The value of adopting platform-centric approaches

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Advertorial Objectivity - a integer engineering patient specialising successful unreality and level improvement services - precocious became portion of Accenture's Cloud First practice. In ray of this breathtaking caller modulation for Objectivity, nan company's CTO, Grzegorz Strzelecki, shares immoderate of his thoughts connected why it's important to springiness owed information to nan thought of adopting a platform-based attack to business and engineering.

He discusses really and why level businesses are opening to predominate today's marketplace scenery and why now is nan clip to commencement paying person attraction to nan possibilities presented by level engineering.

Read nan exclusive question and reply to study much astir what nan early has successful shop for platform-based business models.

Melania Sulak, Content Marketing Manager, Objectivity - portion of Accenture: How tin adopting a level business exemplary thief organisations innovate and support up pinch evolving customer needs?

Grzegorz Strzelecki, CTO, Objectivity - portion of Accenture:

To guarantee that we are connected nan aforesaid page, fto maine explicate nan meaning down nan level business exemplary first. Essentially, successful this type of business, nan level supplier connects astatine slightest 2 chopped groups of users to alteration them to transact. Usually, 1 broadside provides thing that nan different broadside demands - products, services, content, data, etc. In elemental terms, a worth speech occurs betwixt nan parties: nan level supplier and nan ecosystem astir that platform. By facilitating these connections, which typically consequence successful transactions, nan level supplier generates gross and establishes itself arsenic a power constituent wrong nan customer worth chain.

This, successful turn, attracts customers, producers, and ecosystem partners backmost to nan platform. This exemplary offers immoderate clear advantages complete nan linear business model. In nan accepted business world, to beryllium capable to standard erstwhile providing a work aliases merchandise aliases re-selling third-party products aliases services, organisations must continuously put successful investigation and improvement (R&D) and grow their operations, sometimes astatine a ample scale. Even manufacture leaders look limitations related to their ain organisation's budget, capacity, aliases specialised know-how.

Adopting a level business exemplary helps to conflict these limitations. Firstly, it enables organisations to grow their offers to nan full ecosystem of autonomous suppliers, including those who are specialised successful areas which are not portion of their halfway expertise. Secondly, this description scales very good and is constricted only by nan extent of nan partners' and suppliers' networks. Therefore, customers are presented pinch a wider scope of choices. The greater number of providers, pinch nan level promoting competitiveness among them, increases nan likelihood of gathering customer needs.

This helps pinch experimentation by introducing caller types of products aliases services nether a caller marque aliases by allowing for nan targeting of an organisation's connection only to a constricted target group. Moreover, nan level business exemplary encourages customers to springiness feedback by incentivising nan believe of doing so. Combined pinch personification analytics, customer feedback provides information insights that tin later beryllium utilized to customise nan product, tailor nan offer, and thief pinch upselling and cross-selling.

Of course, location are immoderate limitations, and, arsenic explained later, nan level business exemplary mightiness not beryllium suitable for everyone. The astir evident limitation is that specified a translator requires financial and clip investments. However, this is conscionable nan first step. Even much problematic mightiness beryllium nan request for a basal taste displacement wrong nan organisation. Different stakeholders and worth watercourse owners must work together that they are fresh for specified a shift, sometimes going against their ain interests. This tin beryllium peculiarly challenging for companies pinch a bequest and intelligence spot that person agelong been their superior strengths. Now, these assets mightiness go little captious and privileged, perchance starring to moreover greater guidance wrong nan business.

Sulak: How does a platform-centric attack support organisations successful changing their engineering civilization arsenic they move guardant connected their integer translator journey?

Strzelecki: Before introducing a platform-centric attack to their engineering culture, nan prerequisite for organisations should beryllium to adopt modern technologies and methodologies for package delivery. These technologies include:

Cloud - because of its scaling capabilities.

Data analytics - to embed analytics into nan platform.

Artificial intelligence - to supply an further furniture of intelligence to process automation and analytics.

A modern, well-designed frontend - to alteration multi-channel scenarios.

Composable architecture - to beryllium capable to support and continuously turn nan platform.

Additionally, to guarantee success, organisations request scalable teams pinch distributed responsibilities and areas of focus, including a dedicated exertion level squad that focuses connected providing nan level infrastructure to merchandise teams. These teams arsenic good arsenic nan full business request to adopt nan DevOps measurement of moving arsenic good arsenic level engineering ways of moving - i.e. encompassing predominant releases, reliability, readiness and capacity metrics, A/B testing, utilizing an soul improvement platform, etc.

The business broadside of nan platform-based exemplary besides requires investing heavy successful nan creation and personification experience. In fact, very often, nan personification acquisition and creation aspects play a cardinal domiciled successful enabling level occurrence - being arsenic important arsenic nan assets offered to consumers.

Sulak: How tin organisations crossed industries champion leverage nan powerfulness of move ecosystems?

Strzelecki: On a precocious level, move ecosystems are each astir driving growth, expanding efficiency, and fostering innovation. More specifically, this intends leveraging nan network's effect, monetising information insights, delivering customer-centric solutions, adding caller gross streams, building a stronger marque pinch a wider reach, and seeking support from nan organization and partner network.

At Objectivity, we attraction connected a fewer prime industries, truthful conscionable to springiness you an thought of really move ecosystems tin beryllium leveraged crossed circumstantial sectors, present are a fewer usage lawsuit examples:


- Transform nan traditional, linear exemplary pinch wholesalers, shops, and buyers into marketplaces by inviting third-party providers and sellers.

- Create communities astir brands aliases products.

- Collect personification behaviour and acquisition information to amended your connection and personification experience.


- Scale healthcare services by rendering unit processes much businesslike (automation, precise recommendations, etc.) and connecting doctors pinch patients by expanding their readiness and, thus, democratising their services.

- Improve outcomes by connecting different healthcare specialists to supply a better, much holistic attack to patients' wellness and building a unified, ever up-to-date diligent wellness grounds to alteration amended diagnostic and curen plans.

- Support R&D initiatives by connecting pinch researchers and sponsors, allowing for much collaborative R&D.


- Offer ideally tailored financial services products acknowledgment to information and precocious client-based analytics.

- Increase outreach and democratise services by being coming connected societal platforms.

- Build a level to link advisors pinch individuals seeking proposal and link investors pinch individuals seeking donors.


- Extend products pinch value-adding services provided by a web of partners and third-party providers.

- Build product-based personification communities.

- Collaborate pinch early buyers connected nan merchandise creation to reside their needs much accurately.

- Connect suppliers pinch different suppliers to alteration amended collaboration and coordination.

Sulak: Do you judge each types of organisations should beryllium looking into adopting a platform-centric attack successful nan adjacent future?

Strzelecki: I judge they should astatine slightest verify whether their organisation would beryllium capable to adopt a platform-centric attack and what that mightiness look like. Even if this wouldn't mean abandoning their existing business model, it's a viable action that helps differentiate gross streams and build customer loyalty. Everyone should look astir and cheque what their competition, particularly nan manufacture leaders, are doing - if each your competitors person adopted a level business model, it's apt for bully reason.

However, if having a level business exemplary is not thing you wish to instrumentality successful your organisation, it could still beryllium a bully thought to adopt nan level engineering measurement of delivering software. Building a level requires a coagulated integer foundation, which tin beryllium a challenging and resource-consuming journey, truthful my individual proposal is to hole thoroughly and to do truthful pinch a trusted business and exertion partner.

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