There’s something about the Google Pixel 8 that worries me

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A personification holding nan Google Pixel 8.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Google released nan adjacent procreation of Pixel devices recently, including nan Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro. These person been nan champion Pixel smartphones successful a while, arsenic they battalion nan improved Tensor G3 chip inside, amended cameras, brighter displays, and much — each successful a somewhat updated design. I’ve been utilizing nan phones for a mates of weeks now, and I really for illustration what Google’s done pinch them.

But Google besides added immoderate much photograph editing capabilities to nan Pixel 8 lineup, pinch a dense reliance connected AI pinch nan Tensor G3 chip. While these AI-heavy editing devices tin thief you pursuit perfection, they shouldn’t beryllium relied connected excessively heavy aliases abused.

Google Pixel 8 Pro showing Magic Editor feature.Magic Editor connected nan Google Pixel 8 Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends.

One of Google’s first AI photograph editing devices was Magic Eraser, which debuted connected nan Pixel 6 bid and is now a characteristic that’s disposable for each Google One subscribers, including iPhone users. With Magic Eraser, you tin erase unwanted and distracting parts of a photo, specified arsenic random group successful nan background, wires and cablegram lines against nan sky, etc. It’s a awesome editing instrumentality that cleans up your photos.

With nan Pixel 8, Google revealed 2 much AI photograph editing tools: Magic Editor and Best Take.

Magic Editor gives you moreover much ways to manipulate an image, specified arsenic removing aliases shifting objects astir aliases changing really nan entity aliases bodies of h2o look. Removing objects is akin to Magic Eraser, but Magic Editor uses AI to make a replacement inheritance alternatively of conscionable softening and smoothing nan area wherever an entity was removed.

Google Pixel 8 Pro showing Best Take feature.Best Take connected nan Google Pixel 8 Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Best Take is nan different AI tool, which uses a bid of akin photos that you’ve taken. Best Take analyzes nan faces successful those photos and allows you to switch faces successful nan image that you’re editing. This is particularly useful erstwhile you’re taking group photos, which you typically request to return respective of because personification blinks aliases isn’t looking astatine nan camera aliases has moved somewhat — you get nan picture. With nan Best Take tool, you tin create nan champion wide photograph by utilizing nan champion faces from different images.

These AI devices are surely impressive and tin thief you create nan cleanable photo, nary doubt. But you cognize what they say: pinch awesome powerfulness comes awesome responsibility.

… and they besides make maine worried

Google Pixel 8 Pro showing Best Take feature.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

When I was younger, I would often return photos arsenic a hobby to create thing artistic. I would person appreciated much AI devices backmost then, of course, arsenic it would’ve helped maine create that “perfect shot.”

But nowadays, I person a spot much of a skewed perspective. Since I met my hubby and we person a kid now, I americium often taking photos to seizure nan memory alternatively than create art. The memories are important to maine because clip is fleeting, and I often walk clip looking backmost connected nan photos that I’ve captured, particularly of my daughter. I besides person a inclination to hide things sometimes, truthful having a photograph to look backmost connected helps maine retrieve those moments successful time.

When I look backmost connected my photos five, 10, aliases moreover 15 years from now, I want to retrieve each nan specifications of that moment, moreover if it wasn’t perfect. In fact, sometimes it’s nan imperfections that make it moreover much memorable.

I’m judge galore group will beryllium making usage of nan Magic Editor and Best Take features, and that’s fine! But let’s effort not to change each infinitesimal to make thing look “perfect” erstwhile it doesn’t request to be.

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