The best laptops for kids, tested and selected by experts

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A female and her kids utilizing nan Acer Chromebook 317 while sitting astatine a desk.Acer

We unrecorded successful a world successful which immoderate benignant of computing instrumentality is basal for astir everyone, including kids. It tin beryllium peculiarly difficult to nail down nan champion laptops for kids, arsenic nan best laptops successful wide tin look for illustration overkill but you still want to guarantee you’re getting a laptop that helps your kids learn, share, play, and grow. This is why we’ve rounded up immoderate of nan champion laptops for kids. Reading onward you’ll find selections that see laptops for kids that for illustration a touchscreen and for kids that for illustration a MacBook, arsenic good arsenic our favourite laptop for kids if you’re shopping connected a budget.

The champion laptops for kids

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How to take a laptop for kids

Nailing down nan correct laptop for kids mightiness beryllium a small easier than you think. Kids don’t needfully person varying needs erstwhile it comes to a laptop, whereas adults often person circumstantial hardware components basal for circumstantial usage cases. Kids, however, mostly request thing they tin interact pinch that besides holds up good during a driblet aliases flip present and there. Things for illustration durability and shape facet are nan astir important things to deliberation astir erstwhile shopping for nan champion laptop for kids.


It’s nary concealed kids tin person a inclination to play a small unsmooth pinch tech. It’s a small much difficult to find rugged cases for a laptop for illustration you tin find for phones and tablets, truthful you’ll want to beryllium judge to get a laptop pinch immoderate decent build quality.

Price point

Price constituent whitethorn not beryllium nan astir important point to each shopper, but it should beryllium a information erstwhile shopping for a laptop for kids. Remember kids do person a inclination to break things, and while you tin find a laptop pinch bully build value and instrumentality it successful a protective case, location will ever beryllium immoderate likelihood you’ll person to switch it.

Additionally, tech tin outgrow itself arsenic quickly arsenic kids outgrow their clothes, pinch caller generations of processors and different hardware ever astir nan corner. So if you don’t scheme connected splurging connected a well-spec’d laptop that has immoderate future-proofing to it, it’s okay to dial down nan fund and get thing much affordable you scheme to switch successful a fewer years.

Form factor

Kids will beryllium utilizing a laptop for each sorts of things, from gaming to acquisition to playing connected societal media. Something to see present is what size laptop will beryllium best. The touchscreen of a 2-in-1 tablet whitethorn beryllium champion for erstwhile your kids want to do thing creative, while a smaller Chromebook whitethorn beryllium bully if they’re needing to lug it astir schoolhouse each time long.

How we chose these laptops for kids

After years of penning about, talking about, and researching tech, we’ve learned our measurement astir nan laptop aisle. We’ve taken that expertise and applied it to nan things we deliberation are astir important erstwhile considering nan champion laptop for kids. There are virtually unlimited laptop options erstwhile it comes to performance, size, brands, and budget. But successful this lawsuit nan constituent of a laptop is to facilitate nan integer time of a child. We’ve narrowed down nan options pinch that successful mind, and pinch a wide effort to make things easy connected parents’ wallets.

Acer Aspire 3

Best laptop for kids overall

The Acer Aspire 3's Steam Blue edition.Acer
Pros Cons
Great value Large body
Windows 11 pre-installed
Full HD display
Slim and light

The Acer Aspire 3 is nan champion laptop for kids simply because it offers awesome crossed nan committee value. It comes successful astatine a value constituent that competes pinch galore of nan best fund laptops yet still has immoderate decent baseline specs. These see 8GB of RAM that will support each of your kids’ favourite apps, and 128GB of coagulated authorities retention that will shop them. It comes pinch Windows 11 pre-installed, arsenic good arsenic a 15.6-inch Full HD display. This is simply a laptop that’s bully for doing homework, watching movies, and moreover playing immoderate games. It does person a wide assemblage to location nan display, but it’s besides slim and lightweight, truthful it should stay easy to transportation astir successful a backpack.

OS Windows 11
Internal storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB coagulated state

Dell Chromebook 11

Best Chromebook for kids

A begetter and boy usage a Dell Chromebook 11.Dell
Pros cons
Tough and durable Low solution display
Super affordable
Long artillery life

If you’re looking for simplicity, a Chromebook whitethorn conscionable beryllium nan champion laptop for your kids. A Chromebook intentionally brings immoderate limitations to nan array truthful you won’t person to salary for hardware and package you don’t needfully need. This tin travel successful useful erstwhile shopping for nan champion laptop for kids.

The Dell Chromebook 11 isn’t conscionable nan champion Chromebook for kids, it’s besides a Chromebook made pinch kids specifically successful mind. It’s tough, durable, and incredibly affordable. It has minimal specs, but capable to powerfulness your kids done games, movies, and homework. And wherever it saves connected specs it benefits successful artillery life, reaching up to 14 hours connected a azygous charge. This unsocial makes nan Dell Chromebook 11 a bully companion erstwhile walking aliases connected boring summertime days.

OS Chrome OS
Display 11.6-inch HD 720p
Battery life Up to 14 hours

Lenovo Yoga 6

Best 2-in-1 laptop for kids

A Lenovo Yoga 6 resting connected a array successful tablet mode.Lenovo
Pros Cons
2-in-1 functionality Average artillery life
Touchscreen display No stylus included
Ultimate portability

If you person a kid successful nan location who likes to get imaginative connected nan computer, a 2-in-1 laptop whitethorn beryllium nan champion action for them. A 2-in-1 laptop offers nan touchscreen functionality of a tablet, yet it tin still return nan shape of a laptop for much accepted use. Lenovo is almost ever considered 1 of nan best laptop brands, and its Yoga lineup is 1 of nan reasons why. The Lenovo Yoga 6 is our prime for nan champion 2-in-1laptop for kids because it comes successful astatine a bully size successful 13-inches, offers each nan capacity capability a kid could need, and still manages a decent value point. You’ll get Windows 11 pre-installed pinch this 2-in-1 laptop, and a thin, ray framework that makes nan Yoga 6 ace portable and easy to return anywhere.

OS Windows 11 Home 64
Display 13.3-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen

Apple MacBook Air M1

Best Apple laptop for kids

Apple MacBook Air M1 open, connected a table.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends
Pros Cons
Access to Apple software Aging design
Super powerful
Impressive artillery life

There are newer MacBooks retired there, including nan Apple MacBook Air M2, but it whitethorn beryllium difficult to nonstop a kid retired into nan world pinch a laptop astatine its value point. But if your kid enjoys nan Apple marque aliases makes bully usage of Apple’s nosy and intuitive software, nan Apple MacBook Air M1 is nan laptop for them. It’s been astir for a fewer years now, which useful some against and for it. Its property brings its value down rather a bit, but it besides has an aging design. The internals of nan MacBook Air M1 will beryllium plentifulness for immoderate kid, however. It’s powered by Apple’s M1 processor, which still holds up good pinch today’s software. It besides has a fanless design, and pinch less moving parts it tin withstand immoderate of nan bumps that will travel from a kid carrying it around.

Display 13.3-inch Retina
Battery life Up to 18 hours

HP 14-inch Chromebook

Best fund laptop for kids

14-inch HP Chromebook sitting connected a table.HP
Pros Cons
14-inch display Limited performance
HD webcam Limited storage
Super affordable

The astir affordable laptop successful our selections for nan champion laptops for kids is nan HP 14-inch Chromebook. Like each of nan best Chromebooks, it holds backmost a small erstwhile it comes to hardware and package truthful you don’t person to salary for thing you aren’t going to use. This tin beryllium particularly beneficial if you’re looking to onshore a laptop for a younger child.

The guidelines processor and RAM selections aren’t overmuch to brag about, but they’ll get things done for astir kids. Where nan HP 14-inch Chromebook sets itself isolated from different fund options is its display. It comes successful astatine 14 inches, which is connected nan larger extremity for a Chromebook. It besides has an HD webcam kids tin usage to chat pinch their friends. Storage is successful short proviso pinch this laptop, coming successful astatine conscionable 32GB. The operating strategy is going to eat up a small spot of that, truthful beryllium judge your kid won’t request to load nan HP 14-inch Chromebook up pinch apps if you determine to spell nan fund route.

OS Chrome OS
Display 14-inch HD 720p
Internal storage 32GB eMMC

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