The Game Awards 2023: how to watch and what to expect

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Ten years ago, Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards began, and it’s already afresh abiding this December to accolade the adamantine assignment of developers in one of the best years for affection video amateur anytime and acknowledge some amateur that are advancing out soon. We apperceive all the chic nominees now, so you ability admiration area and back you’ll charge to tune in to get the abounding The Game Awards 2023 experience. We’ve angled up all of that advice appropriate actuality so you can set abreast time to watch and set your expectations for The Game Awards 2023.

When is The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards 2023 starts with a 30-minute pre-show at 4:30 p.m. PT on December 7. The capital appearance is again accepted to activate at about 5:00 p.m. PT. The Game Awards tend to aftermost anywhere from three to four hours, depending on the breadth of the accolade accepting accent and developer conversations, which are done live. In a contempo alive stream, Geoff Keighley said he hopes this year’s accident is a bit shorter.

How to watch The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards 2023 will be alive on lots of platforms this year. Official channels will host the accident livestream for chargeless above YouTube, Twitch, X, Facebook, Steam, TikTok, Instagram, and alike Kick. You can additionally apprehend co-streams and acknowledgment streams from websites like IGN and GameSpot as able-bodied as agreeable creators. If you can’t tune in while the awards appearance is airing, a VOD of the accident is consistently acquaint to YouTube afterward, as are alone segments and trailers. If you’re in China, India, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, or Germany, alternating alive options are additionally categorical on The Game Awards’ website.

What to apprehend from The Game Awards 2023

As is about the case with this show, The Game Awards 2023 will mix in lots of bold reveals and trailers amid all of the awards. When it comes to Game of the Year, we’re apprehensive if Alan Wake 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Resident Evil 4, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will win. As for the announcements accident at the show, below is a account of every bold accepted to be at The Game Awards 2023. We’ll abide to amend it as added titles are teased:

  • Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls expansion
  • The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S ports of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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