The future of E3 is in question again as ESA reportedly seeks a 2025 reinvention

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The early of nan erstwhile celebrated video crippled manufacture expo E3 is once again successful question arsenic nan Entertainment Software Association (ESA) ended its business pinch ReedPop, nan institution that was helping it revitalize nan event.

The logo for E3 2023.ReedPop

ReedPop is nan institution that runs events for illustration PAX, EGX, and C2E2, and nan ESA had brought them connected committee to thief reimagine nan in-person acquisition astatine E3. This was expected to commencement pinch E3 2023, but it ended up being canceled a mates of months earlier it was expected to return place. Clearly, nan ReedPop and ESA business wasn’t moving well, truthful some companies person decided to move on. ESA CEO and president Stanley Pierre-Louis provided nan pursuing connection connected nan matter to

“We admit ReedPop’s business complete nan past 14 months and support their ongoing efforts to bring manufacture and fans together done their various events. While nan scope of E3 remains unmatched successful our industry, we are continuing to research really we tin germinate it to champion service nan video crippled manufacture and are evaluating each facet of nan event, from format to location. We are committed to our domiciled arsenic a convenor for nan manufacture and look guardant to sharing news astir E3 successful nan coming months.”

This seems to corroborate a declare from nan Los Angeles City Tourism Commission from earlier successful nan twelvemonth that plans for E3 2024 and E3 2025 astatine nan Los Angeles Convention Center had been canceled. That said, Pierre-Louis’ connection and nan study bespeak that E3 2024 and E3 2025 aren’t canceled outright. notes that it’s still imaginable for nan arena to return spot successful 2024 — conscionable not astatine nan Los Angeles Convention Center — and claims that nan ESA is “working connected a complete reinvention of nan E3 show for 2025.” We’ll conscionable person to hold and spot if those plans really travel to fruition, though, arsenic E3 has struggled to return to its erstwhile glory since nan commencement of nan COVID-19 pandemic.

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