The best health and fitness apps for iPhone in 2023: 18 best ones

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“Fitness” tin mean a batch of things. For immoderate people, it’s being capable to tally far, aliases tally fast. For others, it’s being capable to assistance dense things and little them backmost down again. Others whitethorn simply want to support trim, aliases eat healthily. It whitethorn moreover mean getting a awesome night’s sleep, aliases making judge your intelligence wellness is astatine its best. Whatever fittingness intends for you, we person a database of apps that screen each nan imaginable bases. These apps excel successful a number of different areas, but what they each mostly person successful communal is that they usage your iPhone’s powerful tech to show and analyse your performance. As a result, they tin thief you advancement on your fittingness journey.

These apps are awesome astatine keeping you fit, but they’re ever champion erstwhile paired pinch different tech, truthful make judge to cheque retired our lists of nan best fittingness trackers and nan best moving headphones. Here are nan champion fittingness apps for nan iPhone successful 2023.

Apple Fitness

Apple’s ain Fitness app is simply a awesome spot to commencement immoderate caller fittingness journey. Apple Fitness serves arsenic nan fittingness hub for your iPhone, arsenic it’s present wherever your Apple Watch will upload its workout data, and you tin group it up to drawback info from different smartwatches aliases fittingness trackers too. You tin watch your activity rings adjacent and spot your estimated progressive calorie count for nan day, on pinch immoderate workouts you’ve logged done nan app.

It’s not conscionable for logging data, arsenic there’s besides a fittingness subscription disposable here. Apple Fitness+ is $10 a period and it gives you entree to 12 workout types — including HIIT, yoga, core, kickboxing, and much — master trainers who thief to support nan workout routines caller and varied. When you’re vanished pinch exercises, you tin extremity pinch a meditation. Not a bad package for an app that comes bundled into your iPhone.

Apple Fitness

Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit for iOS.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Carrot is an artificial intelligence conception that threatens, inspires, ridicules, and bribes — immoderate it takes — to get you moving. It’s an ironic motivator that features seven-minutes-in-hell workouts, and it will berate you if you don’t support it up.

Warning: If you stray from your weight goals excessively much, it will upset Carrot, whereupon it will telephone you nasty names and make you cry. It’s decidedly not for those pinch a vulnerable disposition, and is champion enjoyed by those who bask this benignant of humor. It costs $5, which isn’t a bad value for each nan contented (and fun) you’re getting.

Carrot Fit

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club app.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

This is nan eventual moving partner. Whether  you’re a new, seasoned, aliases knowledgeable runner, Nike Run Club has thing for you. As you’d expect, it covers nan basics really well, offering GPS search of your runs and stat breakdowns of really you performed. But there’s much present than conscionable that. There are guided moving workouts, arsenic good arsenic play and monthly region challenges that thief to support you motivated and disconnected nan couch.

The tally challenges encompass everything from moving up to your very first 5K, each nan measurement to training for a full-on marathon. There’s a bunch of widgets you tin decorate your location surface pinch to enactment up-to-date pinch your latest challenges, and nan app will moreover fto you cognize erstwhile it’s clip to switch your moving shoes.

Nike Run Club

ZRX: Zombies, Run + Marvel Move

Zombies, Run! was a classical app, but it went into a lull for a small while wherever nary activity seemed to beryllium being done connected it. That’s nary longer nan case, arsenic nan app has returned successful nan shape of ZRX, pinch a Marvel business successful tow.

You tin still play nan classical zombie-focused storyline wherever you thief to rebuild civilization by retrieving captious supplies extracurricular of your virtual base, but location are now besides Marvel-themed missions to prime from. Fancy moving done Asgard, grabbing what you request and getting retired again? We cognize we do. Thor and Loki tin coach you to your first 5K, aliases you tin tally pinch Hulk arsenic he tries to flight from nan authorities. Once a awesome app by itself, this is now a genuinely awesome download for immoderate runner acknowledgment to nan summation of Marvel Move.


ASICS Runkeeper — Running App

Another action that’s been astir for a agelong time, nan app formerly known conscionable arsenic “Runkeeper” has a batch to connection anyone starting aliases continuing a moving journey. It’ll way a number of different workouts, from moving (obviously), cycling, and hiking, and you tin group your ain goals to support connected apical of. It has afloat integration pinch Apple Music and Spotify, truthful you tin prime from your ain playlists to perceive to arsenic you run, and skip and region tracks from wrong nan app.

It’s compatible pinch nan Apple Watch too, and you tin group nan app up to bug you to support up a moving routine. There’s a premium rank for $10 a month, and that gives you entree to tailored moving plans for your goals, and immoderate deeper stats to dive into.

ASICS Runkeeper

C25K 5K Run Trainer

Plenty of apps connection a C25K course, but this app is nan original and nan best. Great for beginners, C25K is designed to train non-runners for a 5K run. It promises to get you location successful conscionable 8 weeks, arsenic agelong arsenic you instrumentality to nan scheduled runs 3 times a week.

The app provides a training scheme that has a operation of moving and walking, and it has seamless integration pinch MyFitnessPal, truthful you tin way your calories arsenic well. It’s afloat compatible pinch nan Apple Watch, and it moreover has curated euphony created to thief you lb nan pavement away. The astir precocious features do request a subscription though, which will group you backmost $5 a month. An fantabulous prime if you’re conscionable looking to get into running.



Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal features a database of much than 11 cardinal foods, making it easy to way what you eat, your calories consumed, and moreover nan circumstantial macros you’ve deed for nan day. A barcode scanner makes keeping way of everything a cinch, while nan built-in measurement locator tin statement down really galore calories you’ve consumed, truthful you cognize if you’re successful a calorie shortage aliases not.

The app helps you support a nutrient diary to understand your habits, scan barcodes, prevention meals and recipes, and usage its Quick Tools for easy nutrient tracking. It besides helps you enactment motivated pinch its fittingness organization disposable for advice, tips, and support.


Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

Another beardown action if you’re looking to support way of your calorie intake, Lifesum is simply a weight nonaccomplishment app that useful pinch apps from Withings, FitBit, and RunKeeper for an meticulous assessment. It features a built-in barcode scanner that tin propulsion up nutritional information connected millions of nutrient items, and tin break down nan macros contained wrong those foodstuffs.

Now, each your humanities information for exercise, h2o tracking, and wont search is accessible sloppy of erstwhile you recorded it. A Sugar Detox Meal Plan helps you trim backmost connected sugar. There’s besides support for Voice control, Apple’s acheronian mode, and Sign In With Apple. Views are simplified, allowing you to entree accusation easy connected some your iPhone and Apple Watch.



Cyclemeter for iOS.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

If cycling is your preferred fittingness routine, this is nan app for you, particularly if you want to shed immoderate weight connected a bicycle alternatively of a treadmill. Cyclemeter is meticulous and awesome astatine collecting data. It tin besides way various stepping and moving metrics.

Now Cyclemeter tin grounds workouts connected your Apple Watch. Two signaling modes are available. With Record connected Apple Watch, workouts are recorded connected nan Apple Watch, and automatically transportation to your workout history erstwhile you motorboat nan app. If your Apple Watch has compartment entree aliases your iPhone is nearby, you tin unrecorded way utilizing Friends, nonstop email updates, and usage Siri to power workouts. With Record connected iPhone, you tin usage your Apple Watch to power iPhone recording. It’s powered by your iPhone though, truthful you request to return it pinch you connected your workouts.


Strava: Run, Bike, Hike

 Run, Ride, Swim.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Strava isn’t conscionable an activity search app — though it’s very bully astatine that. No, it’s besides a societal media network, and very overmuch excels successful that area. It gamifies your cardio workout and pairs pinch leaderboards, achievements, and challenges to bring a competitory tone to your routine. Beacon connected Apple Watch tin stock real-time location and way your unrecorded stats correct from your wrist, and those pinch entree to nan way builder tin tie routes and append them pinch aggregate gestures.

Personal heatmaps connected mobile fto you spot past and scheme early locations, and wherever you for illustration to exercise, and it lets you personalize your activity representation to show aboveground type pinch either paved aliases unpaved terrain, cleanable if you’re looking to effort immoderate off-road running. You tin get a batch from Strava for free, but there’s besides a subscription if you want to get nan astir retired of your workout data.


StrongLifts Weight Lifting Log

StrongLifts 5x5 Weight Lifting.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

If lifting large things and past putting them down is your fittingness feat of choice, past Strong Lifts Weight Lifting Log is for you. It’s 1 of nan champion ways to summation musculus and suffer fat, but nan beardown attraction and strength is astir apt excessively aggravated for inexperienced lifters.

The app coaches you done 3 45-minute workouts a week, focusing connected nan largest muscles successful your assemblage for optimal effect. The caller type offers respective updates to nan Graphs, making it easier to reappraisal advancement and boost motivation. Updates see increments to group really often to adhd weight aft each sets are completed and to deload aft a definite number of fails.


Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

This workout-tracking app lets you easy participate accusation astir your session. Hitting definite milestones unlocks achievements, and nan app lets you adhd your ain routines to your workouts. It besides has a scope of cardio exercises, but nan app’s superior attraction is connected progressive barbell routines.

You tin commencement a marque caller Start Workout screen, pinch folders to shape your routines; drag-and-drop routines; drag-and-drop civilization folders; collapsible sections; and, for nan Apple Watch, routines are now organized nether folders. You tin besides commencement an quiet workout pinch Siri by saying, “Hey Siri, commencement a workout pinch Strong,” and customize your Apple Watch settings to show bosom complaint aliases long during your workout.

Strong Workout Tracker


Yoga looks easy, but mastering each airs is highly tough. If you’re superior astir tuning up your Warrior I, past cheque retired Glo. Glo features a wide assortment of different yoga classes and types for everyone from beginners to knowledgeable yoga masters, truthful you tin prime nan correct people for you. There are regular unrecorded classes to return portion in, but location are much than capable non-live video classes if you’re not capable to make those peculiar times.

Once you’ve put immoderate clip in, nan app will commencement recommending classes and courses based connected really you’re progressing, and you tin create your ain collections of favourite classes by theme. There’s a free proceedings here, but support successful mind that you’ll request to salary $30 a period for access. This is rather a lot, truthful it comes down to whether that’s a wise finance for you.


Down Dog

Down Dog is nan top-rated yoga app connected nan iOS app shop for a reason: it’s really, really good. Down Dog isn’t for illustration different yoga apps because it doesn’t person group classes. Instead, it’ll create you a caller regular each clip you log successful for a practice, mixing successful caller and aged poses to thief you to maestro immoderate aged favorites, while besides introducing you to thing fresh.

Don’t interest astir moving into repeats, arsenic Down Dog boasts 60,000 different configurations of exercises. Dynamic euphony matches your breathing, while you tin prime from six different voices to guideline you through, pinch 10 languages to prime from. Down Dog has a 21-day free trial, but it’ll costs $10 a period to proceed aft that.

Down Dog

Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker

Want to cognize really good you’re resting? Set your telephone connected your mattress, and Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker goes to activity while you’re sleeping. It provides metrics that springiness you a snapshot of your slumber value and has a awesome siren function, arsenic good arsenic being afloat integrated pinch Apple Health for slumber study and bosom rate.

The app will aftermath you erstwhile you are successful your lightest sleep, ensuring you aftermath emotion well-rested. Free features see slumber analysis, elaborate slumber statistic and regular slumber graphs, curated siren melodies, snooze by shaking aliases double tapping nan telephone lightly. All nan features will request a premium subscription, and costs for that commencement from $3 a month.

Sleep Cycle

Pzizz — Sleep, Nap, Focus

Pzizz -- Sleep, Nap, Focus.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Pzizz creates a different soundtrack each clip you usage it for sleeping, napping, aliases focusing. These are designed to support nan app from becoming excessively familiar. The app uses a randomization algorithm that gives it much than 100 cardinal different sounds. Most are binaural thumps and tones that thief induce a authorities of relaxation.

Updates see caller narration genres, including Sleep Meditations, Sleepy Stories, Sleep Journeys, and Dreamy Myths pinch much than 2 voices for each narration. Favorites will now return into relationship each of your selected settings pinch nan expertise to prevention highly customized sessions pinch AirPlay support. You tin moreover ‘dislike’ a narrator, dreamscape, aliases narration.



Headspace App.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

This app intends to make meditation elemental truthful that you tin amended your attraction and relieve anxiety. It starts astatine nan instauration level, which teaches you nan basics successful 10 meditation exercises that are each 10 minutes long. The app tracks your progress, and location is simply a buddy strategy wherever you and your friends tin motivate each other. Headspace offers 2 subscriptions: Chose either $13 per period aliases $70 per year. This app is besides compatible pinch nan Apple Watch.


7 Cups Anxiety & Stress Chat

 Online Therapy & Chat.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Mental wellness is arsenic important arsenic keeping your assemblage healthy, and this app helps you negociate slump and stress, offering 24/7 support whenever you request it. The app offers complete 450,000 trained listeners and licensed therapists successful 189 countries and successful 140 languages. Each listener has a floor plan pinch reviews and specialty categories, specified arsenic panic attacks and bullying aliases eating disorders, surviving a breakup, and more. Try a caller listener each time, aliases prime 1 listener and create a relationship. The app is free to download, but premium subscriptions commencement astatine $13 per period aliases $95 per year.

7 Cups

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