The most exciting TVs and more from CES 2024

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Now that nan particulate and hype of CES 2024 has settled, let’s talk astir nan astir breathtaking TVs coming retired successful 2024. Because there’s a batch of awesome worldly connected nan way. Also, let’s talk astir the real reasons we should beryllium excited.

Beyond nan hype

I opportunity this each twelvemonth because immoderate things ne'er change: CES is simply a hype fest. That’s conscionable what it is. All nan shiny caller cogwheel — and particularly nan TVs — are breathtaking astatine nan moment, location successful Las Vegas, nan astir hype metropolis location is. And I deliberation we emotion that astir CES. That show is not nan correct clip for maine to effort to beryllium pragmatic. I tin hardly support up pinch each nan exemplary numbers and associated specs arsenic I sprout video unrecorded from nan show floor.

But now, we tin beryllium a small much pragmatic. We tin return immoderate clip to person a chat astir which TVs are nan astir breathtaking and nan little emotionally charged reasons why they are exciting. Sometimes, it’s because they are borderline arguable — aliases arsenic arguable arsenic TV tech tin get.

This database follows nan bid successful which I saw nan TVs astatine CES. Which intends we person to commencement pinch LG.


It would beryllium adjacent to conjecture that I’d beryllium starting this database pinch nan LG transparent OLED TV — decently known arsenic nan LG Signature OLED T. But I’m not. Don’t get maine wrong, that TV is ridiculously cool, and I dream I get to walk immoderate value clip pinch it. But for arsenic cool arsenic it is, that is nan benignant of specialty TV that only a fistful of able folks will buy. Exciting? Yes. Totally. Will I reappraisal it? I judge dream so. But I want to support focused connected TVs that those reference this are apt to buy, and I don’t spot nan OLED T being 1 of them.

The LG Signature OLED T seen astatine CES 2024.The LG Signature OLED T gives nan belief of respective layers of depth. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

What I really want to attraction connected are nan LG G4 Gallery Series OLED and its wireless partner successful crime, nan OLED M. They fundamentally are nan aforesaid TV from a image capacity perspective, but nan OLED M happens to travel pinch LG’s Zero Connect box and has an ever truthful somewhat different creation because of it.

The caller LG G4 is breathtaking because it has nan latest-gen MLA (or micro-lens array) WOLED panel. Now, I don’t expect a revolutionary summation successful brightness here. But I do deliberation that because this caller MLA sheet is simply a spot much efficient, there’s an opportunity for LG to bump up nan mean image level conscionable a bit. That would lead to higher wide brightness and possibly let LG to return its ft disconnected nan state pinch its protective car brightness limiter.

Bright colors successful a activity shape displayed connected an LG C4 OLED.Digital Trends

I americium besides excited to spot really LG’s caller Alpha 11 processor improves immoderate cardinal image value factors for illustration upscaling and clean-up of low-bit-rate and bit-depth-starved streaming content. In short, I’m excited to spot really LG’s champion OLED TVs stack up to Sony’s. We spell connected and connected astir Sony’s awesome processing. Let’s spot really adjacent — aliases possibly conscionable different — LG’s latest processor looks successful comparison. That unsocial is going to make OLED TV reviews this twelvemonth ace fun.

I’m not discounting LG’s C4 OLED. I deliberation it could beryllium a beardown competitor this year. But I’m trying to instrumentality to nan astir breathtaking TVs. And for me, that’s nan LG G4 and, by extension, nan caller OLED M wireless models.

Samsung TVs

Next up is Samsung. First off, a small behind-the-scenes narrative: Samsung’s First Look arena was dizzying successful its scope. Samsung had truthful overmuch to spot there. Televisions. Speakers. Projectors. Computers. Other stuff. It was difficult to wrap my encephalon astir it all.

But Samsung was spending much effort hyping up its latest top-tier OLED TV — nan S95D — and its futuristic transparent micro-LED tech than astir different TVs.

I want to beryllium ace excited astir nan latest harvest of Samsung Neo QLED TVs – and indeed, I deliberation immoderate absorbing package features will beryllium built in. But from a image value capacity aspect, I don’t cognize really overmuch of a leap guardant they will beryllium complete nan 2023 models. We’ll find out. But, if we want to talk excitement? We person to talk astir 2 main products.

Samsung 2024 S95 D OLED TV showing its anti-glare feature.The 2024 Samsung S95D pinch Glare-Free tech Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

The first is nan caller S95D OLED. There are 2 notable changes for this TV successful 2024. One: it will person Samsung Display’s much businesslike and somewhat brighter QD-OLED panel. And two: this TV has a caller anti-glare implementation that I deliberation will be, ahem, very polarizing for TV enthusiasts. And if you didn’t spot that evident pun coming from me, you don’t cognize maine very well, do you?

I don’t expect nan S95D to beryllium notably brighter than nan S95C immoderate much than I expect nan LG G4 to beryllium notably brighter than nan LG G3. To observe immoderate brightness changes, we’d person to instrumentality nan S95D correct adjacent to nan S95C. And moreover then, you’d person to look difficult for nan brightness differences. (And we will do that successful a early post.)

I’m optimistic that nan somewhat brighter third-gen QD-OLED sheet mightiness dress up for immoderate drop-off successful brightness caused by nan anti-glare treatment.

But nan existent logic I’m willing successful comparing this year’s flagship Samsung OLED against past year’s flagship OLED is to spot nan nett effect of nan caller anti-glare tech it has implemented successful this caller S95D. And you whitethorn beryllium amazed to cognize that it isn’t to validate nan effectiveness of nan anti-glare. I tin show you correct now it is highly effective. No, I deliberation we request to spot what trade-offs, if any, are made pinch nan caller anti-glare implementation.

Some folks already dislike nan thought that nan S95D whitethorn beryllium little glossy. And it would beryllium adjacent to beryllium concerned it whitethorn not look to person specular HDR highlights arsenic aggravated arsenic nan S95C since anti-glare almost ever dims nan image ever truthful slightly. But I’m optimistic that nan somewhat brighter third-gen QD-OLED sheet mightiness compensate for immoderate brightness drop-off caused by nan anti-glare treatment.

Still, we request to talk astir whether nan deficiency of nan glossy surface is really a liability. And we want to spot if nan surface itself, successful afloat light, appears to beryllium transportation black. I deliberation a large portion of nan logic Samsung has done this is because immoderate folks were not fans of nan truth that nan QD-OLEDs blacks could look grey successful a light-bathed room.

A vibrant reef segment shown off-angle connected Samsung’s 76-inch micro-LED TV.Samsung’s 76-inch micro-LED TV Digital Trends

People who request that anti-glare coating, because they watch successful agleam rooms a lot, will astir apt want nan S95D. And for anyone who wants nan glossy surface and isn’t concerned astir a greyish sheet aliases anti-glare because they usually watch successful a light-controlled room? They’ll want nan S90D.

Still, I do expect immoderate folks to beryllium very vocal astir not having an action for a glossy surface successful nan S95D. Never mind that it makes nary consciousness to connection 2 different SKUs of nan aforesaid TV model.

The different Samsung TV I deliberation we request to watch retired for is nan 76-inch type of Samsung’s micro-LED TV. Samsung has not promised that this will beryllium a exemplary you tin bargain successful 2024 for sure, but I person a emotion it very good could be. If it is, we are going to person a shot testing it out. The jury’s still retired connected really costly it mightiness be, though. Still, this is nan astir normal-person size of this caller show tech, and if it becomes a consumer-level television, that’s breathtaking and a very large deal.


Next successful bid is Hisense. There are 3 Hisense TVs I americium excited about. The astir evident is nan 110-inch UX, though possibly not for nan reasons you mightiness think. And nan different 2 are nan U8N and U7N.

A bird's oculus position of a red-felted billiard array pinch balls racked successful nan halfway shown connected a HIsense U7N.HIsense U7N Digital Trends

Let’s commencement pinch those past two. The U7N looks a batch for illustration 2023’s U8K. And if I cognize Hisense, that intends you’ll beryllium capable to get U8 capacity this twelvemonth for past year’s U7 prices. That conscionable shifts Hisense’s worth proposition into overdrive. But nan U8N? I mean, this whitethorn beryllium nan TV to hit this year. I fishy we will person to comparison it to Samsung’s QN90D, TCL’s QM8, and immoderate Sony comes retired with, which I’m getting to shortly.

But we can’t talk astir Hisense’s 2024 TV lineup without talking astir nan monstrous 110-inch UX model, which promises 10,000 nits highest brightness pinch immoderate 40,000 section dimming zones for its mini-LED backlight array. Now, let’s flip speech that Hisense is intelligibly successful a specs warfare pinch its main rival, TCL, and attraction successful connected those numbers. Ten 1000 nits is simply a lot. Forty 1000 zones is an atrocious lot.

A waterfall segment shown connected a Hisense 110-inch UX TV. Hisense 110-inch UX Digital Trends

That sounds exciting, but I’m really excited to spot really Hisense handles each that power. Specifically, I want to spot really Hisense’s Hi-View image processor handles nan unthinkable request of 40,000 section dimming zones. I want to cognize really it handles upscaling contented to look bully connected specified a immense screen. Perhaps astir important, though, is really Hisense is going to grip nan expertise to get up to 10,000 nits. We cognize that highest brightness will only beryllium achievable successful mini highlights. But what astir nan brightness scope starring up to that? How will Hisense representation nan TV’s brightness erstwhile it good exceeds immoderate HDR contented disposable for america to watch today? At best, we tin get a fewer titles that person been mastered astatine 4,000 nits. How will Hisense take to show that contented pinch a TV that tin spell truthful acold beyond nan root material’s information?

If you callback from my 85-inch UX review, Hisense’s processing was nan weakest nexus successful that TV. Now, nan stakes are moreover higher. So, what benignant of processing advancement has Hisense made? That’s what I’m excited to see.


Next up is TCL. And nan 2 TVs I’m astir excited for present are nan caller QM8 and QM89, nan second of which is TCL’s monster 115-inch TV — nan largest direct-view TV to vessel to nan U.S. arsenic acold arsenic I cognize — tin of 5,000 nits highest brightness pinch complete 20,000 zones.

A family of skiers successful brightly-colored cogwheel shown connected a TCL 115-inch TV.TCL’s 115-Inch QM89 TV Digital Trends

I person to wonder: Will TCL moreover vessel maine a 115-inch TV? What will that look for illustration here? (Will it fit?) That unsocial is exciting. But also, really will TCL grip those 5,000 nits? How bully is nan power complete those 20,000 zones? That’s half nan brightness and half nan zones Hisense is claiming for its flagship but successful a bigger TV. I don’t expect location to beryllium a large capacity gulf betwixt nan TCL QM89 and nan Hisense UX. I don’t cognize if there’s ever been a amended illustration for nan statement that specs don’t show nan full story. At least, that’s what I suspect. But astir of my excitement is complete getting to find out.

If you haven’t figured it retired already, we’re going to beryllium talking a batch astir highest brightness, dimming zones, and nan usage of mini-LED this year, and TCL and Hisense are going to beryllium astatine nan forefront of that conversation.

But, frankly, I deliberation nan TCL QM8 is nan existent TV to watch this year. Seeing it do conflict against nan Hisense U8N will beryllium a treat.

CES no-shows

Next up is simply a TV we didn’t spot astatine CES. In fact, we haven’t seen it astatine all. It doesn’t person a patient exemplary number. We only cognize of its imaginable beingness acknowledgment to a typical travel I made to Tokyo. I am, of course, speaking of immoderate Sony’s flagship mini-LED TV will beryllium successful 2024.

Sony 2024 TV Exclusive | What To Expect and What Not To Expect

I don’t deliberation Sony is going to break immoderate nits records aliases section dimming area count records. And I don’t deliberation it needs to. With Sony’s processing and their caller backlight tech? I deliberation this flagship mini-LED TV from Sony is going to beryllium nan toast of 2024. That’s a bold prediction, but I’m comfortable pinch it. Is this nan mini-LED TV that really challenges OLED? We’re gonna find out!

Honorable mention goes retired to Roku, which didn’t grounds TVs astatine CES. But I’m holding connected to immoderate optimism astir its new Roku Pro Series. I really dream that it is simply a ace competitory TV.

Bonus AV I’m excited about

Now, I’ve sewage a mates of bonuses to share. I cognize they aren’t TVs, but they are TV-adjacent.

First, SVS has a caller flagship speaker lineup called Ultra Evolution. I’m telling you, these person each nan makings of a game-changer speaker lineup. I can’t hold to get immoderate successful and reappraisal them some from nan audiophile position arsenic good arsenic nan location theatre perspective.

Then — this is simply a large 1 — Dolby Flex Connect. I person a afloat study connected it coming retired soon that you won’t want to miss. I deliberation we’re going to spot this tech implemented successful immoderate Hisense and TCL TVs this year, and I’m stoked to spot really it’s implemented this year, but it’s really wherever it goes successful nan early that I’m astir excited about. I will opportunity correct now that it has immoderate beautiful awesome potential.

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