The OnePlus 12 may fix one of the OnePlus 11’s biggest mistakes

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Leaked OnePlus 12 renderOnePlus 12 render SmartPrix

OnePlus, which conscionable launched its first folding phone, is group to merchandise nan OnePlus 12 successful a fewer months. Now, nan latest rumor suggests that it will beryllium fixing 1 of nan biggest mistakes of nan OnePlus 11 and nan OnePlus Open: nan deficiency of wireless charging.

According to reliable leaker Max Jambor connected X (formerly Twitter), nan OnePlus 12 will revive wireless charging. Not only will it bring backmost wireless charging, but it will besides wirelessly complaint astatine 50-watt speeds to boot. This wireless charging rumor is besides being touted by Digital Chat Station connected Chinese societal web Weibo.

OnePlus 12 does so bring backmost wireless charging astatine 50 Watts!

— Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) October 23, 2023

There’s a spot of history down OnePlus and wireless charging. For years, nan marque said that it was hesitant to see wireless charging because it was excessively slow. But erstwhile it released nan OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, and OnePlus 10 Pro pinch wireless charging astatine 50-watt speeds, it impressed many. However, erstwhile nan OnePlus 11 came out, wireless charging was mysteriously absent. OnePlus often brings up that accelerated charging via a cablegram is much useful since you tin usage your telephone while it charges.

OnePlus besides conscionable released its first foldable, nan OnePlus Open, pinch a value tag of $1,700. But moreover its astir costly telephone doesn’t person wireless charging, moreover though its competitors, nan Google Pixel Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, do.

OnePlus Open successful Emerald Dusk showing Flexion Hinge opinionated up.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

At immoderate constituent earlier this year, OnePlus did opportunity that it was considering adding wireless charging backmost successful early releases, but ne'er specified erstwhile that would happen.

But arsenic we attack nan OnePlus 12 motorboat toward nan extremity of this twelvemonth aliases nan commencement of adjacent year, it’s apt we’ll spot it return sooner alternatively than later. This would besides make nan OnePlus 12 a imaginable campaigner to beryllium 1 of nan first Android phones equipped pinch Qi2 wireless charging, a exertion built connected Apple’s MagSafe modular that was introduced astatine CES 2023.

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Is this our first look astatine nan OnePlus 12?

Leaked OnePlus 12 render

The adjacent flagship from OnePlus mightiness not service overmuch of an artistic surprise, but it conscionable mightiness triumph complete mobile photography enthusiasts. SmartPrix (in collaboration pinch @OnLeaks) has shared purported renders of nan upcoming OnePlus 12 "based connected real-life pictures of a testing portion prototype."

Now, earlier we excavation further into nan juicy details, here's nan modular disclaimer. The leak comes from a reputed source, but nan renders picture a testing shape device, of which location could beryllium aggregate iterations. That intends nan last instrumentality hitting nan shelves could look somewhat – aliases overmuch – different.

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This is nan astir jaw-dropping Android telephone I’ve seen successful years

Angled position of OnePlus 11 Marble Odyssey Edition.

“I’ll bargain this 1 conscionable for nan looks,” remarked nan barista astatine my favourite java shop arsenic he saw maine photographing nan OnePlus 11 Marble Odyssey Edition. I’d do that, too. Who wouldn’t bargain an highly well-rounded Android telephone that’s sewage a marble-like backmost pinch golden accents but still comes cheaper than your bland-looking iPhone aliases Samsung Galaxy?

In nan past fewer years, OnePlus has drawn flak for losing its edge, losing grip pinch nan famed “flagship killer” mantra that won its legions of fans. Passionate fans, I’d say. The OnePlus 11, starting astatine $700, brought nan marque backmost connected track. In my ain experience, I haven’t utilized a telephone arsenic fulfilling arsenic nan OnePlus 11 complete nan past year. Of course, a palatable value makes it instantly likable, too.

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Is this our first look astatine nan OnePlus Fold? I judge dream so

Purported beforehand and rear position of nan OnePlus V Fold

OnePlus precocious gave a teasing glimpse of its first foldable phone. Well, that glimpse was really turned into a high-resolution position of nan upcoming device, acknowledgment to leaker @OnLeaks (via SmartPrix). The leaked renders of nan upcoming OnePlus Fold show a instrumentality that is unmistakably OnePlus, pinch immoderate standout creation touches and a promising camera perk.

But a connection of be aware earlier you commencement digging into your wallet. The leaked renders are reportedly based connected “a prototype portion successful nan testing stage,” which intends nan last type hitting nan shelves later this twelvemonth mightiness look a tad -- aliases possibly wholly -- different.

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