There’s only one reason I’m still using an iPhone in 2023

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A blooming iPhone 15 lock screen.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

It’s not an adumbration to say I am an Android smartphone fan, as an Android phone has been my affectionate accompaniment anytime back I started application the HTC Desire in 2010. I’ve bounced from buzz to buzz in the 13 years since, and I’ve accomplished acceptable and bad phones alike. But in all that time, I’ve never spent abundant time with an Apple iPhone. I’m acutely not unfamiliar with iPhones, accepting acclimated them during my time as a tech biographer avaricious screenshots, downloading apps, and testing amateur — but never accepting acclimated one as my primary smartphone is article of a aphotic spot.

The Apple iPhone 15 is a acceptable acumen to end that. After all, if I’m activity to use an iPhone, it ability as able-bodied be Apple’s latest. Two weeks afterwards booting it up and appointment my abstracts to it, it’s been … a journey. While I can see the iPhone 15 is an accomplished smartphone, too abounding of iOS’s idiosyncracies rub me the amiss way. However, there’s one affection I’ve developed to absolutely love, and I’m activity to attempt to alive after it.

The iPhone 15 is a alloyed bag

A blooming iPhone 15 in grass.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I absolutely like the iPhone 15 a lot. It’s a abundant phone! It’s well-designed, and it feels absurd in the hand. I slapped a case on it because I’d aloof alone $800 on the affair — but I absolutely regretted accepting to do so. That aces Apple achievement is additionally obvious. I apperceive a fast buzz from a apathetic one, and this buzz is blazing fast. It acquainted ashen on me, as I absolutely don’t do annihilation added ambitious than arena Cell to Singularity and a bit of Little Alchemy. But honestly, alike if all the A16 Bionic is accomplishing is authoritative my circadian backbreaker scream accomplished after a hitch, again it’s added than account it as far as I’m concerned.

But alike with all that in mind, I’m not a fan. The acumen for that is simple: Apple and I do not see eye-to-eye. There are several architecture choices in iOS that artlessly do not assignment for me. Granted, some of this is because I’ve been application Android for so long, and iOS is agnate abundant to what I apperceive that advancing above differences is jarring. However, some architecture choices are aloof … well, I’m sorry, iOS faithful, but they’re aloof bad.

A keyboard on an iPhone active iOS 16.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The iPhone 15 is an absurd phone, which makes the absolutely bad elements of the buzz baffling. Apple fans, akin with me: Is the keyboard some array of angelic punishment? The autocorrect is so overactive that I doubtable a anathema is to accusation because there’s no way it’s been larboard this bad on purpose, right? Having to about-face keyboard modes to acquisition a comma is acceptable familiar, but I don’t anticipate it’ll anytime stop activity hideously clunky. Seriously, iOS fans, does Apple accept some aggregate clay on you all that’s affected you to access this acutely abominable keyboard? I acclimated the keyboard a lot, and it never chock-full actuality a chore.

I didn’t change from Apple’s absence keyboard because, hey, I’m appointment myself to iOS in all its celebrity — but you can change the keyboard to article better. That isn’t the case area the notifications are concerned.

Without the account of a custom launcher, you’re ashore with that notification arrangement until Apple decides to accord you article better. And that’s absolutely abhorrent because they’re horrendous. On the ablaze side, my time with the iPhone 15 did cure me of my notification-clearing ways, but that’s because they tended to disappear, alone to be begin abundant later. I absent a lot of important notifications because iOS fabricated the affected accommodation to accelerate them to the adumbration branch like they’d absent a children’s agenda game.

iPhone 14 Pro Max laying on top of iPad assuming always-on affectation with wallpaper ambience off.The iPhone 14 Pro Max has an always-on display. So should the iPhone 15. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Some added elements of the buzz aren’t terrible, but I don’t like them. The actuality a $799 flagship smartphone doesn’t accommodate an always-on affectation is absolutely shocking. I’m not a huge fan of “current year” arguments, but is this absolutely able in 2023? If it was an LCD panel, I could accept it from a abstruse standpoint, but the iPhone 15 has an OLED display. It should be added than able of active an always-on display, but for some reason, it aloof … doesn’t.

It’s fair to say my time with the iPhone 15 hasn’t been all acidity and honey. As such, you ability apprehend I’m chomping at the bit to get aback to an Android handset. And that would be accurate if there wasn’t one affection so aberrant that I can’t accept it’s taken so continued for Android to bolt up with it.

That affection is Face ID.

Face ID is incredible

Face ID beat figure on the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I didn’t anticipate Face ID would be all that impressive. After all, I’ve been dabbling with facial acceptance on smartphones for years. My Android phones accept had facial acceptance back the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and it’s rarely been axial to my use. Why would Face ID be any different?

As abundant as I abhorrence to accept it, there’s absolutely a baptize of Apple abracadabra here. Face ID is fast, smooth, and oh-so efficient. It’s additionally way bigger than all added facial acceptance systems out there. I’m not speaking from benightedness here, either. I did, actually, use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 because, well, the fingerprint scanner on that buzz was terrible. It was fine. It worked, best of the time.

Face ID scanning a face.Apple

Face ID is nothing like that. Not alone is it fast, but it additionally works in the dark, and it works for defended apps — and that was a bold banker by itself. In my experience, application countersign managers can be … testing, to say the least. Yeah, they’re secure, and logging in shouldn’t be simple, but back you charge to log into your administrator several times because it acclimated the amiss details, that can be frustrating. It’s abnormally annoying back you accept to axis your anchor to position a deride assimilate an in-display fingerprint scanner. Every. Single. Time.

Face ID cut that annoyance out. Oh, I charge to log in again? Wait a additional while my face is scanned, and presto! I’m in. No added accepting to move my duke to position my deride assimilate the sensor. Yes, it’s a accessory affair to accept to do, but it builds up over time. If you’re application your accessory in one duke while accomplishing article else, Face ID is a game-changer — and it’s the advancement I never knew I needed.

It’s activity to be adamantine to alive after Face ID back I go aback to Android, but thankfully, it seems Android has assuredly bent up.

I’ll go aback to Android, but I’ll absence Face ID

A abject Google Pixel 8 Pro, laying face-down abutting to a baby attic and squash.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

It’s fair to say my time with the iPhone 15 hasn’t resulted in a Damascene conversion, but I accept still enjoyed my time with Apple’s smartphone. While my account of complaints is best than I’ve mentioned here, best of these are a aftereffect of me actuality acclimated to … well, the way Android does things. Getting acclimated to the way iOS does things would be a abundant best action for sure, and it’s not one I’m accommodating to undergo.

There are abounding genitalia of the iOS acquaintance I’m not activity to miss, but Face ID will absolutely be one of them. It’s a animated brilliant in Apple’s acme and a achievement of genius. While I’m still not awash on Dynamic Island as a abstraction and begin the huge agent blocked agreeable in several of my games, Face ID fabricated the cede account it. If I’d acclimated an iPhone with the cleft rather than the Island, I’m abiding I’d accept acquainted the aforementioned way about that, too — admitting I agnosticism the cleft would accept blocked as abundant agreeable as the Dynamic Island.

Face Unlock alert on the Google Pixel 8 Pro.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

So, I’ll anon be accident Face ID back I move aback to Android. But all is not lost. While Apple has had a cogent arch start, Face ID-like tech is assuredly advancing to Android smartphones, address of the Google Pixel 8. While it’s not the aboriginal time we’ve apparent facial acceptance on an beat akin on Android phones (that account belongs to the abandoned Motion Sense on the Pixel 4), it is the aboriginal time the tech may be actuality to stay.

It’s important to note, though, that the Pixel 8’s facial acceptance isn’t quite as acceptable as Face ID. While it has Class 3 acceptance that allows it to be acclimated for cyberbanking apps and acute data, it doesn’t accept the iPhone’s bittersweet arrangement that allows acceptance to be acclimated in the dark. As addition with a adolescent adolescent who finds themselves sat in the aphotic on a buzz a lot, well, that’s a big disappointment.

However, alike a fractional Face ID is bigger than no Face ID at all, and honestly, it’s fabricated me rethink my attitude appear the Pixel 8. It’s odd to accept that the iPhone 15 has fabricated it added acceptable I buy a Google Pixel, but actuality we are.

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