The best phone plans for one person in 2023: our 6 favorites

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Although it seems that nan large 3 carriers are all astir family plans these days, you don’t request to consciousness near retired if you’re venturing retired connected your own. There are still awesome cellular plans retired location for only 1 personification astatine very affordable prices.

A single-line scheme is often nan champion measurement to go, moreover erstwhile you person family members, friends, aliases roommates consenting to subordinate successful connected a plan. After all, if you’re nan only personification connected your plan, you don’t request to interest astir what different group request aliases beryllium concerned that changes you make down nan roadworthy could impact a larger group. Plus, if you’ve conscionable moved to a caller metropolis aliases you’re heading disconnected to college, staying connected a group scheme tin get moreover much complicated.

The bully news is that not only are location plentifulness of single-line plans available, but you tin find options for each budget. Here are nan champion telephone plans for 1 personification you tin get successful 2023.

The champion fund telephone plan


Visible wireless phones and plans featuredVisible

While nan large 3 only supply their deepest discounts connected plans of 4 lines aliases more, Visible gives you a single-line scheme for only $25 per period pinch each nan basal connectivity that you request connected a budget, including 5G access, unlimited data, mobile hotspot capabilities, and unlimited talking and texting to nan U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Visible is backed by Verizon’s 5G network, truthful you get coagulated and reliable nationwide coverage. The drawback is that nan astir affordable scheme limits you to Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network, truthful you won’t get nan fastest 5G speeds available, but astatine up to 56Mbps, they should meet astir people’s mobile needs. You besides get unlimited mobile hotspot tethering, though that is constricted to 1 connected instrumentality and speeds up to 5Mbps.

It’s besides worthy noting that Visible’s unlimited information is genuinely unlimited, pinch nary circumstantial period astatine which it will beryllium throttled. However, Verizon’s web people prioritizes its ain higher-paying customers, truthful Visible users whitethorn find themselves getting slower speeds during busier times. For those who request a small more, there’s besides nan Visible+ scheme for $45 per period that provides entree to Verizon’s faster 5G Ultra Wideband web pinch 50GB of “premium” non-throttled information each month, arsenic good arsenic unlimited talk, text, and information roaming successful Canada and Mexico.

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The champion premium telephone plan

T-Mobile Go5G Plus

T-Mobile 5G nationwide web advertisement.Alex Tai/SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

Just because carriers connection amended deals for aggregate lines doesn’t mean you can’t prime up a single-line scheme if you’re consenting to salary afloat price. That whitethorn beryllium worthy it if you’re looking for a top-notch scheme pinch tons of perks, which describes T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus plan to a T (no pun intended).

At $90 per period (with nan AutoPay discount), this scheme doesn’t travel cheap, but you get unlimited entree to T-Mobile’s incredibly fast and expansive 5G Ultra Capacity network pinch nary arbitrary information thresholds; T-Mobile guarantees full-speed information up to 100GB per month, and while it reserves nan correct to throttle your speeds if you spell beyond that, it only does truthful erstwhile basal owed to web congestion.

However, that’s not all. You’re besides getting 50GB per period of full-speed mobile hotspot information usage (throttled to “3G speeds” beyond that), unlimited world texting some astatine location and abroad, unlimited calling, and 15GB of high-speed information roaming successful Canada and Mexico, positive 5GB of information roaming successful complete 215 different countries.

T-Mobile throws successful a fewer different bully perks connected this plan, including a single-screen subscription to Netflix Basic, a afloat subscription to Apple TV+, and free in-flight Wi-Fi pinch video streaming connected Alaska Airlines and prime American, Delta, and United flights.

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The champion telephone scheme for perks

Verizon Unlimited Welcome

Verizon myPlan logo.Verizon

If you for illustration getting a fewer other perks pinch your cellular plan, but don’t needfully want to beryllium restricted to nan ones your bearer picks out, past you’ll admit Verizon’s new MyPlan program, which features a caller pricing building that lets you salary for conscionable nan add-ons you want.

Verizon offers 3 tiers, but we deliberation nan Unlimited Welcome is nan astir competitory since it starts astatine $65 per period for a azygous statement (with AutoPay and paper-free billing) and provides unlimited information connected Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network, including roaming information successful Canada and Mexico.

Although you’ll request to measurement that up to Verizon’s $80 per period Unlimited Plus scheme if you want nan fastest 5G Ultra Wideband speeds and mobile hotspot access, Verizon’s low-band 5G Nationwide web is accelerated capable for video streaming, surfing, and societal media, and should beryllium capable to fulfill astir folks who conscionable request to support their smartphone online erstwhile they’re retired successful nan world.

However, what makes Verizon’s Unlimited Welcome unsocial is that you tin operation and lucifer further perks pinch $10-per-month add-ons connected apical of your guidelines plan. This includes Verizon features for illustration 100GB of mobile hotspot information aliases a TravelPass, arsenic good arsenic discounted bundles to streaming services for illustration Disney/Hulu/ESPN+, an Apple One Individual Plan, aliases an Apple Music Family Plan. You’re besides not locked in, truthful you tin alteration these up astatine immoderate clip to prime nan add-ons that activity champion for you from period to month.

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The champion worth telephone plan

AT&T Value Plus


As nan sanction suggests, AT&T’s Value Plus plan offers immoderate bully bang for your buck, providing unlimited information connected nan carrier’s higher-speed 5G+ web and roaming successful Canada and Mexico for $40 a period if you motion up for AutoPay.

Unlike AT&T’s different plans, Value Plus is exclusively designed for 1 person, truthful location are nary discounts for adding friends and family members moreover if you want to. There’s besides nary mobile hotspot access, but you get unlimited texting from nan U.S. to complete 200 countries.

While nan 5G+ entree is simply a bully perk astatine this price, it’s worthy keeping successful mind that AT&T’s C-band 5G web hasn’t dispersed astir arsenic wide arsenic that of its rivals yet — although it does look to beryllium catching up. For now, this intends you’re much apt to find yourself connected nan carrier’s slower, low-band 5G network. Still, nan Value Plus scheme is simply a bully prime if you unrecorded successful an area wherever AT&T delivers coagulated 5G coverage, and since it’s a postpaid plan, it’s very easy to move to different AT&T scheme if your needs change.

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The champion prepaid telephone plan

Mint Mobile Unlimited

Mint Mobile subordinate nan activity materials.Mint Mobile

Prepaid telephone plans still connection immoderate of nan champion deals available, though ironically, you’ll often get nan champion prices only erstwhile making a longer-term commitment. Mint Mobile is simply a bully illustration of this, and it’s difficult to hit if you’re consenting to salary for a twelvemonth successful advance.

Mint Mobile will springiness you a three-month proceedings astatine its champion rate, which useful retired to $30 monthly for its Unlimited scheme (paid arsenic $90 upfront). After that, you’ll request to salary for nan adjacent t12 months successful beforehand — different $360 — if you want to support that rate. Shorter three- and six-month commitments are besides disposable for $120 ($40/month) and $210 ($35/month), respectively.

Regardless of nan subscription you choose, Mint Mobile will springiness you entree to T-Mobile’s fastest 5G Ultra Capacity network pinch 40GB per period of full-speed data. That’s what Mint Mobile calls its “unlimited” plan, but if you’re consenting to unrecorded pinch little high-speed data, you tin prevention moreover much by opting for nan 5GB, 15GB, aliases 20GB plans, which commencement arsenic debased arsenic $15 per month. Even connected nan lower-tier plans, Mint Mobile won’t trim you disconnected erstwhile you deed your limit — it conscionable slows you down.

Mint Mobile besides includes mobile hotspot access, but this is wherever you whitethorn want to opt for a little tier if you scheme to usage it a lot. In an absorbing twist, those connected nan Unlimited Plan are constricted to 10GB per period of full-speed mobile hotspot data, while folks connected different plans get to usage their full information allotment, which intends nan 15GB and 20GB plans really springiness you much full-speed hotspot data.

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The champion telephone scheme for predominant travelers

Google Fi Wireless Unlimited Plus

Google Fi Unlimited Plus banner showing female talking connected Pixel phone.Google

Although free roaming successful Canada and Mexico is becoming much common, superior globe-trotters will still find it analyzable to usage their phones extracurricular of North America connected astir carriers. However, that’s not nan lawsuit pinch Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan, which provides unlimited information successful much than 200 countries and regions astir nan world, positive free Wi-Fi calling backmost to North America.

Your unlimited information connected Google Fi is throttled to slower speeds aft your first 50GB each month, but those rules are nan aforesaid successful each state wherever information roaming is supported, truthful you tin usage your telephone usually astatine location and overseas without worrying astir really overmuch information you’re consuming. This besides includes mobile hotspot data.

In summation to awesome world roaming and a mobile hotspot, Google Fi Wireless Unlimited Plus besides lets you stock your information pinch up to 4 tablets and different devices that usage data-only SIMs astatine nary other complaint and includes 100GB of Google Drive retention and VPN work pinch Google One and 1 twelvemonth of YouTube Premium. You’ll salary $65 each period for 1 statement of Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan, and while it’s not nan cheapest action retired there, it’s a awesome woody considering everything that comes pinch it.

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