The SANS Holiday Hack Challenge is back!

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Webinar Whether you are considering a profession successful cyber information aliases you already activity successful nan industry, nan 2023 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge is simply a awesome measurement of combining festive nosy and learning. Who knows, nan skills you get this vacation play mightiness moreover thief you foil a nefarious hacker astatine Yuletide adjacent year.

That's important because immoderate reports reckon that Christmas and New Year is 1 of nan astir vulnerable times of nan twelvemonth for cyber attacks, arsenic cyber criminals ramp up their effort to utilization workers rushing to meet vacation deadlines and walk much clip shopping connected nan net during activity hours. Phishing scams related to clone kindness campaigns, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and credential stuffing incidents that return advantage of unit Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) fatigue are each favourite seasonal scams for example.

Learning really to combat those threats is basal for nan cyber information practitioner. The SANS Holiday Hack Challenge is designed for everyone - sloppy of accomplishment group aliases acquisition level - and offers a prize astatine nan extremity of nan title for nan champion of nan champion entries. This year's arena – Holiday Hack Challenge 2023: A Holiday Odyssey – involves tasks that screen everything from AI-assisted cybersecurity, offense, defense, and AI sound cloning to unreality and web exertion security, threat hunting, phishing analysis, and nan recognition of vulnerabilities successful abstraction ngo package packages.

You tin subordinate nan nosy here. You'll spot a YouTube video presented by Ed Skoudis, Director of nan Holiday Hack Challenge, which gives you a sneak peek arsenic to what expect while offering immoderate ideas, tips, and tricks that could thief you triumph nan competition. There are besides immoderate festive, cyber security-themed tunes and thumps to singing on pinch to get you successful nan mood.

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