The best PS5 controller is finally getting an Xbox variant

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Victrix announced that an Xbox-compatible type of its Pro BFG controller will deed shop shelves successful 2024, giving owners of Microsoft’s consoles nan opportunity to usage a type of 1 of nan champion third-party PlayStation 5 controllers.

A front-and-back image of Victrix's Xbox Pro BFG controller.Victrix

The Victrix Pro BFG stands retired from different third-party controllers owed to its modular setup. Players tin move astir nan sticks to beryllium offset aliases level pinch each other, and it moreover features a Fight Pad module that makes playing fighting games for illustration Street Fighter 6 a spot much comfortable. Victrix besides plans to merchandise caller Hall Effect Stick Modules for some nan PS5 and Xbox versions of nan controller starting successful February.

It comes highly recommended by Digital Trends. “The Victrix Pro BFG is nan champion PS5 controller you tin bargain correct now speech from Sony’s ain DualSense,” Giovanni Colantonio wrote successful his review of nan controller successful December 2022. “Its value mightiness look precocious astatine first glance, particularly considering that you’re losing cardinal features for illustration haptic feedback, but you’re fundamentally buying 3 controllers successful 1 — including a afloat fightpad. You simply won’t get what’s offered present from immoderate different controller, and I dream manufacturers are taking notes.”

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The Xbox type of this controller is very akin to nan 1 disposable for PlayStation. It does switch retired nan PlayStation logo for an Xbox one, though, arsenic it’s a merchandise officially licensed by Microsoft. Victrix besides plans to merchandise an app connected Xbox for nan controller, from which players tin update its firmware, configure buttons, and recalibrate its analog sticks.

It’s decidedly connected nan pricier broadside of third-party controllers astatine $180, but it’s worthy keeping an oculus retired for successful February 2024 if you’re successful nan marketplace for a highly modular third-party controller for your Xbox.

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The champion RPGs for Xbox Series X


If there's 1 genre nan Xbox bid of consoles has struggled to really break into successful nan past, it's RPGs. Yes, each strategy had a standout title aliases two, for illustration nan original Xbox having Star Wars: Knights of nan Old Republic and nan 360 having Lost Odyssey, but this peculiar family of consoles was ever seen arsenic secondary to RPG fans compared to Sony, aliases moreover Nintendo, machines. With nan merchandise of nan Xbox Series X, Microsoft has made a beardown effort to capable that spread successful their room and has already done a awesome occupation of publishing, aliases astatine slightest supporting via Game Pass, immoderate of nan champion RPGs successful caller memory.

What counts arsenic an RPG coming covers a wide scope of games. They tin beryllium turn-based, real-time, action-focused, narrative-focused, first-person, and more. So galore games incorporated RPG elements now that it tin beryllium a small reliable to find 1 that doesn't anymore. However, for this list, we're picking only games that are RPGs astatine their core, aliases astatine slightest person it arsenic nan main constituent alternatively than a crippled that conscionable throws successful progression bars and thing else. Still, that leaves a batch of crushed to cover. If you're emotion nan itch for a caller RPG to play connected your Xbox Series X, we've picked retired nan champion from a scope of titles that should capable nan nonstop acquisition you're looking for.

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You don’t request an Xbox Series X to play Starfield. Here’s how

Key creation for Starfield

Starfield is nan highest-profile Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S crippled since Halo Infinite, but nan crippled isn't locked to those 2 consoles. Thanks to unreality gaming and Microsoft's much open-ended mentality of making its games disposable connected a wide assortment of platforms, you don't person to ain 1 of Microsoft's current-gen systems aliases person nan Xbox app installed connected your PC.
No, it's not connected PS5 aliases Nintendo Switch, but if you want to play Starfield while it's astatine nan halfway of nan video crippled manufacture zeitgeist, present are immoderate places wherever it's playable different than nan Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, and Xbox PC app.

The astir evident prime if you want to play Starfield elsewhere is to prime it up connected Steam. While Microsoft does person a proprietary PC launcher of its own, Microsoft now consistently releases its ain games done Valve's launcher. Bethesda joined Xbox Game Studios successful 2021 and has a agelong history of making its games disposable connected Steam arsenic well, truthful it's not excessively astonishing that Starfield is disposable connected nan platform.
Starfield already proving rather celebrated connected nan level too, having peaked astatine 266,000 concurrent players, according to SteamDB astatine nan clip I'm penning this. If you're looking for a measurement to play Starfield natively connected nan hardware you ain without utilizing a Microsoft level aliases service, this is your champion option. It'll tally connected Steam Deck too, though that's not nan only measurement to acquisition Starfield connected nan go.
Xbox Game Pass app connected Android

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Starfield is simply a success. What does that mean for nan early of Xbox?

A vessel lands connected a satellite successful Starfield.

Starfield was 1 of nan astir captious video crippled launches ever.
The past mates of years person been afloat of whiplash for Xbox fans, afloat of precocious highs and debased lows. After a coagulated autumn 2021 crippled lineup, 2022 was comparatively barren for first-party Xbox games. Microsoft past started nan twelvemonth connected a beardown statement pinch Hi-Fi Rush’s astonishment motorboat earlier crashing and burning pinch nan disastrous merchandise of Redfall, nan first heavy marketed AAA crippled coming retired from Bethesda aft it was acquired by Microsoft. Starfield, a crippled that galore were uneasy astir owed to its scope, would inadvertently go a make-or-break infinitesimal for Microsoft.
In May, I wrote that Starfield was “the astir pivotal crippled for nan early of nan Xbox marque since Halo: Combat Evolved” because of what I thought was astatine liking if it failed. Well, Starfield conscionable launched, and … it’s a hit. It’s not nan genre-defining, industry-changing mega-RPG that immoderate fans were lauding it arsenic prerelease. However, it’s still an enjoyable sci-fi escapade that's receiving affirmative attraction contempt immoderate drawbacks. And it's already earned complete 1 cardinal concurrent players crossed each platforms. Digital Trends gave it a three-and-a-half prima review, writing, “though it can’t astir present connected Bethesda’s intergalactic ambitions, Starfield is an awesome abstraction RPG filled pinch impactful decisions.” On Steam, complete 24,000 reviews are averaging a ‘Very Positive” consensus.
While not a full stunner, Starfield hasn't derailed Xbox aliases caused nan nationalist to suffer religion successful its first-party games; successful fact, it has renewed immoderate confidence. Reassessing Xbox’s early post-Starfield, it’s clear that it’s still reliant connected thing it has struggled pinch this full console generation: consistency.
It’s each astir consistency
Despite nan occurrence of Xbox Game Pass and immoderate fantabulous first-party games for illustration Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush, Microsoft has struggled to found consistency crossed messaging, crippled motorboat cadence, and quality. That has wounded it this console generation, wherever it has felt for illustration Xbox has promised much than it's delivered contempt respective crippled institution acquisitions and breathtaking announcements. It doesn’t thief that Sony and Nintendo person been astatine nan apical of their crippled successful respect to those things successful caller years.

That’s yet what put truthful overmuch unit connected Redfall and Starfield. They needed to salary disconnected an costly Bethesda acquisition and usher successful a dependable watercourse of caller Xbox games. Perhaps that’s why nan mediocre value of Redfall felt for illustration specified a slap successful nan look for Xbox fans. What should’ve cemented a accordant Xbox first-party output alternatively highlighted each of its problems. This made Xbox’s business heading into Starfield’s motorboat consciousness dire, moreover much truthful than it really was successful reality for a branch of a megacorporation for illustration Microsoft.
But now Starfield is present and group for illustration it, moreover if it has immoderate evident flaws. Starfield was neither nan Redfall-level captious flop that would termination Xbox nor nan 11/10 crippled immoderate group expected. It’s conscionable an entertaining RPG that Xbox players tin suffer themselves successful and consciousness a small spot of console pridefulness over. The vibes crossed nan Xbox organization are mostly affirmative correct now, and Microsoft needs to support that feeling.
The anemic first-party 2022 lineup and nan unsmooth authorities of Redfall near america wondering if nan only point Xbox was accordant astatine was disappointment, but Starfield and different caller efforts from Microsoft-owned studios bespeak that this is not nan case. Since Redfall, we’ve sewage a large Monkey Island-themed update for Sea of Thieves, an fantabulous remaster of Quake II, a coagulated Xbox Series X/S larboard of Age of Empires IV, and Starfield to show that Xbox’s studios are backmost connected track. It’s up to nan Xbox squad to support up that momentum aft Forza Motorsport launches and nan Activision Blizzard acquisition yet concludes this October.

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