These are the apps people use the most on in-flight Wi-Fi

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A JetBlue airplane astatine nan airdrome gate.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends

At this point, it’s easy to return for granted that we person accelerated and (mostly) reliable Wi-Fi successful airplanes nary matter wherever successful nan world we’re headed. (Some airlines moreover connection it for free.) But things person changed a lot since in-flight Wi-Fi was first introduced complete 2 decades agone and became truly wide conscionable 10 years ago. Just for illustration our habits successful utilizing nan net — some Wi-Fi and 5G — person changed connected nan ground, our demands successful nan aerial are strenuous, and we progressively are unwilling to put up pinch a drop-off successful net velocity conscionable because we’re flying 400 mph immoderate 35,000 feet successful nan air. Yes really.

JetBlue and its in-flight Wi-Fi supplier Viasat recently deed a large anniversary, 10 years of partnership, and for nan juncture gave america each a look astatine conscionable really unthinkable nan request for in-flight Wi-Fi is, and astatine really we’re each utilizing it. JetBlue says complete 15 cardinal smartphones connected to its in-flight Wi-Fi this twelvemonth alone, compared to conscionable 2 cardinal laptops — and really are we utilizing that connectivity? There are a mates of surprises.

To start, though, nary surprise: The heaviest in-flight Wi-Fi usage is for streaming video services. YouTube and Netflix person been among nan most-used apps since 2017, JetBlue says. But complete nan past respective years, nan cohort has changed: Spotify and Apple Music utilized to beryllium correct location pinch them (surprising considering comparatively debased information usage of euphony vs. video), up until 2022 erstwhile they dropped disconnected nan apical list, making it a group of solely video streamers.

Another surprise? This year, Peacock changeable correct to nan apical of nan ranks of nan most-used apps connected Fly-Fi, I’m judge owed successful nary mini portion to JetBlue’s business pinch nan streamer offering an improved proceedings period. In 2023, nan apical group connected Fly-Fi is Peacock, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

A history of JetBlue's business pinch Viasat for in-flight Wi-Fi.JetBlue

Here’s nan breakdown of nan most-used apps connected Fly-Fi, and really it’s changed since 2017:

  • 2017: YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • 2018: YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • 2019: YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix
  • 2020: YouTube, Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify
  • 2021: Netflix, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify
  • 2022: YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime
  • 2023: Peacock, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime

Now each I want to cognize is what person has utilized nan astir information connected JetBlue Fly-Fi this year. Considering really overmuch YouTube I watercourse connected flights, I could beryllium adjacent nan top.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew Martonik is nan Editor successful Chief astatine Digital Trends, starring a divers squad of charismatic tech journalists.

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