The next generation of QD-OLED monitors is coming soon

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Samsung's 31.5-inch and 27-inch QD-OLED monitors for 2024.Samsung Display

With CES conscionable astir nan corner, show manufacturers are afloat committed to unveiling their adjacent procreation of panels. We person already heard announcements from TCL and Lenovo, and now Samsung has joined nan fray pinch nan announcement of its improvement of 2 precocious high-end QD-OLED gaming monitors.

Considering nan Alienware 34 QD-OLED has been nan champion gaming show ever since it came out, nan stakes for nan adjacent procreation of QD-OLED are high.

The first offering measures 31.5 inches and has a UHD solution (3840 x 2160) pinch a pixel density of 140 pixels per inch. This makes it nan highest pixel density UHD solution OLED show connected nan marketplace and is comparable to a 65-inch 8K TV. Samsung says that it has achieved nan precocious solution by utilizing a typical ultra-precise inkjet printing exertion for nan quantum dot light-emitting furniture by optimizing nan inkjet nozzle and spray volume.

Samsung's 31.5-inch and 27-inch QD-OLED gaming monitors for 2024.Samsung

Additionally, Samsung is moving connected a 27-inch QHD QD-OLED pinch a 360Hz refresh rate. This 1 besides stands retired from nan crowd arsenic it will beryllium nan first OLED show pinch specified a precocious refresh rate. Up until now, we’ve seen OLED monitors scope up to 240Hz. The precocious refresh complaint has been achieved utilizing Quantum Enhancer, a proprietary AI-driven algorithm.

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Along pinch nan 360Hz refresh rate, nan sheet will besides beryllium tin of offering a accelerated consequence clip of up to 0.03ms, making it an fantabulous prime for master first-person-shooter (FPS) gamers.

Both QD-OLED gaming monitors are undergoing wide accumulation and are expected to beryllium disposable successful unit stores adjacent year, astir apt sometime aft they person been showcased astatine CES 2024. With nan description of its merchandise lineup, Samsung is aiming to triple its full show shipments successful 2024 compared to nan erstwhile year.

Alienware teased 2 caller QD-OLED monitors successful October, truthful don’t beryllium amazed if we spot these Samsung panels showing up location and from different manufacturers.

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