The Nothing Phone 2a is releasing in March, but there’s a catch

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A personification holding nan Nothing Phone 2, pinch nan lights lit up.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The day is group for nan presence of Nothing’s adjacent phone. The British upstart’s upcoming flashy gizmo — nan Nothing Phone 2a — will get connected March 5, correct aft nan Mobile World Congress 2024 user tech fest concludes. In a short hype movie that dropped earlier today, Nothing teased that nan instrumentality could beryllium cheaper than nan Nothing Phone 2, which chased flagship credentials.

Once again, a standout creation will beryllium nan cardinal trading point, but nan looks will beryllium joined to meaningful tricks. CEO Carl Pei, an alum of OnePlus, took a fewer potshots astatine Chinese smartphone brands successful nan non-flagship conception (as good arsenic Samsung), ribbing them for chasing measurement income while cramming successful parts that are hardly useful to nan buyer. two-megapixel macro cameras, eh? Of course, a UI loaded pinch bloatware and ads was besides successful nan crosshairs.

Those cool LED lights astatine nan back, which besides blend functionally pinch app notifications and alerts, will make an quality connected nan Nothing Phone 2a. This clip around, though, it seems we are successful for a caller return connected what Nothing calls nan Glyph Interface. Notably, nan institution is besides opening it to developers, allowing them entree to nan LED ray elements truthful that they tin play good pinch third-party apps.

Speaking of developers, it seems they will beryllium nan only folks capable to get their hands connected nan Nothing Phone 2a, astatine slightest connected U.S. soil. The institution has nary wide-release plans for nan U.S. market. For folks successful Asian markets for illustration India and Europe, they will beryllium capable to acquisition it without immoderate developer shenanigans.

“In nan U.S., Phone (2a) will beryllium accessible to developers exclusively done Nothing’s U.S. Developer Program. Participants will beryllium provided a Phone (2a) and are encouraged to supply feedback connected their acquisition and outcomes utilizing nan Glyph Developer Kit,” says nan institution successful an charismatic property release.

Nothing won’t opportunity why nan instrumentality isn’t getting a wide merchandise successful nan U.S. market, but if nan brand’s erstwhile statements are thing to spell by, bearer deals and profitability could erstwhile again beryllium nan culprits. We person sent a query to Nothing regarding nan lopsided marketplace merchandise and will update this communicative accordingly.

The Glyph interface connected nan Nothing Phone 2.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Rumored to costs location astir $400, nan Nothing Phone 2a will reportedly clasp a caller camera land look astatine nan back. However, Nothing’s creation main has confirmed that nan Nothing Phone 2a will erstwhile again play pinch nan transparent creation elements that person go a hallmark of nan brand.

As acold arsenic nan internals go, leaks hint astatine MediaTek’s Dimensity 8300 chip, a 6.7-inch 120Hz display, and a minimum of 128GB of onboard storage. The 2 cameras astatine nan backmost trust connected a 50-megapixel sensor each, while Nothing OS 2.5, based connected Android 14, will grip things connected nan package side.

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