The best investment apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

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Investing can be intimidating, abnormally if you’re new to the game. But with the appropriate accoutrement and resources, you can accomplish abreast decisions and addition your earnings. We’ve got you covered whether you’re absorbed in stocks, alternate funds, or cryptocurrencies. The apps we’ve best can be acclimated on iOS and Android-based devices, including the iPhone 15, Galaxy S23, Pixel 8 Pro, and abounding more.

We’ve researched and activated altered advance apps to advice you abstracted the acceptable from the bad, which you’ll acquisition below with our picks for the best advance apps accessible in 2023.

If you’re attractive for added abundant banking apps, see our picks for the best stock-trading apps and best claimed accounts apps, too!


Robinhood app for iPhone.Robinhood

Investment belvedere allows users to barter assorted banking instruments such as stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency after any agency fee. This belvedere is advised for amateur investors as it has a convenient interface, but bodies with any acquaintance can use it.

One of the different appearance of Robinhood is the apportioned allotment purchasing option, which enables users to buy a allocation of a allotment of stocks and ETFs. This makes it added accessible for users to advance in companies with aerial banal prices after purchasing a accomplished share, appropriately authoritative it added cost-effective than abounding added advance platforms.

Moreover, Robinhood provides assorted educational assets — such as articles, videos, and added — to advice users apprentice about investing. These assets awning abounding topics, including advance strategies, bazaar trends, and accident management. This affection makes Robinhood an ideal belvedere for beginners who appetite to apprentice about advance or for accomplished investors attractive to aggrandize their knowledge.

Android iOS

Schwab Mobile

Schwab Mobile on Android.Schwab

Schwab Mobile is the ultimate advance band-aid that will booty your banking administration to the abutting level. Developed by Charles Schwab, a arch banking casework firm, this absolute adaptable advance belvedere has accoutrement that accredit you to administer your investments, clue bazaar trends, and accomplish abreast trading decisions.

One of the best absorbing appearance of the Schwab Mobile app is that it provides real-time bazaar abstracts every trading day. With acceptance to 24/7 banal quotes, news, and bazaar commentary, you’ll consistently break abreast about the latest bazaar developments, giving you a aggressive bend in investing.

But that’s not all. The Schwab app allows you to adviser your advance portfolio’s performance, clue asset allocation, and analysis transaction history to break on top of your affairs and accomplish abreast decisions. You can alike actualize alone watchlists to clue stocks of absorption and set up alerts to accept notifications about amount movements or account events.

And back it comes to analysis and appraisal tools, Schwab offers some of the best in the business. With acceptance to all-embracing analysis reports, bazaar analysis, and analyst recommendations, you’ll accept all the advice you charge to accomplish acute advance decisions.

Android iOS


Webull on AndroidImage acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Webull is an advance belvedere alms abounding advance products, including stocks, ETFs, options, and apportioned shares. Besides its commission-free advance products, Webull’s beat charting accoutrement are additionally a cogent advantage. The platform’s users can acceptance abundant bazaar data, including real-time quotes, beat charts, and abstruse indicators. These accoutrement accomplish it easier to analyze bazaar trends and abeyant trading opportunities.

Moreover, Webull offers allowance trading, acceptance investors to borrow money to advance in securities. Margin trading is a high-risk advance action but can amplify allotment on acknowledged trades.

Webull provides a absolute and cost-effective advance belvedere for investors who appetite to booty their advance bold to the abutting level. Its beat charting tools, commission-free advance products, and allowance trading options accomplish it an accomplished best for accomplished and amateur investors.

Android  iOS


E*Trade on iOS.E*Trade

Morgan Stanley’s E*Trade is a awful admired banking casework aggregation alms a absolute cyberbanking trading belvedere enabling individuals to barter assorted banking assets easily. E*Trade provides a all-inclusive alternative of advance articles and services, which accommodate stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, alternate funds, bonds, and more, accouterment to the assorted needs of investors.

One of the appropriate appearance of E*Trade is its convenient platform, advised to accomplish trading accessible to all. Additionally, the aggregation offers a advanced ambit of analysis accoutrement and educational resources, such as bazaar analysis, real-time data, and able insights, enabling investors to accomplish abreast decisions. Whether you’re a acclimatized broker or a beginner, E*Trade is an accomplished belvedere to advice you accomplish your banking goals.

Android iOS

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity on iOS.Fidelity

Fidelity Investments offers a apartment of apps that baby to altered audiences. Among them is Fidelity Mobile, an all-in-one app that empowers you to booty ascendancy of your investments, accounts, and finances. With Fidelity Mobile, you can barter stocks, ETFs, options, and alternate funds, alteration funds seamlessly, clue your spending, and acceptance appropriate insights and analysis to accomplish abreast decisions.

If you’re a first-time saver or a adolescent investor, Fidelity Bloom is advised with you in mind. It offers an automatic interface and a abundance of educational assets to advice you apprentice the ropes of advance and banking management. You can set banking goals, clue your spending, and calmly save for the future.

For accouchement and teenagers, there’s Fidelity Youth – a gamified app that makes acquirements about accounts fun and engaging. With Fidelity Youth, your adolescent will advance advantageous banking habits as they acquire basic money through basic tasks, apprentice about allotment and saving, and analyze altered advance options.

Android iOS


Public app on iOS.Public

Investing doesn’t accept to be complicated or mundane. Enter – the amusing advance app that allows you to advance in assorted assets such as stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and addition investments. Public is accepted for its automatic interface and focus on amusing investing.

You’ll adulation the commission-free trades and the adeptness to acquirement apportioned shares, additionally accessible on added platforms. But Public goes aloft and above by alms contemporary investing. You can advance in themed slices of curated banal baskets aggregate about specific capacity like healthcare, sustainability, or technology.

What additionally sets Public afar is its able accent on amusing investing. You can chase added investors and see what they’re affairs and selling. It’s like accepting a association of advisers at your fingertips, allowance you accomplish abreast advance decisions. With, advance has never been added accessible, affordable, or social.

Android iOS


Titan app on Android.Titan

Titan is a trading belvedere that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to actualize able trading strategies. The platform’s primary cold is to abbreviate risks and aerate chump profits. Titan takes a accident administration access by accumulation strategies such as ambience stop-loss orders and adjusting positions based on bazaar altitude to assure user’s capital.

In addition, Titan offers automated trading, which enables users to set up trading strategies and let the bot assassinate trades on their behalf. The belvedere additionally provides dashboard monitoring, multi-exchange support, and added advantageous appearance to abetment users in their trading journey.

Android iOS


Betterment app for iPhone.Betterment

Are you attractive for a reliable adaptable banking adviser who can advice you invest, save, and administer your money? Look no added than the Betterment app. As a robo-advisor, Betterment uses cutting-edge algorithms to accomplish advance decisions, so you don’t accept to absorb hours poring over archive and graphs. It’s the absolute band-aid for anyone new to advance or who doesn’t accept the time or ability to administer their own portfolios.

But that’s not all. Betterment additionally offers a ambit of appearance advised to advice you ability your banking goals, including automated investing, ambition planning, and retirement planning. With tax-loss harvesting, Betterment will automatically advertise investments that accept absent amount to account assets in added assets, abbreviation your taxes and putting added money aback in your pocket.

Android iOS


Ellevest app for iOS.Ellevest

If you’re attractive for an addition banking wellness platform, you ability appetite to accede Ellevest. This account addresses women’s different bread-and-butter challenges, such as the gender pay gap, best activity expectancy, and career interruptions.

Ellevest offers a ambit of advance portfolios customized to women’s banking objectives and accident altruism levels. These portfolios accede factors like women’s best activity assumption and the accent of extenuative for retirement. Additionally, the belvedere provides abundant banking apprenticeship resources, including videos, articles, and webinars, that awning a advanced ambit of capacity from advance basics to acreage planning.

Finally, Ellevest is additionally accepted for its able association of women who can abutment and animate one addition on their banking journeys.

Android iOS


Invstr app on Android.Invstr

The Invstr app is advised to abetment abecedarian investors in acquirements and advance in the banal bazaar by accouterment practice, education, and a admiring community. The app offers a ambit of appearance acceptable for users of all levels of experience, authoritative it accessible to get started with investing.

One such affection is fantasy finance, which enables users to simulate trading stocks application basic money. This helps users accept the risks and rewards of advance after risking absolute money, authoritative it an accomplished acquirements tool.

Apart from fantasy finance, Invstr offers a array of educational assets that accommodate articles, videos, and webinars, accoutrement a ample ambit of capacity from advance basics to bazaar analysis.

Moreover, Invstr has a solid and admiring association of users who can animate and abutment anniversary added throughout their advance journey.

Android iOS


Acorns app on iOS.Acorns

If you’re new to advance and appetite to dip your toe in the water, Acorns ability be the app you’re attractive for. It’s a micro-investing app that allows you to advance your additional change automatically by rounding up purchases fabricated through your affiliated case account.

Getting started is simple and requires aloof a few account of your time. First, you charge to articulation your case agenda to the app. Once you’ve done that, Acorns will alpha rounding up your purchases to the abutting dollar and advance the difference. For example, if you acquirement article for $3.50, Acorns will annular up to $4.00 and advance the added 50 cents.

The app is advised to be convenient and accessible to navigate. You can set up alternating investments, adviser your portfolio, and abjure your funds anytime. The app offers advance admonition and advice to advice you accomplish abreast advance decisions.

Android iOS


Wealthfront app for Android.Wealthfront

Wealthfront is a agenda advance adviser alms assorted banking services, including automated advance and tax-loss harvesting. This makes it an accomplished advantage for those who appetite a simple, hassle-free access to investing.

With Wealthfront’s automated advance feature, the belvedere will advance your money automatically based on your banking goals and accident tolerance. This takes the assumption out of advance and ensures that your money consistently works for you.

If you’re added hands-on, Wealthfront additionally allows you to adapt your portfolio by including specific stocks or ETFs. This is ideal for those who accept a accurate absorption in specific advance opportunities.

Wealthfront’s tax-loss agriculture affection is addition abundant account of the platform. It automatically sells investments that accept absent amount to account assets in added assets, thereby abbreviation your taxes. This is a abundant way to optimize advance allotment and accumulate added money in your pocket.

Android iOS

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