The most innovative TV tech of 2023

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While 2023 was added change than anarchy for TVs, a few standout innovations this year set the date for big antagonism amid TVs in 2024.

In 2022, Samsung Display’s QD-OLED affectation technology fabricated account as the most avant-garde affectation technology back OLED was alien to chump TVs by LG some 10 years prior. In a appreciably appropriate accomplishment to applause aback at Samsung, LG Display unleashed the best allusive amend to its OLED affectation technology in 10 years, and this year, that tech earns our top accolade for the best avant-garde TV tech of 2023.

You ability be afraid to learn, however, that the TV that uses that avant-garde TV tech didn’t acquire our Most Innovative TV accolade for 2023. Instead, it was an absolutely altered affectionate of TV, additionally fabricated by LG. Let’s dive in.

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Winner: LG MLA OLED console technology

LG MLA OLED technology is the best avant-garde TV technology of 2023.Digital Trends

When Samsung fabricated after-effects with the QD-OLED technology in its S95B OLED TV, LG anon attempt aback with MLA OLED technology, authoritative it attending like the tech had been set abreast for aloof such an occasion. Whatever the accurate central baseball adventure may be, we were captivated to see it unleashed this year.

Practically speaking, MLA — or, Micro Lens Array — technology makes LG’s OLED panels decidedly brighter than they’ve been in the past. This is notable not alone because one of the few complaints about OLED TVs and monitors was that they couldn’t get as ablaze as QLED TVs, but because Samsung Display’s QD-OLED technology was announcement some aberrant accuracy numbers.

LG accomplished this addition in accuracy in a absolutely absorbing way. Rather than tweaking amoebic compounds, juicing up electricity, or abacus able new heat-dissipation technology, LG Display apparent its accuracy limitations by homing in on efficiency.

In effect, MLA is a attenuate area of actual aloft which millions of tiny arched lenses accept been printed. Those lenses abduction ablaze that commonly gets broadcast central an OLED panel, and focuses it at the adapted destination: your eyeballs.

It may complete like a simple solution, but its accomplishing is a accurate accomplishment of engineering. The aftereffect of MLA, commutual with added brightness-boosting efforts fabricated by LG, sees accuracy increases of up to 70% over acceptable W-RGB OLED TVs. In the end, LG’s Gallery Series G3 OLED anguish up actuality the brightest OLED TV I’ve anytime tested.

With OLED accuracy now of decidedly lower affair than before, LG has fabricated it alike harder for QLED TV makers to affirmation their TVs are superior. This, naturally, will abet the abutting blast in the advancing TV accuracy war that’s been angry for several years already.

Runner up: LG M-Series

An LG M3 Wireless OLED box.Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

While MLA OLED console tech may be the best avant-garde TV tech of 2023, it was ironically outshined by an LG TV that didn’t accommodate it. For our money, the LG M-Series wireless OLED TV addled us as the best avant-garde TV this year.

Since MLA technology is still actuality scaled up, it isn’t accessible in the 77-inch awning admeasurement that LG Electronics autonomous to use back fashioning an OLED TV with wireless arresting delivery. While you still accept to bung LG’s M3 OLED into the bank for power, that’s the alone wire tethering it to annihilation at all.

With the LG M3 wireless OLED TV, all cable access are fabricated to a wireless transmitter box that LG wryly calls a “zero-connect” box (Samsung has continued accustomed its “One-Connect” box with a distinct cable affiliation as a authentication of its TV innovation). While the Zero-Connect box’s wireless manual ambit is bound to about 30 anxiety and requires a bright band of afterimage for ceaseless arresting delivery, it’s still a huge bound against a wireless TV approaching that eliminates the rat’s backup of cables frequently associated with home ball systems of the past.

Honorable mention: Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung's 65-inch Class 'The Frame' QLED 4K Smart TV announcement a acclaimed oil painting.Samsung

Samsung’s second-gen QD-OLED tech managed to acquisition its way into two of the best TVs we activated this year: the Samsung S95C and the Sony A95K — the closing of which has been crowned as the best TV of the year by myself, and at several industry shootout events. However, it is one of Samsung’s affairs TVs that afflicted me best in 2023.

Samsung’s The Frame TV is a QLED TV that’s packaged up in a way that it already looks added like affected art than a TV, but the 2023 adaptation of The Frame has a new matte awning accomplishment that, commutual with akin backlighting and blush management, yields an angel that is a asleep ringer for a allotment of art on canvas. The arrangement is so realistic, I aloof had to ability out and blow the awning the aboriginal time I saw it. The apparition is appreciably acceptable and makes for a TV that can seamlessly alloy in with aloof about any adornment concept.

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The best avant-garde TV tech of 2022

QD-OLED console technology

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