The best HDMI cables for TVs, PS5, monitors, and more

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There are 2 communal issues that plague customers erstwhile it comes to picking retired HDMI cables. The first is underthinking, aliases picking retired nan first cablegram labelled arsenic HDMI successful a bin astatine a Staples, Best Buy, aliases convenience store. It’s an easy measurement to prime up an overpriced cable, and surely not nan champion HDMI cablegram for your situation.

If you’re here, however, you astir apt suffer from nan much exhausting rumor of overthinking. Intensive investigation into HDMI cablegram brands, optimal lengths, type numbers, value analytics, you sanction it, tin each apply. However, nan champion HDMI cables are, successful practice, seldom those that we support reasoning astir again and again. HDMI cables, astatine their best, are totally forgotten about successful complete 90% of cases, you conscionable spot them and time off them to support your equipment. This guideline intends to trim your load of overthinking, making your HDMI cablegram mostly forgettable from action to installation.

Quick picks

There are a batch of HDMI cables, galore of them for niche situations. If you’re nan mean personification and conscionable want a quality-tested HDMI cable, commencement here:

  • The best wide HDMI cable is nan HDMI 2.1 cable, arsenic it has nan astir modern protocol and doesn’t costs that overmuch much than different cables.
  • For those with highly visible cables, cheque retired this Amazon users are loving.
  • If you’re looking for the best HDMI cablegram for PS5 connections, cheque retired this from Cable Matters.
  • Other gamers, looking to get an separator should get nan HDMI cablegram for 240Hz gaming astatine 4K.
  • Meanwhile, if you have older equipment and person nary volition to upgrade, get this for a discounted price.

More specifications travel successful nan longer overviews, but again, effort not to overthink it pinch cables that usually costs nether $20 and often costs nether $15 aliases moreover more. If it’s sewage modern capabilities, it will past you for a while.

Zeskit Maya Ultra HDMI Cable

Best wide HDMI cable

The Zeskit Ultra High Speed 8K HDMI cable.Zeskit / .

Key stats:

  • HDMI Version: HDMI 2.1 [48Gbps, 4K@144Hz, 8K@160Hz]
  • Lengths available: 1.5, 3, 5, 6.5, and 10 feet
  • Exterior: Braided
  • Certification: Ultra High Speed HDMI Certified


  • Users emotion it
  • Tested for EMI shielding
  • Premium constituent materials


  • Can’t deed 240Hz@4K

Who it’s for: The customer who wants a superior HDMI cablegram without overpaying.

With immoderate HDMI cables hitting complete nan $40 aliases moreover $50 mark, it tin look scary to bargain 1 connected nan cheap. However, nan Zeskit Maya HDMI 2.1 cablegram is apt for you. While being beneath nan $20 line, this cablegram from Zeskit still manages to scope nan HDMI 2.1 certifications that should past you for years and pinch upgraded equipment. That intends it tin activity good pinch eARC, HDR, Dolby Vision Atmos and galore different highly-requested features successful an HDMI cable. It will brace good pinch your computer, TV, laptop, and projector and tin appropriately link pinch Apple TV, consoles, monitors, and more.

The Zeskit Maya 2.1 HDMI Cable uses value braiding, and its wiring is built to defy interference from EMI waves, while nan interior is built pinch a azygous solid-body Copper ligament alternatively of nan galore wires that different HDMI cables mightiness have. Available lengths tally from 1.5 feet to 10 feet, each of which are customer-tested and approved. Its uni-body plug-in heads are nestled into a zinc alloy lodging for enhanced durability. For astir people, this is nan champion HDMI cablegram to get.

Highwings 8K HDMI cable

Best trading HDMI cable

An image of nan Highwings 8K HDMI cable.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Key stats:

  • HDMI Version: HDMI 2.1 [48Gbps, 4K@120Hz, 8K@60Hz]
  • Lengths available: 18 sizes from 1 foot
  • Exterior: Braided
  • Certification: Ultra High Speed HDMI Certified


  • Strong, good-looking exterior
  • Anti-break caput design
  • Approved by astir 20,000 customers
  • Low price


  • Stiff cablegram not bully pinch tight spaces
  • Longer cables of little value than shorter ones

Who it’s for: Those who request a durable, good-looking HDMI cablegram of astir immoderate length.

A adjacent 2nd to nan Zeskit Maya, nan Highwings HDMI cablegram is simply a customer favourite and has a somewhat little value than immoderate of nan competition. The reliable braiding connected nan exterior really looks nice, too, making it 1 of nan champion HDMI cables successful position of appearance. This braiding, on pinch its anti-break, fray-resistant head, make nan Highwings HDMI cablegram cleanable for throwing successful your recreation container aliases to bring on for your projector during business presentations. That being said, this exertion makes nan ends alternatively stiff and non-pliable, making them harder to plug-in successful much cramped spaces.

Another point to statement astir nan Highwings HDMI cablegram is nan absurd possibilities successful nan magnitude of nan cord available. It’s champion to get nan shortest magnitude imaginable (most customers will bask nan 1, 1.5, 3.3, aliases 6.6 ft models) but — if request beryllium — you tin get a Highwings HDMI cablegram up to 330 feet agelong if you desire. It goes without saying, location tin beryllium immoderate customer complaints astir HDR not working, but that goes pinch nan territory pinch overly agelong HDMI cables. Stick to what you need, and nan Highwings HDMI cablegram is 1 of nan best.

Cable Matters 8K HDMI Cable

Best for gaming connected computer

A 3.3 ft type of nan Cable Matters HDMI cable.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Key stats:

  • HDMI Version: HDMI 2.1 [48Gbps, 8K@60Hz, 4K@240Hz]
  • Lengths available: 3.3, 6.6, and 9.8 feet
  • Exterior: PVC jacket
  • Certification: Ultra High Speed HDMI Certified


  • Reaches FPS-gamer refresh rates astatine 4K
  • Color-coded multipacks disposable astatine discounted rate


  • Poor artistic quality

Who it’s for: The action gamer looking to get nan astir retired of their gaming monitor.

The Cable Matters HDMI cablegram will let your 4K gaming monitor to run astatine its maximum refresh complaint (or astatine slightest up to 240Hz). That matters if you’re a gamer pinch lightning-fast reflexes and want an other separator successful those sniper-on-sniper duels nan best FPS games are known for. It’s besides a large woody if you want to get nan astir retired of your fancy monitor. Plus, it tin run successful 8K up to a 60Hz refresh complaint if you want nan other beauty and aren’t excessively concerned pinch nan refresh complaint excessively much.

One of nan reasons this cablegram is recommended arsenic nan champion HDMI cablegram for gaming is its speed, nan different is nan discounted complaint you tin get connected color-coded multipacks for your dual-monitor setup. Unfortunately, nan colour coding is constricted to nan heads and not nan PVC covering of nan ligament itself, but that’s still capable to spot what is going wherever should problems arise.

Cable Matters Right Angle HDMI Cable

Best HDMI cablegram for PS5 and console gaming

Both antheral heads of nan Cable Matters Right Angle HDMI Cable connected display..

Key stats:

  • HDMI Version: HDMI 2.1 [48Gbps, 8K@120Hz, 4K@240Hz]
  • Lengths available: 6.6 feet
  • Exterior: Braided
  • Certification: N/A


  • Supports all console features
  • Easy to link to wall aliases cabinetry-facing TVs


  • Overpowered for galore PS5 games

Who it’s for: The PS5 gamer that wants each nan features and an easy plug-in.

If you’re a console gamer, 1 of nan trickier parts of setup is moving wires down your TV. This is successful ample portion owed to nan measurement TVs thin to person their HDMI connections facing outward from nan TV while besides abutting walls and cabinetry. One solution is to person downwards-facing connections connected your TV. Another is buying a high-quality right-angle HDMI cable, specified arsenic nan Cable Matters Right Angle HDMI cable.

Believe it aliases not, 1 of nan astir sought-after cables is an HDMI cablegram for PS5 consoles. Part of this comes down to confusing messaging from Sony, which mentions that PS5 supports HDMI 2.1, but nan hallmark HDMI 2.1 benchmark of 4K@120Hz is not afloat supported by astir PS5 crippled makers. They past spell connected to asseverate that car low-latency mode (ALLM) is supported, but only if you usage HDMI 2.1. To further confuse, location is this that happens to beryllium rather expensive.

Our research, and nationalist sentiment, indicates that this offering from Cable Matters will do nan instrumentality and prevention you money. If you want to prevention moreover much money, are okay pinch 4K@60Hz, and don’t request ALLM, you tin besides effort this from UGREEN for your PS5.

Amazon Basics HDMI 2.0 Cable

Great fund cable

The AmazonBasics HDMI cablegram being utilized for a laptop..

Key stats:

  • HDMI Version: 2.0 [4K@60Hz]
  • Lengths available: 3, 6, 10, 15, 25 feet
  • Exterior: PVC jacket
  • Certification: N/A


  • Dirt cheap
  • Still bully capable for older equipment
  • Can bargain en masse for discount (up to 52)


  • Older HDMI version
  • Might request to bargain caller cablegram pinch caller equipment
  • Non-braided exterior

Who it’s for: Those utilizing older equipment.

If you want nan absolute cheapest possible, yet still functional HDMI cable, nan Amazon Basics HDMI 2.0 cablegram is for you. The large informing is that this cablegram is “only” HDMI 2.0, conscionable supporting a 60Hz refresh complaint astatine 4K. While this guideline will wide push you to get an HDMI 2.1 cablegram — this is nan only HDMI 2.0 cablegram connected nan database — this really isn’t excessively bad of a woody if you want thing connected nan cheap. To put it into perspective, 1 of nan best laptops (the Dell XPS 13) refreshes astatine 60Hz successful lower than 4K resolution. It’s simply not that bad.

This being said, nan savings present aren’t truthful awesome that amended cables should beryllium skipped over. An HDMI 2.1 cablegram will apt past you years and years if you don’t consciousness nan request for nan latest tech and will only costs a tad more. Plus, features that will be popping up connected your adjacent TV, monitor, etc. won’t needfully activity pinch your aged 2.1 cable. This is nan champion HDMI cablegram for you if it is destined to beryllium for a dedicated setup utilizing older instrumentality aliases if you want to bargain successful bulk. Otherwise, you’re mounting yourself up to bargain 2 cables; 1 now and 1 successful nan future.

Do I perfectly person to person an HDMI 2.1 cable?

You do not perfectly request an HDMI 2.1 cablegram if you person older equipment, but nan reasons to get an older cablegram are shrinking by nan day. The latest, HDMI 2.1b cables are simply not that overmuch much costly than HDMI 2.0 cables and are backwards compatible. We’re talking astir specified dollars. Plus, you’ll request them erstwhile you yet want to return advantage of features for illustration Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for gaming aliases Quick Media Switching (QMS).

The 1 objection wherever you mightiness want to spell up and drawback an HDMI 2.0 cable, today, is if you were to return advantage of monolithic bulk buying. That’s 1 of nan reasons that nan still makes nan list, you tin bargain up to 52 of them astatine a time.

Considering HDMI cablegram length

How agelong tin my HDMI cablegram beryllium earlier it quits working? It’s a beautiful communal mobility successful nan quest to fig retired nan champion HDMI cablegram magnitude for your setup. There is simply a batch of math, science, and calculation that tin travel into play erstwhile considering what HDMI cablegram to buy. Overall, HDMI cables betwixt 1 and 3 feet are astir apt optimal. You should besides beryllium other observant pinch ace agelong HDMI cables hitting 25 feet aliases longer. That 5-foot cable? If it has a coagulated build, it should beryllium fine.

Ultimately, successful astir circumstances, highly-rated cables are going to beryllium okay for immoderate lengths they are trading for. Ground truth customer experience, successful nan shape of reviews, is simply a accordant cheque and equilibrium for manufacturers. Longer cables that don’t person consistency successful their value will show up successful reviews.

Other factors to see erstwhile picking nan champion HDMI cablegram for you

Believe it aliases not, location is much to choosing nan champion HDMI cablegram than getting nan correct protocol and length. In fact, 1 of nan astir technically sound writings connected HDMI cables, protocols, and what to look for already exists. It’s successful nan shape of our HDMI cablegram choosing guide, wherever you tin study nan ins and outs of what’s changed successful HDMI 2.1 and method specifics correct down to nan copper wiring.

Here’s an alternate return connected what you request to look for erstwhile getting nan champion HDMI cablegram for your setup, boiled down for nan mean shopper:


Certifications for HDMI cables some do and do not matter. If an HDMI cablegram works, it works. However, if an HDMI cablegram has a value certification, that tin prevention you a batch of second-guessing and interest astir your order. When successful doubt, buying an HDMI cord pinch a certification is nan measurement to go.

Braided vs Non-braided HDMI cables

The exterior of your cablegram matters much than you mightiness think. For HDMI cables, you’ll find a smooth, non-braided exterior (typically made of PVC) aliases a nylon-braided exterior. Overall, braided exteriors are preferred, but they aren’t needfully nan champion HDMI cables for each situation.

Braided HDMI cables are tougher and tin withstand much movements complete nan life of nan cable. For example, if you propulsion retired your Xbox aliases link your laptop to a projector frequently, you’ll apt get much life retired of a braided cable. They’re besides much aesthetically pleasing, pinch nan braiding looking bully and sometimes having a shiny exterior. So, if your cablegram is often visible, you whitethorn besides wish for a braided HDMI cable.

Non-braided cables are typically somewhat little expensive. If your extremity is to link your show to your PC and nan HDMI cablegram will unrecorded successful an unseen spot down your gaming desk, nan champion HDMI cablegram for you could very good beryllium non-braided.

Frequently asked questions

Do costly HDMI cables make a difference?

In short, costly HDMI cables do not make a difference. That being said, if you find a generic HDMI cablegram that has an particularly debased price, expect that it mightiness beryllium of an older protocol and not nan latest. Similarly, bins of HDMI cables pinch a $25 aliases higher value tag and fancy branding request to beryllium looked astatine pinch a observant eye. Our investigation into HDMI cablegram pricing provides an exhaustive place of nan issue, including takes from manufacture insiders.

Is 2.1 HDMI worthy it?

A caller 2.1 HDMI cablegram is worthy it if you’ve precocious upgraded your TV. You should besides powerfully see getting 1 for your monitor, TV, aliases different instrumentality — nary matter nan existent tech — if you deliberation you’ll upgrade successful nan adjacent future, arsenic HDMI 2.1 cables don’t costs overmuch much than 2.0 cables and they’re backwards compatible. By buying 2.1 now, you’ll prevention yourself from having to repurchase and “re-setup” your cables erstwhile you upgrade your equipment. Checking HDMI specs cautiously will springiness you a broader overview of an HDMI cable’s capabilities.

Is 8K HDMI worthy it?

In short, an 8K HDMI cablegram is worthy it arsenic it won’t beryllium overmuch much costly than an “ordinary” HDMI cablegram and you tin debar buying a caller 1 erstwhile you yet upgrade your TV aliases instrumentality to 8K. However, it is besides worthy noting that nan thought of an “8K cable” is simply a simplification for consumers who are looking for HDMI cables that tin tally good successful 8K. In different words, an 8K cablegram is different connection for an HDMI 2.1b cable, which passes accusation astatine “8K60, 4K120” aliases better. This intends that they tin proviso accusation astatine slightest astatine an 8K solution astatine 60 refreshes per second.

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