The Corsair M75 Air is a simple and lightweight gaming mouse with just one problem

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The Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming abrasion continuing abutting to the retail box.

Corsair M75 Air

MSRP $149.00

“The Corsair M75 Air is a aboveboard wireless gaming abrasion prioritizing ultralight weight after accidental features.”


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Symmetrical architecture is comfortable
  • Accurate and responsive
  • Triple connectivity


  • Expensive
  • Limited customization options
  • Not the best-looking abrasion out there

Corsair’s borderline analysis is acutely affective in the appropriate direction. Following my contempo analysis of the K70 Core gaming keyboard, which is characterized by acumen and functionality after accidental frills, we now accept the M75 Air. This wireless gaming abrasion appears aboveboard and no-nonsense, adjustment with Corsair’s charge to artlessness and efficiency.

With its latest mouse, Corsair is aiming to action a exceptional ultra-lightweight acquaintance acceptable for aggressive first-person ballista (FPS) gaming. It is additionally a solid adversary of the awful accepted Logitech G Pro X Superlight, alike if its amount agency it ability attempt in head-to-head comparisons.

Design and comfort

When I aboriginal got my easily on the mouse, it addled me as decidedly cheap, abnormally accustomed its $149 amount tag. It has a simple-looking design, about addled to a assertive akin with its matte atramentous artificial finish. The acceptable allotment is that it doesn’t crepitate or angle in any way, and already I got acclimated to the balanced shape, it was appealing adequate to use all day. I additionally noticed that the matte blanket helps to accumulate diaphoresis away, which is abundant account for users like me.

The Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming abrasion with the arranged accessories.Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends

Apart from black, the M75 Air is accessible in a ablaze chicken blush advantage if you opt for the limited-edition bundle. White and ablaze gray options are accepted to barrage in the advancing months.

Of course, the highlight affection of the M75 Air is its failing design. It is the lightest abrasion Corsair has anytime fabricated at aloof 60 grams, which is a bordering celebration over the brand of Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight (63 grams) and Razer’s DeathAdder V3 Pro (64 grams). To accomplish a super-lightweight design, Corsair has akin bottomward appearance like RGB lighting and autonomous for a bound button layout. There’s not alike a DPI switch, which ability assume odd for a exceptional gaming mouse.

Top appearance of the Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming mouse.Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends

The larboard and appropriate abrasion keys are long, extending about to the average of the mouse, appropriately authoritative the abrasion acceptable for best grips and ample hands. There are two added buttons on the larboard that are even with the body, but I begin them to be fast, responsive, and placed in the actual position.

I accept that Corsair has absent an befalling actuality as the M75 Air could accept been a solid ambidextrous gaming abrasion if it added some ancillary buttons on the appropriate side. The annal caster has a nice elastic texture, with Corsair’s signature chicken accents on the inside, and all-embracing feels tactile.

Bottom appearance of the Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming mouse.Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends

At the bottom, there is the sensor, a accumulator alcove for the dongle, a power/connectivity switch, and some PTFE feet. While the abrasion glides calmly over best mousepads and board surfaces, Corsair could accept gone with higher-quality feet.

I am not adage that they are bad, but I noticed that the anxiety started acquisition scratches in aloof two weeks of usage. You can buy dispensable achievement bottle skates for about $15.

The dongle accumulator alcove on the Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming mouse.Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends

Lastly, there is the USB-C anchorage upfront, which thankfully has amplitude about it. This agency you can use about any Type-C cable for charging. Speaking of which, the included USB cable is braided and comes with solid-looking connectors on both ends.

The USB-C anchorage on the Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming mouse.Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends


The abrasion offers three connectivity options, including active via the included USB Type-C to Type-A cable, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless application Corsair’s Slipstream dongle. I acknowledge Corsair for not ditching Bluetooth on this abrasion as I adulation accepting a distinct abrasion to ascendancy all my devices. Just a simple columnist of the button at the basal and you can about-face amid 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, which is adumbrated by the baby LED on the top.

I didn’t face any cessation or connectivity issues application the abrasion in 2.4GHz or Bluetooth mode. Both action a abiding connection, and the abrasion connects instantly afterwards the antecedent bond process. Of course, there are allowances of application the abrasion in active or 2.4GHz wireless approach as you get the advantage of a faster polling amount of up to 2,000Hz.

Granted, this isn’t the fastest polling rate, as added gaming mice on the bazaar affirmation up to 8,000Hz, but one does not charge annihilation above 1,000Hz unless you are a able esports player.

Polling amount analysis aftereffect of the Corsair M75 Air wireless gaming mouse.Digital Trends

I arrested if the polling amount claims were accurate by accomplishing assorted tests, all of which gave me a absolute outcome. Notably, the abrasion is set to a polling amount of 1000Hz by default, but you can about-face it up application Corsair’s iCUE software.

Do agenda that there is a check to switching up the polling amount as it depletes the array faster.

Sensor and switches

Corsair is application its Marksman optical sensor, which has been about for a while and is accessible on a array of added mice from the company. It offers up to 26,000 CPI, as able-bodied as a best tracking acceleration of 650 IPS and up to 50G of acceleration. While those numbers aren’t absolutely important, what you should apperceive is that achievement is best in agreement of tracking and accuracy.  The abrasion additionally uses appropriate optical switches for the primary larboard and abrasion buttons. The switches assignment actual able-bodied in agreement of acknowledgment and all-embracing action brittle feedback.


Since there are no added buttons to adapt the acquaintance on the M75 Air, one has to await on iCUE. Apart from key assignments, the software lets you change the DPI, calibrate the apparent you are activity to use the abrasion on, and accomplish a bulk of added things like afterlight the firmware, alteration the polling rate, and so on.

Corsair iCUE software acclimated to adapt settings on the M75 Air wireless gaming mouse.Kunal Khullar / Digital Trends

You can alike set back you appetite the abrasion to go into beddy-bye approach so it can save on battery, angle snapping, and multipoint connectivity. If you don’t like iCUE for any reason, you can apparently abolish the software afterwards the antecedent bureaucracy as the abrasion comes with onboard anamnesis as well.


Battery activity on the M75 Air is good, but not article one can blow about. Corsair claims that it can aftermost up to 34 hours on the 2.4GHz wireless affiliation and up to 100 hours with Bluetooth. I primarily acclimated the abrasion in the 2.4GHz wireless approach and it managed to aftermost for an absolute anniversary afore I had to bung it in. That’s not bad and article that you can apprehend from best wireless gaming mice. It’s additionally actual acceptable to aloof bung in the cable and instantly move to active mode.

There is no fast charging here, but the abrasion can be absolutely bashed up in about 75 minutes. You can additionally bound analysis the cachet of the array or accredit a array barometer that can sit in the notification tray application the iCUE software.

Should you buy it?

In my accustomed trials, the Corsair M75 Air absolutely afflicted me, abrogation abaft a aisle of absolute experiences. Its abundantly failing body facilitates quick movements with basal exertion. What’s more, I encountered no issues with connectivity or delays, ensuring that I could bold after interruptions. The primary buttons, for larboard and appropriate clicks, bear absolute and brittle acknowledgment after accidental noise. The ancillary buttons are calmly positioned, and the matte, textured apparent ensures a reliable grip. The annal caster not alone offers absurd resistance, but additionally grants absolute control, authoritative it a admired accession to this best gaming mouse.

The Corsair M75 Air is appropriate up there if one is attractive for a reliable ultra-lightweight gaming mouse. But with a barrage amount of $149 (currently affairs for $110), I absolutely cannot acclaim this over added high-end options on the market. If Corsair can eventually lower the amount to $70 or below, this could be a solid advantage for anyone who is attractive for a apple-pie and simple wireless abrasion for aggressive gaming and accustomed usage. For now, there are added full-featured options that are account because first.

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