The new era of SiriusXM starts today with a revamped app

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Howard Stern arsenic seen connected nan caller SiriusXM app connected an iPhone, successful beforehand of nan app connected a car stereo.A redesigned app is nan first measurement successful nan adjacent shape for SiriusXM. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

SiriusXM is entering a caller procreation successful which nan lines betwixt its bequest outer streaming power work statesman to blur moreover much pinch modern internet-based streaming music. As we learned astatine the company’s monolithic property event successful November, that caller procreation originates coming pinch a revamped app and web presence. And on pinch that comes a simplified value for those who only want (or need) nan app and don’t require a outer subscription.

The caller $10-a-month scheme gets you everything a accepted outer subscription gets. That includes nan expertise to perceive nonstop from beautiful overmuch anywhere: On a phone. On a tablet. In a web browser. In a car from a phone. In a car, connected your stereo via CarPlay aliases Android Auto, from your phone.

And while that apt makes you wonderment why anyone would request a outer subscription, well, you’re not wrong. SiriusXM has been clear that its outer work isn’t going anyplace anytime soon, and that it’s each astir choice, and getting into arsenic galore ears successful arsenic galore ways possible.

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The updated app and web acquisition is conscionable portion of that. The really breathtaking part, astatine slightest from a nerdy perspective, is what you’ll spot wrong cars arsenic portion of nan “360L” acquisition that blurs nan lines betwixt outer and IP-based infotainment moreover further. The built-in SiriusXM acquisition that comes pinch a caller car (can you moreover bargain a caller car without it these days?) will see interactive content. Sirius showed a little demo of that pinch beta package successful a Cadillac Lyric astatine November’s property event, but besides stressed that what we saw location wasn’t a vanished product, and that existing systems tin only beryllium updated truthful much, astatine slightest arsenic acold arsenic nan personification acquisition goes.

What tin beryllium extended, however, is content. And to that end, on pinch nan updated app and web acquisition , you’ll find a slew of caller channels, including Alt2K, Flex2K, and dedicated channels from Shaggy, Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Dolly Parton, Smokey Robinson, and podcast institution Audiochuck.

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