The OnePlus 12 just leaked again — and with an odd camera change

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Leaked OnePlus 12 merchandise renders.@OnLeaks / MySmartPrice

OnePlus is preparing to motorboat its adjacent flagship telephone successful nan coming months, but a caller leak predicts an unpleasant surprise. A fewer weeks ago, purported renders of nan OnePlus 12 depicted a telephone that borrows heavy from nan OnePlus 11 but adds a rectangular lens constituent astatine nan backmost to fresh a periscope-style telephoto camera.

Now, leaker OnLeaks (via MySmartPrice) has shared updated renders “based connected pre-production portion pictures” that don’t show immoderate telephoto lens upgrade. Instead, we person 3 camera lenses pinch chopped information lens inlets and a 4th cutout of nan aforesaid size without immoderate visible lens constituent connected nan camera island.

Alleged renders of OnePlus 12.@OnLeaks / MySmartPrice

While nan absence of a folded lens zoom camera connected nan OnePlus 12 seems disheartening, it could beryllium a motion that OnePlus is redeeming that upgrade for a much premium “Pro” phone. Samsung has kept nan tech locked to its top-tier Ultra phones, and Apple is expected to do nan aforesaid pinch nan priciest exemplary successful nan iPhone 15 series.

It’s besides beautiful evident why OnePlus could beryllium doing so. The OnePlus 10 Pro ne'er sewage a fitting successor successful nan OnePlus 11 series, and nan institution besides made it clear that nan OnePlus 10 Pro will proceed to beryllium its flagship for a full full-year cycle. Moreover, fixed nan expected asking value of nan OnePlus 12, which should autumn successful nan $600-800 bracket, a periscope zoom camera would beryllium a daydream.

But it’s really nan 4th information cutout successful nan camera land that remains a mystery. My champion conjecture would beryllium that it’s immoderate benignant of laser-assisted time-of-flight (ToF) sensor for enhanced auto-focus. We’ve already seen aggregate phones offering that convenience successful nan past fewer years, truthful there’s surely immoderate precedent for that.

Purported renders of OnePlus 12@OnLeaks / MySmartPrice

There’s besides a chance that it could beryllium immoderate type of lidar sensor, nan benignant you spot connected nan “Pro” iPads and iPhones, which is location to assistance pinch AR-related tasks. The last conjecture would beryllium that it’s a somesthesia sensor, pursuing successful nan footsteps of Google, which is putting 1 connected nan upcoming Pixel 8 Pro flagship.

But do support successful mind that these are simply knowledgeable speculations and that, too, are based connected reported renders of an unreleased product. The last instrumentality mightiness extremity up looking a bit, aliases moreover dramatically, different. The remainder of nan package, however, is simply a acquainted OnePlus affair.

The signature sandstone decorativeness astatine nan backmost is present to stay, and truthful is nan beautiful curved OLED show pinch bladed bezels. This telephone is rumored to touch nan 120-watt charging complaint figure, while Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon spot will support things moving inside. The camera hardware includes a duo of 50-megapixel snappers and a 64-megapixel sensor, while a 5,000mAh artillery will reportedly support nan lights on.

Rumors propose that nan OnePlus 12 will break screen astir December aliases possibly successful January adjacent year. Prior to that, nan institution is heavy rumored to motorboat its first foldable phone within nan adjacent mates of months. Unsurprisingly, rumors propose it will return dense inspiration from sister institution Oppo’s Find N2 foldable phone.

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