The Vision Pro App Store has already tripled in size

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Alan Truly

By Alan Truly February 1, 2024 10:12AM

Voyager connected Vision Pro lets you spot airports successful 3D successful real-time.The Voyager app connected Vision Pro lets you spot airports successful 3D successful existent time. Apple

Apple conscionable announced a surge successful Vision Pro apps, nearly tripling nan champion estimates from precocious January. Apple states that nan Vision Pro will person astatine slightest 600 autochthonal apps connected February 2, an awesome opening for a VR headset. That’s peculiarly bully news for early adopters who will commencement receiving nan Vision Pro tomorrow.

Among nan caller apps, Apple highlighted Box, an immersive contented browser app for endeavor and education. Product models tin beryllium viewed wrong your room successful afloat 3D. Box posted a YouTube video demonstrating really an automotive powertrain tin beryllium taken from a model and spun to spot immoderate angle.

Box for Apple Vision Pro successful Action

Meanwhile, MindNode, OmniFocus, and OmniPlan thief you shape and negociate projects much effectively. Fantastical is simply a celebrated almanac app that lets you sync and scheme pinch any Apple device, moreover nan Vision Pro.

Numerics is simply a business visualization app that presents respective unrecorded widgets. Widgets support complete 4,000 cardinal capacity indicators (KPI) and tin beryllium placed anyplace successful your abstraction to thief support way of your important data.

The Numerics app offers business information widgets connected nan Vision Pro.The Numerics app offers business information widgets connected nan Vision Pro. Apple

The streaming service, Max, besides announced that its autochthonal app will beryllium disposable astatine motorboat connected February 2. It will see an “Iron Throne Room” immersive situation for subscribers, wherever “fans tin toggle shape their space” into nan throne room from House of nan Dragon.

Beyond each nan recently announced apps, nan Vision Pro will still person a afloat suite of Apple strategy apps, entree to Apple TV+ and respective different video streaming services, and Apple Arcade.

Less than 2 weeks ago, Apple expert Mark Gurman said location were astir 230 apps, leading to immoderate interest astir a slow start.

So far, astir 230 visionOS autochthonal apps are fresh for release. That’ll apt emergence by Feb. 2 – but I uncertainty significantly. There are caller AR dense apps coming from Lowe’s and JCrew, and nan remainder are from indie developers aliases nan intermezo + productivity apps Apple has announced.

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) January 21, 2024

While nan tripling successful size successful awesome for a instrumentality of its type, it’s rather slow for a caller Apple merchandise category. The Apple Watch arrived successful 2015 pinch 3,000 apps astatine launch, for example.

Of course, processing apps for nan mini 2D surface of an Apple Watch and watchOS is overmuch simpler than creating visionOS apps that harness nan imaginable of an immersive machine that tracks your regard and overlays super-sharp matter and graphics successful aggregate windows that float successful your room.

Still, Apple claims nan Vision Pro will person complete a cardinal compatible apps, nan mostly of those being iPad apps that besides activity connected nan Vision Pro successful 2D windows.

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