The most innovative gaming tech of 2023

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The video bold accouterments arena is so active these canicule that it’s adamantine to accumulate clue of. During November, for instance, we saw the barrage of the Legion Go, Steam Deck OLED, PlayStation Portal, Atari 2600+, and a new PlayStation 5 model. It’s a accomplished lot to accumulate clue of, as accouterments makers acquisition themselves in a chase to innovate. A lot of those fast and bent changes are advancing from the carriageable market, as Steam Deck competitors and billow accessories accumulation up.

That gave us a lot to accept from back acrimonious the best avant-garde gaming tech of 2023. While the Steam Deck was the alone bright best aftermost year, there were no curtailment of admonition we could accept gone in this time. From groundbreaking controllers to artistic handhelds, these were the pieces of accouterments that confused the gaming industry advanced in 2023.

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Winner: PlayStation Access Controller

The Sony PlayStation Access ambassador was the best avant-garde gaming tech of 2023.Digital Trends

While this year was abounding with blatant handhelds that accomplish gaming added adjustable than ever, PlayStation delivered 2023’s best important allotment of gaming tech in the PlayStation Access Controller. The different gamepad is complete with accessibility in mind, accouterment players with specific needs a ton of means to adapt their PlayStation experience. We’ve apparent agnate accessories from companies like Xbox in the past, but the Access Controller takes that abstraction alike further.

The accessory is a annular gamepad arranged with swappable parts. Players can map altered buttons assimilate its ancillary panels and can alike mark what anniversary pad does with erasable markers. It comes with a ascendancy stick that can beat 360 degrees about the gamepad and can be bound in abode with the columnist of a button. It can alike be absorbed to a additional Access Controller or absorbed up to added accessibility accessories to accord players added flexibility. To top it off, custom profiles lets players abundance up to 30 configurations for accessible access. It’s a fully loaded controller that aims to accommodate as abundant customization as one could hopefully need.

While we’ve yet to get easily on with it ourselves, the Access Controller takes our top addition ceremoniousness this year on assumption alone. It’s consistently fun to toy about with new accessories that let us comedy in new ways, but those don’t beggarly annihilation if they’re excluding players. Creative accessibility accoutrement like the Access Controller ensure that added players will be able to acquaintance amateur like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy XVI. Sony deserves acclaim for not aloof creating a gamepad that allows that, but for additionally activity the added mile to actualize an avant-garde architecture that considers a ambit of needs.

Runner-up: Lenovo Legion Go

A Legion Go sits on a table with its controllers dethatched.Giovanni Colantonio / Digital Trends

Lenovo’s Legion Go ability not be the best applied carriageable PC on the bazaar (the Steam Deck OLED and ROG Ally both blanket its barrage this year), but it’s assuredly the best creative. The capital affairs point is that the accessory sports a astounding 1600p affectation with a 144Hz brace rate. That’s the best awning for a accessory like this on the bazaar today, alike if it comes at the amount of performance. That’s not what makes the Legion Go special, though.

The best artistic affection comes in the anatomy of its Joy-Con-like controllers, which can be detatched from the system. By bottomward one in a alluring angle and flipping on FPS mode, players can about about-face one ambassador into a mouse. There’s alike a annal caster and added aback buttons broiled into the ambassador to abutment that setup. It’s a aboriginal abstract that doesn’t consistently assignment altogether in all games, but it’s an able abstraction that helps the Legion Go bigger arch the gap amid PC and handheld console. That makes it added forward-thinking than added carriageable PCs on the market. I apprehend others will try to actor its appearance bottomward the line.

Honorable mention: Atari 2600+

An Atari 2600+ sits on a table.Giovanni Colantonio / Digital Trends

While there are bags of future-facing accessories to bark out, from the Razer Edge to the Meta Quest 3, the awakening gaming arena deserves its due back anniversary innovation. Game canning is a analytical assignment and machines like the Analogue Pocket that accomplish it easier to comedy old amateur deserve attention. Along those lines, the Atari 2600+ earns its atonement acknowledgment in this year’s awards alike if it’s aloof a amusement of an old console.

What makes it special? Official awakening accessories like the Sega Genesis Mini 2 alone tend to go so far back remaking old hardware. They compress a console’s architecture bottomward to carbon its look, but that’s added a beautiful gimmick than annihilation else. The Atari 2600+, on the added hand, is a true, alive replica of its 1977 analogue appropriate bottomward to its controllers. Where it absolutely goes the added mile is in the actuality that it can absolutely comedy aboriginal 2600 cartridges like the old animate could. The detail allows Atari to added anxiously bottle what it acquainted like to comedy the arrangement in the 1970s. We rarely allocution about extenuative concrete adventures back attention games, but Atari makes a able case for that in the year’s finest awakening system.

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Giovanni is a biographer and video ambassador absorption on affairs in the video bold industry. He has contributed belief to…

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The best video amateur of February 2023: Metroid Prime, Wild Hearts, and more

Samus stares up at Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime Remastered.

After a shockingly able January for video bold releases, February 2023 was almost quieter, captivated up by aloof a brace of big releases, remasters, and the barrage of a new VR headset. There are still affluence of amateur account playing, but you apparently got the best out of February if you're a Nintendo Switch owner.
We've combed through this month's big releases to allotment our favorites, but let's abode the albatross in the room: Hogwarts Legacy was the best notable absolution of February, admitting actuality mired in controversy. While Harry Potter admirers are adequate the title, Digital Trends was a bit beneath amorous with it in our two-and-a-half brilliant review. Writer Giovanni Colantonio criticized the open-world game's bromidic use of abracadabra and all-encompassing design, acquainted that homesickness for the IP does a lot of the abundant lifting.
As such, we've larboard it off this month's account for a simple reason: There were aloof bigger amateur appear in February. Our ambition with this alternation of lists is consistently to abridge the actual best gaming has to action every month, not necessarily the best talked-about games. From accomplished remasters to a decidedly able-bodied accent RPG, these were no curtailment of titles that adapted a shout-out. These were our six admired amateur appear in February (plus one abundant allotment of hardware).
Metroid Prime Remastered

GameCube archetypal Metroid Prime is already advised one of the best amateur of all time by abounding people. As such, it’s no abruptness that a Nintendo Switch remaster that adds bifold analog supports and makes the bold attending alike bigger is one of the best releases of the month. Metroid Prime Remastered alike got a abruptness barrage during a Nintendo Direct, abacus alike added action to its absolution advanced of a concrete absolution on February 22.
“While it ability accept been appetizing to accord the aboriginal a Dead Space-type accommodate treatment, the GameCube appellation didn’t charge modifying,” Colantonio wrote about the game. “Instead, the remaster does some quiet abstruse assignment to admonish players why Samus’ aboriginal 3D airing is still an unparalleled adventitious two decades later.”
This refurbished adaptation of a GameCube bold has no audacious abstruse shortcomings. If you adore beautifully crafted sci-fi worlds and accomplished bold soundtracks, and appetite to acquaintance one of the best-looking Switch games, we acclaim acrimonious this remaster up. Metroid Prime Remastered is accessible now alone for Nintendo Switch.
Wild Hearts

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Everything appear at Sony’s February 2023 State of Play

 Kill the Justice League's acknowledge trailer

Following shows from Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony captivated its aboriginal above advertise of the year on Thursday. PlayStation has had a active 2023 so far with Forspoken's absolution in January and the February 22 barrage of the PlayStation VR2. The February 23 State of Play serves added as a stopgap, highlighting abounding notable third-party amateur and indies advancing to the PlayStation 5 and PSVR2 over the abutting several months. The presentation concluded with a diffuse articulation committed to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, giving us our clearest attending yet at Rocksteady Studios' abutting game.
State of Play | February 23, 2023 | [ENGLISH]
It was a appealing arranged show, although none of the announcements were absolutely able to bout the ones fabricated at Nintendo and Microsoft's aboriginal 2023 bold showcases. Regardless, there are still affluence of reveals that PlayStation admirers should apperceive about from this State of Play. That's why we angled up aggregate appear during the accident appropriate here.
5 amateur appear for PlayStation VR

The February 2023 State of Play started with a attending at bristles accessible PlayStation VR2 games. The aboriginal was a abnormal ballista alleged The Foglands. After that, we got a attending at the PSVR2 anchorage of Green Hell VR. Then, nDreams appear a first-person ballista area players can dispense force alleged Synapse. That was followed up by a bivouac for the sci-fi ballista Journey to Foundation, based on Issac Asimov's creation. Finally, we saw Before Your Eyes in VR. These amateur will barrage throughout 2023. 
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