The best Core Ultra laptops that just got announced

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Intel conscionable announced its caller procreation of chips, code-named Meteor Lake. But it’s nan Core Ultra sanction that you’ll spot plastered each complete merchandise pages, arsenic it’s nan caller marque that Intel is using. Either way, it feels for illustration a small CES 2024 preview, pinch galore laptop manufacturers announcing updates and refreshes to laptops that are coming soon.

While there’s not overmuch present successful nan measurement of flashy caller designs aliases high-powered machines that tin flaunt what Meteor Lake tin really do, there’s a bully assortment to show immoderate of nan diverseness of nan caller designs that usage nan chips.

Acer Swift Go 14

The Acer Swift Go 14 connected a table by a window.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

I sewage to trial nan caller Acer Swift Go 14 retired myself up of launch, and moreover though this isn’t nan flashiest laptop connected this list, there’s 1 very important logic it makes nan cut. The price. There’s a configuration that sells for $850 and comes pinch an OLED 2880 x 1800 screen, which is beautiful killer.

I wish it had a smoother trackpad and a little plastic-feeling chassis, but nan surface and updated Arc graphics of Intel’s caller Core Ultra chips make it 1 to cheque retired for nan price.

Various configurations of nan Acer Swift Go 14 are disposable now for purchase, starting astatine $850.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen12)

A merchandise rendering of nan ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12.Lenovo

Ah, nan aged faithful. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon, now successful its 12th generation, has been among nan first to adopt nan caller Core Ultra chips, and that’s nary surprise. Lenovo has kept this premium business laptop consistently up to day each twelvemonth since its launch, and while nan creation hasn’t changed much, mini tweaks and improvements are perpetually being made.

Aside from utilizing 1 of nan caller Core Ultra chips, nan ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen12 has 2 breathtaking caller features that are absent connected last year’s model: an upgrade to a 120Hz OLED sheet arsenic a show action and caller tactile markings crossed nan keyboard to thief pinch accessibility.

Lenovo besides has brought those aforesaid updates to nan ThinkPad X1 2-in-1 Gen9, though it will not beryllium disposable until March 2024. The X1 Carbon, meanwhile, will person constricted configurations disposable this period starting astatine conscionable nether $3,000.

Samsung Galaxy Book 4

The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Pro against a textured grey backdrop.Samsung

Samsung has brought Meteor Lake to its full Galaxy Book 4 series, including nan Galaxy Book 4 Pro and Galaxy Book 4 Ultra, nan much powerful options successful nan lineup. The Galaxy Book 4 Ultra is nan performer of nan group, and it will motorboat pinch up to a Core Ultra 9 and an RTX 4070. Clearly, Samsung wants nan Galaxy Book 4 Ultra to compete pinch nan likes of nan much powerful MacBook Pros, specified arsenic nan M3 Max.

While Samsung says nan bid will motorboat first successful Korea this January, and past rotation retired to different markets afterward.

Asus Zenbook 14 OLED

A rendering of nan Zenbook 14 OLED connected a achromatic background.Asus

The Asus Zenbook 14 was already 1 of nan best laptops you could buy. It’s been nan champion laptop you tin get for nether $1,000 for nan mostly of 2023, and is sometimes disposable for arsenic debased arsenic $700. This caller Core Ultra exemplary is each spot arsenic good, adding immoderate of nan benefits that travel pinch Meteor Lake, specified arsenic nan Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and nan vastly improved integrated graphics. It’s still sewage nan awesome OLED screen, too.

Asus besides brings a ton of caller laptops to CES each year, truthful we’re expecting to spot much soon.

Lenovo IdeaPad Pro 5i Gen 9

Two metallic laptops backmost to backmost successful a merchandise rendering connected a achromatic background.Lenovo

Now successful its 9th generation, nan IdeaPad Pro 5i is an entry-level creator laptop, and has immoderate patient specs to backmost that up. It has nan aforesaid 120Hz OLED arsenic nan ThinkPad X1 Carbon this clip around, and now has a bigger, 84-watt hr battery.

Interestingly, nan IdeaPad Pro 5i Gen 9 is 1 of nan laptops that will yet support up to nan Core Ultra 9 chips, nan astir powerful successful Intel’s caller lineup. In addition, some nan 14-inch and 16-inch sizes tin beryllium configured pinch up to an RTX 4050 GPU.

The IdeaPad Pro 5i 16-inch is disposable starting now, pinch an expected starting value of $1,150.

MSI Prestige 13 AI

The MSI Prestige 13 unfastened connected a table.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

This is 1 of nan only 13-inch laptops from nan large brands that were announced successful support of Intel’s caller chips. That unsocial makes it a standout, on pinch it being 1 of nan fewer compact, 13-inch laptops to bring an OLED 2.8K solution surface to nan table. I still wish nan creation connection was toned down and modernized a bit, but it’s a coagulated portion of kit from a marque that isn’t known arsenic overmuch extracurricular of nan PC gaming world.

MSI besides has a 16-inch exemplary that comes pinch discrete RTX graphics, up to an RTX 4070, and a 3.2K OLED screen. Interestingly, nan Prestige 16 will besides yet travel pinch up to nan Core Ultra 9 185H.

The Prestige 13 starts astatine $1,049, while nan 16-inch exemplary starts astatine $1,399.

Predator Triton Neo 16

Two versions of nan Predator Triton Neo 16 connected a stylized schematic background.Acer

The Predator Triton Neo 16 is nan only gaming laptop connected this list, which is simply a spot odd. Not galore gaming laptops person announced support for nan Core Ultra Meteor Lake chips yet, and if nan leaks are to beryllium believed, immoderate are opting for Intel’s 14th-gen Raptor Lake Refresh. We already cognize Meteor Lake won’t beryllium coming retired for socketed desktop chips successful 2024, and it looks for illustration immoderate of nan much powerful gaming laptops will besides beryllium amended suited for Raptor Lake Refresh too.

The Triton Neo 16, however, isn’t 1 of them. This caller model, not to beryllium confused pinch nan Predator Helios Neo 16, is simply a revamped type of nan company’s Triton 500 SE, now pinch a 3200 x 2000 solution show pinch a 165Hz refresh rate. The OLED action from past year, however, seems to beryllium gone.

Although nan laptop will yet travel pinch an action for nan Core Ultra 9 185H, location will besides beryllium configurations disposable pinch a Core Ultra 7 15H aliases Core Ultra 5 125H. That’s a spot astonishing since nan guidelines powerfulness of those 2 chips is conscionable 28 watts. Meanwhile, they travel pinch up to an RTX 4070 connected nan GPU broadside of things.

Although it’s being announced today, nan Triton Neo 16 won’t beryllium disposable to bargain until March 2024, and will commencement astatine $1,500.

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