The Samsung Galaxy S24 just failed a critical durability test

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra successful Titanium Orange and successful Titanium Silver.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Smartphones thin to amended yearly, but their usefulness decreases if they break because of a fall. To spot which smartphones are amended than others successful this regard, we tin move to companies for illustration Allstate, which regularly tests nan durability of caller mobile devices, truthful we don’t person to.

The astir caller Allstate driblet tests person revealed concerning results for nan recently released Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones. Spoiler: They don’t execute arsenic good arsenic past year’s models.

As portion of nan Allstate Protection Plans tests, each of nan Galaxy S24 phones was put done beforehand and backmost driblet tests to cheque for breakability. The 6.1-inch Galaxy S24 suffered nearly identical harm arsenic nan Galaxy S23 successful some tests. The back-down test, which progressive dropping nan telephone connected a sidewalk from six feet, resulted successful cracks crossed nan apical and nan bottommost of nan phone’s backmost panel. Unfortunately, nan Galaxy S24, for illustration its predecessor, was wholly non-functional aft only 1 front-down drop.

Allstate Protection Plans | Samsung Galaxy S24 Breakability

The Galaxy S24 Plus, pinch a 6.7-inch, besides did not walk Allstate’s tests. During nan tests, nan telephone shattered connected nan beforehand and back-down drops, rendering it unusable. This contrasts pinch nan Galaxy S23 Plus from past year, which passed nan tests. Interestingly, some nan Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus are made of materials akin to nan Galaxy S23 models.

The biggest interest is what happened to nan flagship 6.8-inch Galaxy S24 Ultra during Allstate’s driblet tests. Despite offering an upgraded screen material, caller titanium frame, and flat-edge design, nan Galaxy S24 shattered aft 1 front- and back-down driblet from six feet. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, by contrast, proved overmuch much durable.

These trial results are a spot concerning. However, Allstate’s solution is easy and obvious: Get a case. According to Jason Siciliano, nan company’s vice president of trading and world imaginative director:

“With smartphones being utilized much than ever before, multitasking and one-handed usage person go common, elevating nan consequence of accidental drops. Considering a caller S24 Ultra starts astatine $1,299, protecting them pinch a lawsuit and surface protector is simply a wise choice.”

The bully news? There are plentifulness of cases to take from. Whether you want a Galaxy S24 case, Galaxy S24 Plus case, aliases Galaxy S24 Ultra case, your options are plenty.

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