The Epic Games Store’s Latest Free Game is Available Now

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The Epic Games Store will astir apt ne'er return Steam’s spot arsenic nan default integer distribution root for PC games. However, it’s a awesome measurement to snag a wide assortment of free games. Tactical RPG Spelldrifter is nan latest free game connected nan Epic Games Store. Players tin declare it astatine nary costs starting coming and ending astatine 11 AM connected September 14. Epic besides revealed nan platform’s adjacent free game.

Spelldrifter is free connected nan Epic Games Store

Developed by Free Range Games, who assisted connected Oddworld: Soulstorm, Spelldrifter is simply a hybrid turn-based tactical RPG and deck-building game. The crippled features 5 playable characters, pinch players creating customized decks for each. Meanwhile, they power their statement done 3D maps successful a turn-based strategy reminiscent of Baldur’s Gate 3 aliases XCOM. According to Free Range, Spelldrifter combines nan champion of some genres and forces players to attack deck-building from a caller angle.

Spelldrifter mostly flew nether nan radar erstwhile Free Range released it past year. Still, if nan premise seems interesting, Epic Games Store users tin effort it retired for nary costs but their time.

Epic’s adjacent free game

911 Operator is free connected nan Epic Games Store starting September 14

PC gamers mightiness besides want to return a look astatine Epic Games‘ adjacent free game, Jutsu Games’ 911 Operator. Released successful 2017, this award-winning indie simulation crippled throws players into nan stressful domiciled of a 911 dispatcher. Lives bent successful nan equilibrium arsenic players person calls, measure nan situation, and dispatch first responders. The highly rated crippled is 80% disconnected connected Steam correct now. However, gamers who are consenting to hold a week tin prime it up for free from September 14 to September 21.