The M3 is the most important chip Apple has ever made

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Macs pinch Apple silicon were a revelation erstwhile they launched 3 years ago, but we haven’t seen Apple show really it will transportation that thought guardant since then. We saw nan M2 merchandise and nan middling capacity improvements that came pinch it, but the M3, announced during Apple’s “Scary Fast” event, is nan astir important spot Apple has ever designed for Macs.

Although it carries nan branding of nan 3rd procreation of Apple silicon, it’s really nan 2nd existent generation. There’s a batch riding connected this merchandise for Apple to beryllium that it tin prolong its ain silicon successful Macs, and M3 is arriving astatine a clip erstwhile there’s fierce title connected each sides.

Second-gen Apple silicon

Apple's M3 spot family.Apple

Wind nan clocks backmost to May of past year. At nan time, soon earlier Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), nan manufacture was speculating connected nan merchandise of Apple’s M2. Reports astatine nan clip indicated that Apple would move onto a 3nm process alternatively of utilizing nan 5nm process that nan M1 was based on. But thing changed. After nan spot was announced, further reports came retired that Apple skipped nan 3nm process because it couldn’t unafraid capable supply, apt owed to proviso chains being thrown retired of sorts from nan pandemic.

Instead of a seismic displacement successful capacity for illustration nan M1 was, nan M2 was a refinement of nan Apple silicon we had already seen. It was nan 2nd procreation successful sanction only. It’s not dissimilar from a processor for illustration Intel’s caller Core i9-14900K. It’s a 14th-gen processor, but it’s based connected nan aforesaid hardware that powered nan 13th-gen.

The M3 is nan existent successor to nan M1, offering a afloat process shift. I ideate it won’t look arsenic awesome compared to nan M2, apt falling successful statement pinch decent, if unexciting, generational improvements. Considering it’s launching devices for illustration nan 24-inch iMac that person been restricted to M1, though, M3 should correspond a monolithic boost successful performance.

We’ll person to spot if that capacity holds up erstwhile we person a chance to trial M3 ourselves. Regardless, M3 is nan existent accessor to nan M1, and it’s wherever we’ll spot really Apple settles into a cadence of producing its ain silicon successful nan future.

The gaming push

Hideo Kojima talking astir Mac gaming astatine WWDC 2023.Apple

One captious facet of M3 is nan caller GPU architecture. Apple made a large woody astir nan M3’s GPU during its presentation, announcing that nan caller architecture supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing, mesh shading, and an “industry first” characteristic successful Dynamic Caching. All of these changes look for illustration portion of Apple’s larger push into gaming.

Apple has dabbled successful gaming for years, chiefly dipping its toed into nan h2o pinch a casual assemblage done Apple Arcade, releasing smaller, much manageable experiences for iPhones, Macs, and moreover Apple TV. But complete nan past 12 months, there’s been a awesome effort put into halfway gaming. We’ve seen the Game Porting Toolkit unfastened up Windows games connected Mac, ports of Resident Evil 4 to iPhone, upscaling done Apple’s MetalFX, and moreover an quality by gaming icon Hideo Kojima during an Apple event.

Lies of P moving connected nan MacBook Pro.Apple

With that push, Apple is yet gathering its ambitions pinch hardware successful nan shape of M3. Digital Trends saw a preview of games like Lies of P running connected M3, and pinch titles arsenic large as Baldur’s Gate 3 showing up pinch autochthonal Mac support, it seems Apple is yet hitting its stride pinch halfway gaming. If caller AAA games tin get connected nan level pinch coagulated performance, Apple whitethorn yet person its ft successful nan door.

Apple’s gaming attraction started months ago, but it’s yet fresh for primetime pinch M3. The GPU upgrades look for illustration nan large attraction for Apple, and that’s focused almost solely connected gaming performance.

Major competition

Two Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

After Apple launched nan M1, nan computing world was sent into a frenzy trying to drawback up. There person been attempts from AMD, Intel, and moreover Qualcomm, nary of which could clasp a candle to Apple’s silicon. It’s been a fewer years now, though, and times are changing.

Intel whitethorn yet person a competent Apple competitor connected its hands pinch Meteor Lake, which is slated to rotation retired starting connected December 14. Qualcomm precocious announced its Snapdragon X Elite for Windows laptops, too, boasting astir capacity that clearly thumps nan Intel competition and makes nan M2 look silly. And Qualcomm says it tin do this while rivaling nan artillery life of M-series MacBooks.

Apple enjoyed a fewer years connected top, pinch nan computing world fumbling complete rushed attempts to support pace. That won’t proceed forever, though, and Apple will apt find itself successful overmuch much competitory waters passim nan adjacent year. Going further, if reports are to beryllium believed, AMD and Nvidia are looking to create ARM-based processors for PCs, arsenic well, providing Apple pinch moreover much competition.

The M3 doesn’t person overmuch title astatine its release, but passim nan adjacent year, Apple will person to upwind nan large wind coming from nan remainder of nan computing industry. We very good could beryllium successful nan aforesaid business we were pinch nan M1, pinch yet much grounded attempts from nan competition. It doesn’t consciousness that measurement pinch nan magnitude of computing powerfulness we’ve seen, though.

A batch to look guardant to

The M3 is an breathtaking improvement for Apple. There’s a batch to look guardant to, particularly arsenic Apple introduces nan spot to products for illustration nan Mac mini and MacBook Air. There’s a batch riding connected nan M3, however, particularly erstwhile we look backmost successful a fewer months to spot really it has held up.

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