Unlimited transactions
  • -Live customer support
  • -Make transfers to different accounts pinch ease

  • -No relationship fees aliases hidden fees
  • -No minimum equilibrium requirements
  • -Manage money, initiate transfers, and salary bills connected nan spell pinch nan mobile app
  • -Get each your ATM fees reimbursed
  • -FDIC-insured

  • -No monthly attraction fees aliases minimum equilibrium requirements
  • -Access complete 3,100 ATMs and 1,100 slope branches nationwide
  • -Free 200 transactions each month

  • -Earn .80% APY connected deposits erstwhile you meet minimum regular equilibrium requirement
  • -Unlimited home ATM interest reimbursements
  • -$100 minimum deposit required to get started
  • -Get up to 50 free transactions per month

  • -Access complete 43,000 ATMs nationwide without a fee
  • -Most transactions are unlimited
  • -No monthly work charges aliases relationship minimums
  • -Mobile deposit available

  • -Broad ATM web pinch much than 39,000 disposable nationwide
  • $35 monthly fee, waived pinch an mean regular equilibrium of $25,000 aliases more
  • -Unlimited transactions each month
  • -Free online measure salary and business debit cards

  • -Qualify for 150 free transactions per connection rhythm ($.50 per transaction thereafter)
  • -25 free rate deposits per connection cycle
  • -Access complete 3,000 branches
  • -Access U.S. Bank, MoneyPass, and participating 7-Eleven shop ATMs.

Best Business Checking Reviews

The champion business checking accounts connection a ton of perks and features for mini businesses without immoderate burdensome fees. The pursuing reviews spell complete nan highlights of each relationship including checking features each offers, monthly fees (and really to debar them), and immoderate prize offers available.

Chase Business Checking

Chase Business Checking is celebrated pinch consumers acknowledgment to its galore user-friendly features and its first prize offer. Currently, you tin get $300 arsenic a caller Chase business checking customer, erstwhile you unfastened a Chase Business Checking® relationship pinch qualifying activities. If you publication nan good print, nan requirements for nan rate prize are very reasonable. All you person to do is unfastened an account, deposit astatine slightest $2,000 successful caller money wrong 20 days, and complete 5 debits aliases nonstop deposits wrong 60 days. Once you complete nan qualifying activities and support nan equilibrium for astatine slightest 60 days, nan prize is yours.

Other perks you tin expect pinch Chase Business Checking see convenient entree to 16,000 ATMs and almost 4,900 slope branches nationwide, unlimited physics deposits astatine nary charge, entree to online banking and measure pay, and 24/7 customer service. Chase Business Checking does complaint a  variable interest connected business checking accounts. The requirements to waive nan interest alteration by product.

Get $300 Cash Bonus pinch Chase Today!


  • Get $300 arsenic a New Chase Business Checking Customer, When You Open a Chase Business Checking® Account With Qualifying Activities
  • Monthly Variable Fee Waived With a Minimum Qualifying Balance aliases Qualifying Activities.
  • Access 16,000 ATMs and Almost 4,900 Bank Branches Nationwide
  • Unlimited Electronic Deposits


BlueVine is good known for its mini business loans, yet this institution besides offers a very lucrative business checking offer. Customers tin get unlimited transactions and entree to unrecorded support, and location are nary relationship guidance fees aliases hidden fees.

Money kept successful a BlueVine business checking earns 1.0% APY, though this complaint only accrues connected nan first $100,000 you person connected deposit. You get 2 free checkbooks pinch this account, truthful you tin usage it to salary bills that aren’t easy paid online. You tin besides get fee-free entree to your money astatine much than 38,000 MoneyPass ATMs nationwide, and your deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000.


  • No Account Fees aliases Hidden Fees
  • Fdic-Insured for astatine Least $250,000
  • Earn 1.0% APY connected up to $100,000 successful Your Account
  • Unlimited Transactions and Live Customer Support
  • Make Transfers to Other Accounts With Ease


Novo offers small-business checking that is geared to business owners arsenic good arsenic freelancers and entrepreneurs. Its business checking relationship comes pinch nary relationship fees and nary hidden fees, and location are nary minimum equilibrium requirements to get started aliases support your account.

Novo will reimburse your ATM fees astatine immoderate ATM nationwide, truthful you don’t person to interest astir driving astir municipality trying to find an in-network ATM. The mobile app Novo provides helps you negociate your money connected nan go, but besides to salary bills and transportation money. 

You tin besides get free ACH transfers, mailed checks, and incoming wires. Opening an relationship takes only a matter of minutes, and remainder assured that your small-business checking accounts from Novo are besides FDIC-insured. 


  • No Minimum Balance Requirements
  • No Account Fees, Monthly Fees, aliases Hidden Fees
  • Mobile App Lets You Manage Money, Initiate Transfers, and Pay Bills connected nan Go
  • Get All Your ATM Fees Reimbursed
  • FDIC-Insured

Citizens Bank Clearly Better Business Checking

If you unrecorded successful an area wherever Citizens Bank has a presence, you should besides cheque retired Citizens Bank Clearly Better Business Checking. This relationship comes pinch nary monthly attraction interest and nary minimum equilibrium requirement. You besides get your first 200 transactions for free each month, which is much than capable for astir mini businesses.

One downside of Citizens Bank is that location are only 1,100 branches astir nan state and that their business checking accounts aren’t disposable nationwide. They do person complete 3,100 ATMs you tin entree without a fee, and Citizens Bank does person its ain app, however.

For nan astir part, this business checking relationship is champion for personification who lives adjacent qualifying ATMs, posts little than 200 transactions each month, and doesn’t want to salary immoderate fees for a business checking account.


  • No Monthly Maintenance Fees aliases Minimum Balance Requirements
  • Access Over 3,100 ATMs and 1,100 Bank Branches Nationwide
  • Free 200 Transactions Each Month

Axos Bank Business Interest Checking

Most business checking accounts don’t connection liking connected deposits, but Axos Bank Business Interest Checking is 1 of nan fewer that does. With this account, you’ll gain .80% APY connected your equilibrium without a monthly attraction interest provided you support an mean regular equilibrium of $5,000. You tin besides entree online and mobile banking, including measure salary and nan action for distant deposits.

Other benefits of Axos Bank Business Interest Checking see nan truth you get unlimited home ATM interest reimbursements and your first group of 50 checks for free. You besides get up to 50 free transactions per period ($.50 each thereafter) and up to 60 distant deposits per month. Finally, you only request an first deposit of $100 to get started pinch this account.


  • Earn .80% APYon Deposits When You Meet Minimum Daily Balance Requirement
  • Unlimited Domestic ATM Fee Reimbursements
  • $100 Minimum Deposit Required to Get Started
  • Get Up to 50 Free Transactions per Month

BBVA USA Business Connect Checking

BBVA USA Business Connect Checking makes business banking easy acknowledgment to its online and mobile entree and wide ATM access. There are nary monthly work charges associated pinch this account, and location are nary minimum equilibrium requirements, either. You tin entree each BBVA Compass, Allpoint, and participating 7-Eleven ATMs arsenic well, truthful you should person easy entree to your money nary matter wherever you live.

Mobile deposit is available, and you tin suffice for a debit paper that useful successful conjunction pinch your checking relationship astatine nary further charge. Most transactions are unlimited each period but do get only 5 in-branch withdrawals aliases process checks mixed per period for free. You only request $100 to unfastened this relationship arsenic well, truthful it’s easy to get started.


  • Access Over 43,000 ATMs Nationwide Without a Fee
  • Most Transactions Are Unlimited
  • No Monthly Service Charges aliases Account Minimums
  • Mobile Deposit Available

Capital One Spark Business Checking

While Capital One is known for its celebrated individual and business in installments cards and its Capital One 360 checking account, this slope besides offers an highly celebrated checking relationship for mini businesses. Capital One Spark Business Checking, arsenic it is called, promises to “unlimit your business” pinch free unlimited transactions each month. Your first 5 home wires are besides free each month, and you tin entree your money faster pinch adjacent time availability.

A alternatively steep monthly work interest of $35 applies pinch this account, but you tin person your interest waived if your 30 to 90-day mean equilibrium is $25,000 aliases more. You besides get free online measure salary and free debit cards for your account, and you’ll person entree to complete 39,000 Capital 1 and Allpoint ATMs nationwide.


  • Broad ATM Network With More Than 39,000 Available Nationwide
  • $35 Monthly Fee, Waived With an Average Daily Balance of $25,000 aliases More
  • Unlimited Transactions Each Month
  • Free Online Bill Pay and Business Debit Cards

U.S. Bank Silver Business Checking

Silver Business Checking from U.S. Bank is different relationship that tin make consciousness for mini businesses successful astir immoderate field. This relationship comes pinch 150 free transactions per connection cycle, 25 free rate deposits per connection cycle, and nan action for distant cheque deposit.

This relationship besides comes pinch online and mobile measure pay, and location are nary monthly attraction fees. Also, statement that U.S. Bank has complete 3,000 branches that are mostly connected nan East Coast, truthful you could do immoderate of your banking in-person if you unrecorded adjacent one.


  • Qualify for 150 Free Transactions per Statement Cycle ($.50 per Transaction Thereafter)
  • 25 Free Cash Deposits per Statement Cycle
  • Access Over 3,000 Branches
  • Access U.S. Bank, Moneypass, and Participating 7-Eleven Store Atms.

How We Chose nan Best Business Checking Accounts

The business checking accounts listed supra are immoderate of nan absolute champion disposable today, but we didn’t travel up pinch this database retired of bladed air. After considering much than 30 business checking accounts successful existence, we formulated our database of apical picks based connected nan pursuing factors:

Low aliases No Fees

It’s not uncommon for checking accounts to travel pinch monthly attraction fees, but we still deliberation these fees should beryllium avoided erstwhile possible. As a result, we only considered business checking accounts that don’t complaint immoderate monthly fees aliases person fees you tin debar pinch qualifying activity. We besides made judge nan qualifying activity was “reasonable” and realistic for astir mini businesses to achieve.

Broad ATM Network

Since astir business owners request an easy measurement to entree rate successful their accounts, we gave penchant to nan business checking accounts pinch wide ATM networks. We besides considered banks that connection free debit cards for relationship holders since this lets them entree their costs and make purchases straight from their accounts.

Online and Mobile Access

In today’s modern world, you really request to activity pinch a slope that lets you negociate your accounts, salary bills, and support up pinch transactions connected nan go. We only considered banks pinch a beardown online and mobile beingness for this list, though immoderate banks pinch ceramic and mortar branches besides made nan cut.

Reasonable Limits connected Transactions

We besides kept our oculus retired for unreasonable limits connected transactions, which is why nan banks connected our database are truthful specific. While immoderate of nan banks that made our database do limit transactions, we recovered their limits reasonable for astir businesses.

Choosing nan Best Business Checking Account — Factors to Help You Decide

All nan business checking accounts that made our database are bully ones, but it’s apt a fewer of them would suit your needs amended than nan rest. Here are nan factors you should see and comparison earlier you motion up.

Local ATM Access

If you want to beryllium capable to entree your costs pinch a debit card, you’ll want to make judge your slope offers ATMs adjacent to wherever you unrecorded aliases work. Many banks person highly wide networks, but that doesn’t mean they person ATMs successful your area. The champion measurement to find retired is to caput to each bank’s business page aliases ATM hunt page to check. If you don’t make judge you’ll person entree to section ATMs, you could upwind up paying a batch much successful overseas ATM fees than you want.

Access to Brick and Mortar Bank Branches

Do you slope online, aliases do you for illustration to person entree to a beingness branch? This is simply a bully mobility to inquire yourself arsenic you comparison banks and each they person to offer. Some of nan banks successful our ranking person ceramic and mortar locations you could sojourn to make deposits and inquire questions. However, others mostly run online.

Features and Functions

Make judge you see banks that connection nan functionality you request nan most, whether that’s entree to a mobile app, distant deposits, aliases online measure salary features. The banks connected our database thin to connection nan modular features disposable today, but you should still double-check to make judge your caller business checking relationship will fto you slope nan measurement you want.

Maintenance Fees

If a monthly attraction interest is charged connected accounts you’re considering, you should beryllium capable to person it waived pinch a minimum relationship equilibrium request aliases minimum activity for illustration nonstop deposits. Monthly attraction fees are very communal among business checking accounts, truthful they shouldn’t beryllium a deal-breaker. Just make judge you are either comfortable pinch nan interest aliases capable to person it waived without excessively overmuch effort connected your part.

Transaction Limits

Finally, transaction limits are a existent sticking constituent pinch galore business checking accounts. This is particularly existent for businesses that person a ton of mini transactions each period since moreover mini transaction fees of $.50 each tin adhd up fast.

If your business only has a fistful of transactions each month, this item whitethorn not matter a batch to you. Still, you should cheque your existent business checking relationship to get an mean of really galore deposits and debits your business requires each month. From there, you’ll beryllium capable to take a business checking relationship that offers capable free transactions to get you done each month.

Business Checking Account Best Practices

If you’re successful nan marketplace for a caller business checking account, that’s usually a bully motion you’re connected nan correct track. Having a abstracted relationship to negociate your business income and payments to vendors tin thief you enactment organized and debar mixing individual and business funds, but it tin besides thief you entree powerful devices that tin thief you return your business to nan adjacent level.

Consider these tips arsenic you prime a business checking relationship and commencement utilizing your relationship to thief your business grow:

1. Use a Business Checking Account to Reach Goals Faster.

No matter the goals you person for your start-up aliases mini business, a business checking relationship tin thief you get location faster. Not only tin you prevention clip by organizing your business finances nether nan umbrella of a caller checking and savings account, but you tin gain liking connected your deposits and turn business wealthiness faster.

2. Consider Separate Business Accounts for Different Business Ventures.

Also, see whether it makes consciousness to unfastened further business accounts if you come up pinch a secondary business idea and want to debar intermixing funds. Since galore business checking accounts don’t travel pinch immoderate fees, you tin easy negociate your accounts without having to salary other for nan privilege.

3. Pick up a Business Credit Card That Works successful Conjunction With Your Business Checking Account.

Also cheque whether nan slope you’re considering offers a business in installments card, arsenic galore of nan larger banks do. Chase, for example, offers celebrated business slope accounts but besides recreation and rewards cards for businesses that thief group rack up rate backmost aliases elastic recreation rewards for each dollar they spend.

4. Download Your Bank’s Mobile App and Sign Up for Regular Notifications.

Finally, see downloading your bank’s mobile app if they person one. Not only will this thief you cheque successful pinch your equilibrium and upcoming bills while you’re connected nan go, but you tin motion up for notifications that will alert you erstwhile a deposit is made aliases your relationship equilibrium is low.

In Summary: The Best Business Checking Accounts

Whatever your business goals whitethorn be, a bully business checking relationship tin thief you shape and scope those goals moreover faster.

  • Chase Business Checking
  • BlueVine Business Checking
  • Novo Business Checking
  • Citizens Bank Clearly Better Business Checking
  • Axos Bank Business Interest Checking
  • BBVA USA Business Connect Checking
  • Capital One Spark Business Checking
  • U.S. Bank Silver Business Checking

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