The original Google Pixel Watch is a great buy while it’s $80 off

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As 1 of Best Buy’s early Black Friday deals, you tin presently bargain nan Google Pixel Watch for $200 redeeming you $80 disconnected nan accustomed value of $280. While it isn’t nan latest exemplary immoderate more, this is still 1 of nan champion smartwatch deals astatine nan moment. If you’re not judge if you should opt for it aliases salary much for nan Google Pixel Watch 2, we’re present to help. Keep reference while we explicate each arsenic good arsenic punctual you of nan woody involved.

Why you should bargain nan Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch doesn’t make nan trim among nan best smartwatches but it’s still worthy checking retired for galore people. It has an charismatic 1.2-inch always-on show pinch up to 1,000 nits of brightness which is really nan aforesaid arsenic nan Google Pixel Watch 2.

An older processor intends it’s a small slower but you still get halfway fittingness features. It has a humor oxygen saturation monitor, on pinch ECG facilities, and an optical hearty complaint sensor. Again, that’s a fewer little features than nan Google Pixel Watch 2 which adds connected superior sensors for illustration assemblage consequence search and tegument somesthesia sensors, but you’ll still beryllium happy pinch what’s here.

The Google Pixel Watch will still way each your fittingness and health, specified arsenic calories burned, steps taken, and nan workouts you participate in, each acknowledgment to Fitbit integration. It’s easy to look up turn-by-turn navigation utilizing Maps arsenic good arsenic salary pinch Google Wallet. It each comes together nicely truthful you tin way your wellbeing from 1 device.

So, should you spell for nan Google Pixel Watch complete nan newer 2 model? In position of looks and surface quality, there’s not overmuch successful it. However, nan Google Pixel Watch 2 offers amended capacity and much blase sensors, arsenic good arsenic automatic workout search for definite communal exercises. The downside? The Google Pixel Watch 2 costs $150 much than nan Google Pixel Watch does correct now. We person a afloat explainer of nan differences betwixt nan Google Pixel Watch and Google Pixel Watch 2 to thief break things down but immoderate of it is going to dangle connected your finances.

If you’re not convinced you request those other features, you’ll beryllium delighted pinch nan Google Pixel Watch. Down to conscionable $200 from $280 astatine Best Buy, you prevention $80 but you besides perchance prevention $150 compared to buying nan superior but not needfully basal Google Pixel Watch 2. Check it retired now and spot what useful champion for you.

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