There’s a new problem with the Google Pixel 8’s camera

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Joe Maring

By Joe Maring February 6, 2024 10:27AM

Someone holding nan Bay bluish Google Pixel 8 Pro.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were 2 of 2023’s champion Android phones, and they proceed to beryllium fantabulous phones successful 2024. But successful emblematic Google Pixel fashion, they besides person a inclination to beryllium beautiful buggy — and that holds existent 4 months aft nan phones’ release.

On nan r/GooglePixel subreddit, one personification reported a bizarre bug pinch nan Pixel 8’s camera. When you’re successful your phone’s camera app, tapping anyplace connected nan viewfinder should manually set its attraction and vulnerability of what you’re looking at. For example, if you pat connected a acheronian area successful your viewfinder, nan vulnerability changes and nan viewfinder gets brighter — making it easier to spot your subject. If you pat connected an area that looks excessively bright, it’ll get darker. For immoderate reason, this doesn’t activity arsenic intended connected nan Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

If you’re successful nan Pixel 8’s camera app and utilizing nan default 1x zoom, tapping nan surface changes nan focus, but it doesn’t set nan exposure. The vulnerability changes astatine immoderate different zoom magnitude successful nan app (0.5x, 2x, 5x, etc.), but for immoderate reason, you can’t manually set nan vulnerability if it’s group to 1x — which is really astir group return their photos, arsenic it’s nan default zoom magnitude erstwhile you motorboat nan camera.

Using nan camera app connected nan Google Pixel 8 Pro.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Looking done nan Reddit thread, users corroborate nan rumor happening for some nan Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. There are different commenters who declare they can’t replicate nan rumor connected their Pixel 8 models, truthful your mileage whitethorn alteration successful position of whether aliases not your telephone is affected.

I tested this connected my Pixel 8 Pro, and nan bug is real. Holding nan camera up to an overhead ray successful my bedroom, past tapping connected nan ray and nan wall adjacent to it doesn’t alteration nan vulnerability astatine each erstwhile nan camera app is group to 1x. But erstwhile changing it to thing other — moreover 0.9x aliases 1.1x — I tin manually alteration nan vulnerability without a problem. And 9to5Google reports that it besides replicated nan rumor connected a Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

It’s unclear really agelong this bug has been astir and if aliases erstwhile Google will hole it, but if you person a Pixel 8 device, it’s worthy keeping an oculus retired for.

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